Omega Dawn Rains Molten Metal Upon the Barrens

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>     '''''Sophocles Awakened complaining about massive tower blocking Astral sight'''''
>     '''''Aztechnology sics blood spirit on local library patrons'''''
>     '''''Museum bombing downtown still under investigation'''''
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Date: 2082-03-30 By: News Van Dan

News Van Dan here! Your #1 source for the news the Corps don't want you to hear.

Now this information wasn't easy to track down, almost all of the files that relate to this incident have been actively erased, the bodies got cleaned up, and the only parts of the metal falling from the sky that remain are from these bold souls that grabbed a piece to patch up the holes in their roof that were created by the hail of gun fire rained down by corporate hitmen!

A series of static images flash across the display, showing a VTOL with a loaded assault cannon pointing towards an an armored ork before the ork seems to jump several dozen feet into the VTOL where it flies across the Barrens and explodes over Touristville.

While reports vary over who sent this aircraft to harass the hardworking people of the Barrens, THIS reporter has the inside scoop! The VTOL belonged to Omega Dawn, the SINless hunters that are made up from members of multiple HTR teams all working together (and who says the corps can't work together to oppress the little people?) Thanks to the valiant efforts of an unkillable liberator, the people of the Barrens were saved from having to deal with the fallout of an Omega Dawn assault that surely would have spilled over and left hundreds dead.

While there was significant amount of damage done to the Touristville area, thanks to the works of the Redmond Rejuvenation Project, the area has been cleaned as is exactly as suited for habitation as it was previously.

I for one salute this brave Ork that combatted an Omega Dawn team all on his own, and I hope we see more of this Barrens Bodyguard.