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Techno Muscle
High society brat with cyber limbs and resonance.
Street Cred11
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.June 17 2058
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - E
Resources - A

Character Information


Rich kid with military service turns runner for the kicks and the payday. Emerged and hidden.


Return to his comfortable luxury lifestyle.

Further investigate the existence and purpose of the world tree.

Expand abilities to include decking and possibly light rigging.

Protect the World Tree and all that it stands for.

Continue the fight against Matrix dissonance in all its forms.


Wyatt grew up with a silver soon in his mouth, living the rich life in Seattle hobnobbing with the best of the elite children. All was great until his 10th birthday when he began seeing things. Glitches in his vision, numbers appearing and disappearing. This continued to worsen until he passed out. Terrified his parents rushed him to their private concierge doctor, Hank Lawson. Shortly after testing began Wyatt awoke murmuring about alternate worlds. Dr Lawson suspected an awakening, that perhaps Wyatt had begun to see the astral. He was mistaken, Wyatt had emerged instead. Fearing capture and invasive testing for both Wyatt and themselves. The Hastors bribed the Dr to keep quiet and began investing much of their resources in to preventing anyone from finding out.

In early teens the Hastor's resources began to dwindle, their political reach shortening. This prompted Wyatt's father to begin coaxing him into military service. Serving could only improve his political future and provide some much needed leverage to continue the family name. Upon reaching 18 he was all but forced into the service. He was however able to barter this service for some new toys, a series of implants designed to improve his chances of doing well in the service as well as to hinder his innate resonant abilities, a form of camouflage to make him stand out in ways that would keep others from looking too closely. His time in the service was fairly uneventful. Basic training and a stint with the rangers world provide the political push needed to get him into office. All went according to plan until the untimely death of both his parents, an accident.

With his tour complete Wyatt left the army behind. He cracked open his trust fund and decided his parents dreams weren't his. The money was good enough to life off of, but not at the level he would like, as a result he began taking mercenary work. The excitement keeps him busy and they pay keeps him living like a playboy. At least as far as the outside can tell.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Ronin - Wyatt spent his life learning to understand what ones reputation means and how important that is to maintain.

Trust Fund 1 - Wyatt's parents left him with enough money to get started in life and live pretty care free. It wasn't as much as they would have liked but it keeps him off the streets.

Paragon 01 The World Tree - Wyatt has recently become acquainted with a number of new resonance entities, the world tree among them. He has gained an appreciation for 01 and has chosen to worship and protect it.


Faceless - Wyatt has a good thing with his trust fund and doesn't like the idea of screwing it up. As a result if he is performing as a runner he needs to keep his face concealed.

Matrix Troll - As an emerged script kitty Wyatt use to have a lot of fun pranking his buddies social media accounts, this spirit continues on today.

