Arson update: local ghoul arrested, then dies or disappears?

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Date: 2082-08-07 By: News Van Dan

News Van Dan here! Your #1 source for the news the Corps don't want you to hear.

According to KE officers, Marcus Wells was shot and killed for attacking a KE officer <see Arson suspect arrested from home>. The Gnomish ghoul had no next of kin on file, so the body is set to be cremated.

We’ve seen this narrative through several matrix bulletins as well as through HNN and other corpo news groups.

However, multiple witnesses in a nearby holding cell tell another story. When authorities removed a mage hood to process the Ghoul, “it felt like space and time were torn to I was watching the very fabric of reality dissected and suddenly I was looking into some dark place that was--truly--terrifying” said one man arrested for public intoxication.

A young orkish woman arrested for assault concurred. “That was some magic drek. Like...I don’t even KNOW what that was. There were crazy bent up people and weird stuff and like...everything was so dark. It was nightmare fuel. I don’t know!”

Both individuals separately confirmed that a black shadow in the form of a human and wreathed with flame stepped out of this apparent rip in space and grabbed the tiny ghoul by the collar before flinging him into the rift. The spirit followed. When the flaming shadow entered the dark place, the tear stitched itself back together, sending a massive shockwave out in all directions.

Now, I don’t know about you, readers...but this sounds like some unholy merger of a fire spirit and a shadow spirit to me. With rumors floating around the Demon King of Halloween, is this the newest and most dangerous spirit of them all? Or is this an intensely powerful mage that walks between these metaplanes on his quest for enlightenment? Perhaps it’s one of those unholy master shedim that terrorizes the outer planes. I don’t know about you, readers...but I don’t feel safe being protected by corporate cops who won’t even let us know our lives are in danger!