Intern Return

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Intern Return
LocationRedmond Barrens
Factions Involved
News Van Dan
John Brown
Cheshire Cat
Low-Level Local Gangers


Squid, Vargold, John Brown, and Cheshire Cat were hired to save News Van Dan's assistant, Angela, from a local gang.


News Van Dan, an independent journalist and decker, contacted the runners through their various fixers to ask for help with his assistant, Angela, who had been kidnapped on her way back from planting some bugs.

The Meet

A conference call with News Van Dan, who provided the group with the location of the gangers who had kidnapped his assistant. After some negotiation, he agreed to supply the runners with a 2000 nuyen expense account for the run.

The Plan

The runners met up on a corner a couple blocks from the semi-ruined duplex where the gangers were hiding. John Brown and Cheshire Cat summoned a couple of spirits, and Cheshire's spirit of air went in to scout, and they learned that Angela was being held in an upstairs room by four gangers.

The Run

The gang hideout was guarded by three lookouts, who were dispatched with a 100 nuyen bribe from the expense account, which promptly led to the lookout being bribed getting stabbed before the second lookout took the credstick before fleeing the third, who chased him away. After discussing tactics for a bit and telling John's spirit of Man to throw up a barrier around Angela as soon as they entered the room. Cheshire turned Vargold invisible, and they all charged upstairs as they heard gunfire and sounds of a struggle. By the time they got there, however, Angela had killed all four gangers and was trapped under a troll she had just stabbed.

At that point, the rest of the gang rolled up on motorcycles. John used Mob Mind to gather the gangers in a small circle under the window in order to drop a grenade on them, but they heard Squid dropping the grenade and scattered. Using a combination of illusion magic, the aforementioned spirit of air, and Vargold's flaming troll fists, the gangers were quickly dispatched.


The runners called up News Van Dan, and he came to pick up Angela in his truck.



Either Gain News Van Dan as a 3/3 Contact or get

  • ¥4,000
  • 3 Karma
  • You have the option of stealing a Harley-Davidson Scorpion (chopper) at the cost of 3 RVP

Squid took 4000 nuyen and 3 Karma

John Brown took 4000 nuyen and 3 Karma

Cheshire Cat took the chopper and 2 karma

Vargold took News Van Dan as a contact

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

John Brown: We really didn't need to kill the gangers, but they were in the business of stocking Bunraku parlors for the Yakuza, so we figured it was for the best. Was it a bit gory? Sure. But I would say on balance that we did the neighborhood a favor. The last guy took 2 lightning bolts and 3 bullets before Vargold just punched him to death. Feels kind of cruel, man.

Squid: Still pissed I left my Mirage a few blocks from the hot-zone. Could've ventilated those rats all easy-like with the firepower I've got mounted on that pup. S'not all bad though- Was a real pretty sight seeing that dude's head pop like a balloon. Super Warhawk, dig?