News Van Dan

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News Van Dan
News Van Dan.jpg
Guerilla Reporter (Infobroker)
The Man with a Plan
Contact OwnerTeksura
Public Contact?Yes
LocationSeattle, Tacoma
Preferred Payment MethodInformation
Hobbies/ViceTHE TRUTH
Personal LifeSingle?
FactionShadeTruth Media
Conspiracy Theorist
Drone Operator


The 'man with a plan,' Dan spends every day and night digging up news to deliver without corporate propaganda or spin - at least, news that nobody else wants to buy. These freebies are distributed through his news feed, sometimes scooping official sources. The best stories are reserved for his premium 'Van Man' members, who have access to information that 'can't be found anywhere else.' A skilled searcher of information, he moves around the city in his armoured 'news van,' accompanied by his intern/driver/bodyguard Angela.

News Van Dan is known to be a skilled Decker and Rigger, using his Shadow Warrior deck to pry the truth out from wherever it might be hiding and an assortment of drones to gather information that isn't on the matrix. He is fanatically devoted to what he does, believing that the corporations are all corrupt and lying to the people. His big passion is exposing the truth, and he will go to great lengths to get it out there.

News Van Dan is, however, paranoid. He believes that he "knows too much" and that the corps will take him out as soon as they get the chance so as to stop him from exposing the truth. Angela is often seen behind the wheel, driving his Ford Broadcast recklessly and fast in an attempt to lose any tail they might have.


Aspect Description
Infobroker I got taps on everything that can take a tap. You want to know what's REALLY goin' on? I'm your man.
Conspiracy Theorist I got all the deep info THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW. You deserve the truth they're trying to hide from ya.
Drone Operator Okay, so, I got an army of recon drones I manage to get all kinds of info. People are a lot more open and honest about their machinations when they don't realize the truth is leaking out from behind their closed doors.
Hacktivist This Shadow Warrior deck is not just a flashy bit of tech. It's the key to everything I do. I can get in and out of any secured host and walk away with whatever info they're hiding.

Dice Pools

Knowledge Checks 11 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 7 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 1 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 3 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


Player Characters with this Contact


NPC who know this contact

Name Status
Carly Reeves Bitter Rivals


Angela is not currently listed as her own contact. She is a young human woman around her early 20s, and acts as Dan's driver and bodyguard. She has shown herself to be a lot tougher than she looks, and may be hiding a few secrets of her own.

Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Nybble at the feet of blockchainAurora Skye18 August 2084
To the Head of the MatterAurora15 May 2082
Corpse BrideDoc McGuffinsAdversaries4 June 2081
Scoop of the CenturyKryositeThicker Than Water31 May 2081
Stop The RitualAurora8 May 2081
Intern ReturnTeksura24 March 2081
The Man With The PlanTeksura12 December 2080

News Stories

NameDateMetaplotNews Source
Life Gave Lemons6 November 2082ShadeTruth Media
Exclusive footage from the Aztechnology Pyramid incident finally released4 October 2082ShadeTruth Media
Arson update: local ghoul arrested, then dies or disappears?7 August 2082A Taint On Us AllShadeTruth Media
Double Bug Cover-up27 July 2082ShadeTruth Media
Exposé! Johnny Spinrad is...7 April 2082ShadeTruth Media
Omega Dawn Rains Molten Metal Upon the Barrens30 March 2082ShadeTruth Media
Five Dead In Barrens Gas Attack5 August 2081Blood in the MachineShadeTruth Media
Tunnel Collapse in Redmond May be Linked to Aztechnology5 August 2081Blood in the MachineShadeTruth Media
Horizon Home Streaming Series Canceled, Drone Crash at Sea-Tac22 July 2081It's Always Wednesday in Seattle
Clear Skies
ShadeTruth Media
OtherCon and RRP Sign Cooperation Agreement, Proposed Rezoning, Airport Traffic9 June 2081The Farm and The FuriousShadeTruth Media
Redmond Kidnapping Spree, Drones Abroad31 May 2081String TheocracyShadeTruth Media
Gas Leak Leads to Robbery at Tacoma Mall30 March 2081Shadow HeroesShadeTruth Media