No Man Left Behind - Wyatt didn't learn much from the army but they managed to imprint on him the importants of ones team.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Red Hot Trailer Park BluesJ.R.19 June 2085
Fixing AnnabelleDawnfire7 April 2085
JohnfidenceFangblade_Yorshka Val'bane's Sky-high Wild Ride6 February 2085
Jump, Little BlackbirdFangblade_Amhrain na Preachan21 January 2085
A slightly rainy day in KansasLotusSwarming Season20 October 2084
Nybble at the feet of blockchainAurora Skye18 August 2084
Knights of ChangeAsmodeusThe Metroplex Governor Race of '8431 July 2084
Operation Wild Card Part 1ZerreContre-Révolution13 May 2084
Shock DoctrineZerreContre-Révolution2 May 2084
Rascally resonance raccoonsEva23 February 2084
Remnants of an OmenZerreContre-Révolution22 January 2084
Resident Evil : GhoulKaigen8711 January 2084
Holding the RempartZerreOperation Hell's Gate3 January 2084
Incorrect owners (retry)Toaster techNone27 December 2083
Rise of Jaguar NewsDraknic5 December 2083
Slow And Insidious KillerAsmodeusThe Crow of Seattle
The Arrival
15 November 2083
Tending the gardenAurora8 November 2083
Stand With The LionAsmodeus4 November 2083
Land Pirates, maybe?IsaacNone2 November 2083
Just a Peaceful TalkZerreThe Burning Star of Redmond24 October 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Dr. Hank Lawson 5 2 Custom(G,A,K,N) Concierge Doctor Surgical Expert, Black Market Pipeline, Cybernetics specialty, Cyber limb installation, Cyber Snob, "Pharmaceuticals" Even
M4rqu15 M4cr0 4 2 Fixer Matrix Magnate Magnate, "There's only two things in life that are Certain, my dear...", The High Life, T34ch4r 0f th3 (Hacking) 4rt5, Eccentric Emerged Extraordinare Even
Sgt. Billy Butcher 2 2 Gear Soldier Unreliable, UCAS military connections, Restricted armor., Restricted weapons, Weapons training Even
Lord Emberrage 5 1 Service Force 12 Fire Spirit BY FIRE BE PURGED !, THE INFIDELS !, DIE INSECTS !, Old Spirit, FEAR MY WRATH !, FACE MY MINIONS !, The Smith Even
Jane Dior 5 2 Custom(G,K,A,N) Redmond Strike Team Leader Evidence Lock-Up Inventory, Surplus Vendor, Anonymous Contraband Contributions, Patrol Permits, Professional Procedures, Fibbin' Forgeries Even
Blake 3 4 Legwork World Tree Gardener 01 Devotee, Technomancer, Kind, Resonance Rifts Even
Geoff Montgomery XLII the Raccoon 3 3 Custom(A,G,K,N) Raccoon Raccoon Shifter, Masking, Lookit the buttons!, How the hell did he get in here? Even
Le Bourguinion 6 4 Networking Mercenary Group Leader Newfound Connections, Reconnaissance, Field Hospital, UCAS Partnership, Task-Force Intel, Shared History, Gunship Even
News Van Dan 3 3 Legwork Guerilla Reporter (Infobroker) Infobroker, Conspiracy Theorist, Drone Operator, Hacktivist Even
Yorshka Val 2 1 Generalist Eccentric Explosivist Psychology, Drake, Fence, EXPLOSIONS?, EXPLOSIONS! Even
Milly Allock 4 3 Generalist World Tree Gardener Hyperfocus, Technomancer, Former Otaku, Information is King, Cleanse the Dissonance, Well Established, Cracking the spine Even


Contact Position Connection Faction Rep Archetype Health Location
The World's Gardeners Member 1 21 Technomancer Tribe Growing Matrix and Resonance Realms


Knight-Errent +1

N-51 +5

Horizon +2

Halloweeners +2


Black Chrysanthemum -30

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


Fake SIN (Rating 4) : Wyatt Kid, UCAS

- Fake License (Rating 4) : Bodyguard License

- Fake License (Rating 4) : Driver's License

- Fake License (Rating 4) : Drone License

- Fake License (Rating 4) : Firearms License

- Fake License (Rating 4) : Restricted Armor License

- Fake License (Rating 4) : Restricted Augmentations License

Real SIN (Rating ~) : Wyatt Hastor, UCAS

- License (Rating ~) : Driver's License

- License (Rating ~) : Drone License

- License (Rating ~) : Firearms License

- License (Rating ~) : Hunting License

- License (Rating ~) : Restricted Armor License

- License (Rating ~) : Restricted Augmentations License


Suave, Rugged, and Handsome. Wyatt loves his retro looking chrome. He has 3 sleek jet black limbs and one shiny chrome leg complement his retro looking antennae cyber ears. His daily wear is an argentum coat partially concealing his slender frame.


Argentum Coat over some nice looking clothing designed to show off his limbs.

Matrix Persona

Lost in space robot.jpg

Character Plot Hooks

Here are characteristics of the character that GMs may take advantage of to add complications to runs, or to otherwise use when in use. If you want to use them in unrelated to runs, please ask first.

Aspect Information Related Run(s)
Aspect 1 Annabelle Bennit Throwback and Funk rescued a CFD coma victim by traveling to the Mind Realms and reconstructing her persona from remnants. She is recovering and may try to contact them. See Fixing Annabelle for details. Aspect 2 True name Funk knows Throwback's background See Fixing Annabelle for details. Aspect 3
Aspect 4
Aspect 5

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