Katie Smiles

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Katie Smiles
Horizon Tailor
Common Denominator Ltd.
Contact Owner[1]
Public Contact?No
LocationSeattle, Downtown
Preferred Payment Method(Runner Favours)
Hobbies/VicePersonal Grooming (Fashion)
Personal LifeIn Relationship
To the Stars
Keeping up with the Latest
Shiny Stuff


You look good, but you can always look better. This is the philosophy of Katie Smiles, who's one of the people responsible for providing the outfits for the Horizon Project employees. She's supremely confident, with a certain fierceness about her that really does compel you to just sit down and let her give you a proper makeover.

Of course, even if she's the clothier for several minor news anchors and startup actors and actresses, with the right kind of favours, she can provide "off-the books new looks" including disguises, some more heavily armoured clothes (though she'll bitch incessantly about it) and several other handy-dandy accessories.

In person, she's got the Horizon Smile(TM) and a big friendly demeanour that belies the fact that she can and will destroy you if you cross her. Showbusiness is unforgiving, even back in the dressing room.


Aspect Description
Tailor Katie loves her job, and if she likes you, she's more than happy to hook you up with any kind of clothing you'd like, from a janitorial outfit to a fake police uniform. She can even get some of the fancy ones with armor in if she feels like it, or you make it worth her while.
To the Stars Katie's job puts her in a prime position to network with the full range of Horizon Project employees as they chatter about the latest gossip while she takes their measurements and listens to their clothing concerns. While she has only a passing connection to the really big stars, plenty of minor names really rely on her, and you'd be surprised how easy it is to control a Horizon employee with the veiled threat of a bad look.
Keeping up with the Latest To do her job, Katie has to stay abreast of everything that goes on in the world of fashion. From the highs of penthouses and mansions to the deepest crevices of the Underground, Katie knows just what people want to see on a metahuman body.
Shiny Stuff To dress like the best, you need the best gadgets, too! Horizon doesn't really manufacture the best gear, but they need to have lots of fancy tech to put on the trid to make their actors look like the real deal. If a piece of gear is iconic enough, Katie can probably get one, or at least a cheaper version modded to look like one.


Knowledge Checks 5 + Loyalty + Aspects
Active Checks 5 + Loyalty + Aspects
Gear Acquisition Checks 5 + Loyalty + Aspects
Networking Checks 5 + Loyalty + Aspects


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Ace Powers Coworker

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