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"We Know What You Think"
TypeAAA Rated Corporation
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationSeattle

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Horizon News Network

Horizon News Network (HNN) boasts itself to be the #1 name in news. To most people, Horizon is the most fair, objective, and capable news outlet in the world. They often break stories long before any other source. Credit for their #1 status in news is often attributed to the integration it has with P2.1. Simply having a P2.1 account smoothly exposes you to news stories relevant to your interest as determined by data collected by their algorithms.


Ace Powers6FixerHorizon Talent Agent
Ana Laguna2FixerHorizon Talent Scout
Fred Nanders5LegworkInfobroker
Harold J. Rutherford6NetworkingPathfinder Multimedia Manager
Katie Smiles3GeneralistHorizon Tailor
Kazu Kishi2LegworkJournalist
Marcus Bison1LegworkProfessor of Anthropology
Molly Landry4FixerAssistant
Sebastian “Perfect Fit” Schmidt3GearHorizon Studios Head of Wardrobe
Stevie Dunder3ServiceAnimal Handler
Ted Deble2LegworkHorizon P2.1 Life Coach
The Man5FixerProfessional Boxing Manager and Talent Scout


NamePositionFaction Rep
Ca1yps0Full Corporate Citizen31

Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Graduation DayAsmodeus13 February 2085
This Is Halloween H20AsmodeusHail to the Pumpking31 October 2084
Cleaning up the pastBulldogcThe Metroplex Governor Race of '8428 July 2084
Free Seattle! Part 3YouMayFireWhenReadyThe Metroplex Governor Race of '8419 July 2084
Patty Cake Milk RunYouMayFireWhenReady1 July 2084
Growing StaticAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking9 February 2084
Sionann Flanagon in: On His Holiness' Secret ServiceSarcarianTemple in the Shadows23 January 2084
Dazed & ConfusedAsmodeus30 October 2083
This Is Halloween, Part 2AsmodeusHail to the Pumpking17 October 2083
Lights, Camera, Sanctions!Eye of the Storm13 August 2083
Horizon Presents: Drone WarsTekomandor17 July 2083
The Head Hitbox CheatAurora11 November 2082
Stealing BooksAurora25 September 2082
Kill BillAurora7 September 2082
Mobster ManipulationAurora7 September 2082
A SnovieAurora6 September 2082
Finda KillerPatGriffinCall of the Shadows22 July 2082
The Incredible Behemoth Volume 2Tekomandor29 April 2082
What Did You Think Tomorrow?Asmodeus22 March 2082
SpinGlobal: Under the HorizonSarcarianRunners Gone Wild4 March 2082
Versus Battle: Clowns Vs. Go-GangersAurora17 February 2082
Soft Beats of an Icy HeartOrionsRequiemCross Flight Love Fight9 February 2082
What? Not Butter!Asmodeus3 January 2082
Pirates of Elliott BayKorean BBQ16 August 2081
Bottom of The Beautiful BrinyChrisst111Runners Gone Wild12 August 2081
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Eric Andre Show!AtlatlIt's Always Wednesday in Seattle16 July 2081
Under the Sea!Chrisst1116 July 2081
Shutup and DriveGhostlinRunners Gone Wild
1 June 2081
WPOP RaveAurora18 May 2081
Moulin Rouge!GhostlinRunners Gone Wild24 April 2081
White RabbitGhostlinRunners Gone Wild8 April 2081
OPEN UPDoomNightmare Mode21 March 2081
Free cruise for you and your friends; a Christmas vacation for runnersDocMcGuffin22 December 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Weary by Mal BlumDrBurst26 October 2080
A Sixth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The PhoenixDrBurst17 July 2080
Streetlight Manifesto - The Three of Us (Part 2)DrBurstAftermath - The Ex-Neonet Story16 December 2079
Intro-Chamber the CartridgeDrBurstSeattle Election18 April 2079
22 April 2079
Shape Da FutureDrBurstYou Can't Fight Us All - The Rise of ShadowHaven10 June 2078

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