SpinGlobal: Under the Horizon

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SpinGlobal: Under the Horizon
Part of Runners Gone Wild
LocationDowntown, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
HBI 48
Triple Trouble
Combat DJ
Radical Guardians
This was an initiation run for Triple Trouble.


In which Triple Trouble gets their big break, and Fidem returns to familiar territory.


Triple Trouble (an aspiring actrix) recently became acquainted with Fidem (a former Horizon child star and current nun not eager to return to the life), and has worked a few jobs with them - this has not gone unnoticed by their talent agent Ace Powers, who is eager to get the globally famous starlet back under the umbrella of Horizon. To this end, he has concocted a scheme to get Triple Trouble to rope Fidem into a new project with HBI 48 as part of their ongoing media war with SpinGlobal.

The Meet

Triple Trouble is contact by Ace Powers, their fixer/talent agent, with a big ACTING OPPORTUNITY - they are told that this could be their big chance to make a splash in the entertainment industry, and that they'll need a big star to make a "celebrity cameo" so that they can attach their star to them. TT decides (just as Ace Powers knew they would) that Fidem would make the perfect partner in crime for this endeavor, calling her up to ask for assistance without getting the details of the job first - Fidem agrees to lend a hand, but as a guest star only, and says that they should find that out first, as well as attempt to negotiate an equitable contract. Ace is thrilled to hear that Fidem will be participating in the project and less-than-thrilled when TT asks about contracts and legal rights and such - he attempts to brush them off, but they are persistent and he eventually says that they'll look at a standard boiler plate simsense footage agreement, with potential options based on performance and metrics and the focus group response.

The Plan

After a conversation with Fidem, Ace sends along contact information for White Rabbit, an associate of his who is coordinating their part of the project. The two of them call to arrange a meeting at E-Vue, a club in Renton which TT is familiar with, and head over, with Fidem leveraging her fame to get them past the line and TT hanging on her arm while the other club-goers look on in envy. After some mandatory partying to get in the mood, they meet with White Rabbit in a private booth, who explains what he needs from them - he's having the Horizon Battle Idols crash a SpinRadical party to challenge their combat DJs to a challenge of their rad-ness, and he wants them to assist with the endeavor. Specifically, there is a security coordinator who he wants Triple Trouble to replace in order to cause chaos in the ranks, while he would like Fidem to cause as much of a distraction as she can. After getting some more details, the two of them agree to the job.Looking over the information White Rabbit gave them, the runners identify their target - one Mr. Adam Case, who by an astonishing coincidence lives in the same Downtown apartment building as both Fidem and Triple Trouble - and put together their plan.

The Run

TT spends the evening studying basic Arabic and Portuguese and familiarizing themself with Case's profile in order to put their method actor skills to work. The next morning, while Case is taking a swim in the building's pool, TT ambushes him in the locker room and hits him with a tranq patch; while they begin the process of impersonating him, Fidem (dressed as a janitor) brings Case's body out to the car and takes him to a nearby church, claiming he is a vagrant she found and asking that he be looked after so that he's not found by the police and thrown in the ACHE. Meanwhile Triple Trouble spends the morning impersonating Case to his teenage son before heading off to work at SpinGlobal HQ, having managed to hack into Case's commlink thanks to their dynamic handprints in order to fly his SIN.

While Triple Trouble ingratiates themself into Case's role by putting the troops through a SpinRadical training drill to tire them out before the main event (drawing more than a few eyes thanks to their glamor, but thankfully pulling off good enough impersonation and masking rolls that nobody sees through the ruse), Fidem plots to act as a suitable distraction by contacting the promoter of the event (an X-Games style extreme sports competition, natch) and offering to appear as a special guest host. The offer of a globally famous surprise guest is too good to pass up, and after etiquette-ing her way through some interviews things are ready for the main event - the two contact White Rabbit to tell him that they are in position and ready for go-time.

As the games commence, the Horizon Battle Idols crash through the wall and present their formal challenge to SpinGlobal's Rad-ness, with Fidem offering colour commentary for the cameras and Triple Trouble stymieing the security response by passing along conflicting orders. A theatrical battle commences between the Horizon idols and SpinGlobal's cybercentaur combat DJs, with Fidem managing to sneakily cut the chord connecting one of the DJs to their deck and dumpshocking them and Triple Trouble distracting the leadership long enough to give their team the edge they need to win the day, making a tacti-cool withdrawal.


Triple Trouble exfiltrates with the Battle Idols and vanishes into the night while Fidem feigns shock and alarm at the entire proceedings, managing to talk her way through the fallout of the event and get away. "Versus Battle: Idols Vs. Centaurs (Vs. Shadowrunners)" proves to be a smash hit, and White Rabbit is suitably impressed with the team's performance, passing along his performance metrics to Ace Powers. The stunt was a big win for his team, and Ace offers to get Fidem into Horizon's LA delta clinic as payment (partially to get a sample of her current biometrics). With her assistance, Triple Trouble is also able to successfully sell outnegotiate a permanent acting contract, as well as a small percentage of their royalties in the form of a trust fund.

A few days later, when the footage and simsense tracks hit the grids, SpinGlobal realizes what happened and tacitly acknowledges their rad-ness by sending along some keytars - after all, everyone ended up getting some publicity out of the event, so there's no need to make enemies of potential future contractors.


For Triple Trouble: -IG2 discount -Corporate Limited SIN (Horizon) -Alibi -Local Fame -Trust Fund I

For Fidem: -Good Looking and Knows It -14k worth of upgrades in Horizon's deltaware clinic -2 karma

For Both: +3 Horizon rep +3 HBI 48 rep +2 CDP +1 PA (from appearing in "Versus Battle: Idols Vs. Centaurs (Vs. Shadowrunners)") -Records on File (Horizon)

+1 SpinGlobal rep (for radical-ness) -Rising Star Instrument (SpinRadical Keytars) (gift for radical-ness) -SpinGlobal knows what both of your auras looks like

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Triple Trouble

I got picked up by Horizon!!! And I got to play more people, and I got to hang out with Fidem again! Best. Job. Ever.