Under the Sea!

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Under the Sea!
LocationLos Angeles
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Horizon
Jessica Stevens


A Johnson hires Rigs, Twitch, Doris, and Ironclad to extract a high ranking undersea engineer from Horizon's new Party Egg - an underwater entertainment district - off the coast of Los Angeles.

The Meet

The team was warned that their job will require accessing an underwater location. They were offered plane tickets from SeaTac to Los Angeles, but everyone declined due to their desire to keep their heavy equipment and an abundance of vehicles that could make the trip to LA. Ironclad rode down the coast with Doris on her houseboat with most of the explosives and guns, while Rigs and Twitch drove down separately. Rigs outran the police while Twitch autopiloted and played VR games the entire way. Upon arriving in the half-sunken downtown area of LA where the meet was to occur, Doris moored her houseboat at a major thoroughfare and Twitch drove the team over to the high rise where they stayed the night and met the Johnson.

The Johnson wanted construction of Horizon's new Party Egg to be delayed by extracting one of the three shift engineers onsite. He chose Jessica Stevens, the night shift engineer, as the extraction target. He also requested that the team do not fully destroy or flood the structure since his organization couldn't handle that much heat. After Ironclad negotiated for SCUBA equipment and extra pay, the team accepted.

The Plan

Doris and Rigs prepared a large length of linear cutting charges in preparation for breaching a section of the Party Egg, while Twitch gathered information on the Party Egg via matrix search. Twitch found that this Party Egg was still under construction and was to be a replacement for an original structure which was destroyed by The Sea Dragon. It's a mobile glass dome structure which is capable of lowering itself down the continental shelf in order to show off deep sea life and provide other entertainment for exclusive clientele. He is able to locate the shift engineer schedule and the security complement, then discovers that Jessica is due to go on vacation within a few days.

While the facility is not fully operational, tours are still available to potential clients through a travel agency. Twitch hacks the travel agency's host and finds a tour scheduled for a marine biologist in eight hours, then edits the personnel manifest and the pickup location to suit the team. Doris orders the water spirit originally summoned to guard her houseboat to search the Party Egg for Jessica, any airlocks, and any magical security. The water spirit reports back after successfully locating Jessica, a main vehicle airlock, several auxiliary security airlocks, and no magical security detail.

The plan is to infiltrate the Party Egg by claiming to be a marine biologist and her entourage interested in using the Party Egg as a long term observation facility. Jessica and any escorts would be knocked out, and Baby - using her submarine modifications - would be brought to the airlock for extraction. AAA security response and air attack would be circumvented by preventing a major evacuation or alarm and by exfiltrating underwater.

The Run

Prior to the arrival of the tour guide submarine, Doris and Ironclad utilized a combination of psychology and bullying to suppress Rigs' phobia of large bodies of water. The team boarded the tour submarine after convincing the crew to allow them to bring a Steel Lynx and lots of guns, as Doris was supposedly used to being extracted on a regular basis. Upon arriving at the airlock, the team was greeted by Herr Maxine, their tour guide/security escort. Doris requested that they go up to the observation deck first and attempted to distract the tour guide by babbling about marine biology.

Faced with being in the observation deck of a glass dome 60m underwater, Rigs began to break down, prompting Doris to direct him away to a bathroom while she fast talked the tour guide. Rigs used this opportunity to send a flyspy to locate Jessica. After Rigs failed to return promptly, the tour guide quietly directed a guard to check in on Rigs. Twitch immediately hacked the Party Egg's small industrial host in order to intercept the communications and warn Rigs. Rigs emerged from the bathroom just in time to offer corpsec a blunt, and was chastised for smoking and creating a fire hazard in the high oxygen environment.

Doris requested that the tour guide take them to the luxury hab units so that they could close in on Jessica's location. Once inside a sealed hab unit, Ironclad knocked out Herr Maxine and injected them with slab before stuffing them into a closet. Twitch veiled the guide's biomonitor in order to suppress any alerts. Realizing that the team as a whole was slow as hell, they decided to send Ironclad with a water spirit to capture Jessica while the rest of the team pre-positioned by the main airlock. Twitch opened the airlock and pulled Baby inside. Because Doris was invisible and hiding, Twitch and Rigs were left to attempt to con corpsec - which went poorly - resulting in Rigs shooting the security officer, putting several holes in the Party Egg shell, and triggering an emergency evacuation alarm.

The security spider, unable to do anything about Twitch, decided to evacuate. Ironclad knocked out Jessica and carried her back to the airlock, while Doris healed the corpsec officer enough to make him ambulatory and prevent him from dying.


The team escaped immediately and Jessica was dropped off to the Johnson successfully. Everyone chastised Rigs for not owning any nonlethal ammunition despite Ironclad having the exact same issue. Doris has 3 meters of prepared Effective Rating 11 Linear Cutting Charges with a standard blasting cap that is still unused.

Party Egg Evacuated


  • 12,000 NuYen
  • 6 karma
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Shiiiit dude... First run and it's LA of all places.... Not only that it was underwater of all places.... Buttt other then that the run went just perfect, this one dude didn't believe me that I was a tour guide so I shot him. He is fine I think? Anyway bought some SnS and paid my homage to folks back home...


I didn't get to do any real underwater work, but I guess being in a structure like that sort of counts for most people. I was really hoping to at least blow a small hole in the Party Egg... Nothing unisolable or that would have killed everyone, you know? Just a little reminder of who's in charge there. Hint: it's The Sea. LA was very cool, though! I like the whole half-sunken-in-the-ocean aesthetic and being able to moor up directly to a building, even if the place was a little bit rough. I might try to sail back down and hang around!


Mission went well overall. Brilliant Magic, Demolitions and Biology spiel from Doris. Near perfect Matrix work, as well as bringing a sub so we don't drown from Twitch and Rigs.


The plan was great, and those of us that followed it did a great job. Guard ended up in jeopardy of losing his life, but Doris took care of that. Hope he evacuated safely... I'll look up a casualty lost later. But it was probably a slow leak. Probably just a grip of nuyen, which I can see the corp losing and sleep just fine at night.

Next time, I really need to check with everyone that they hear when I say "something that won't punture the thing and drown us all." That or just work with people that listen.