White Rabbit

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White Rabbit
Part of Runners Gone Wild
LocationSeattle, Bellevue
Factions Involved


Trash Panda


Watch as a group of runners high on drugs make their way through the goblins castle to acquire a sacred scroll to save the world!

The Meet

Things started off kind of odd with Trash Panda physically calling the other runners of her team before establishing a DNI connection.After a rough day TP had gotten high before the run even started. This was only a sign of things to come. The group decided to arrive to the meet at the same time, and sat with the J at a middling retro-styled Chinese restaurant. The team all ordered food while they negotiated pay with the J. While finishing up their prices, landing at 22K, the runners start to notice something strange going on. They could've swore they saw that statue move, and was the J always a bunny?

The Adventure

The team, having the location and objective to acquire a scroll, set out for the goblin king's fortress! The party gets on their mighty steeds and ride towards the keep, only getting a little distracted along the way by parking their horses in the middle of the road and dealing with the peasants. Afterwards they all arrived at the fortress. seeing goblins out front, and deciding subterfuge was a better alternative to combat, TP disguises the party as goblins. They are let in, and goblins are dancing in the center of the castle. standing high above is the Goblin King (Who looks suspiciously like David Bowie but also a goblin) on his balcony. As the party steals various objects, Mickey attempts to set the Goblin King on fire. TP very quickly takes care of the situation by simply turning off Mickey's flamethrower. Meanwhile, Kost does her best to actually get what they came here for. She asks a Goblin how to get into the boss' room, and is taken up to find the scroll. There, the goblin decides to try and get frisky. Kost reveals that they are in fact not actually a goblin and attacks them. The crew comes busting in right as combat starts, and Lucky ends up firing a shot. Within a couple of seconds the guard is subdued non-lethally but the guards are still on their way. TP casts invisibility on the unconscious fellow before they enter. Lucky finds the scroll and proceeds to jump out the window.

Lucky had mounted his horse and was being chased by a chimera being rode by a goblin. Lucky used his trusty bola to take them down before facing off against a dragon. An epic battle took place, with Lucky cunningly using lightning to smite the dragon, their arch-weakness! With that he was able to successfully escape and complete the mission they had been given by the bunny Johnson.

Meanwhile, the crew remaining in the building were surrounded by goblins, pointing their bows at the team! They told them to hold still and wait while they figured things out. Soon enough, the goblin king arrived. Mickey had asked him if she could speak to the manager before being informed he was the manager. She proceeded to complain that her children were being disrespected. TP and the rest conspired and collaborated to ensure they had all were just there to make out. Mickey almost flubbed it, but was stopped by TP, yet again. Growing tired of their actions, the Goblin King had kicked them out of his castle, but the mission was done.

The Wake Up.

Though, TP had been recording the entire events, so the party knows what actually happened on their run much to their glee and dismay. The J had been working for Horizon, and had been looking to kick off a pilot for his new show, Runners Gone Wild. He duped their food with really powerful Aisa and sent them on the run. The party was infiltrating a Renraku party held for some Yakuza. The 'Goblin King' was just a renraku middle manager. They were all goblins because they were wearing masks. Lucky, being the lucky boy he is, took out three vehicles on his own, and the scroll he had delivered had been an ancient erotic scroll.


  • ¥22k nuyen
  • 5 karma
  • +2 Horizon rep
  • -2 Shotozumi-gumi
  • +2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Do not contact me about this run.

And if I see this Johnson again, I'm going to set his ass on fire.


I did not appreciate being duped. I did appreciate the free Aisa. That said, being on a hallucinogenic while running is not advisable. I am glad we were able to avoid firefight because who knows what would we would see allies as if it came to that.

Be careful of this J, runners. <HorizonJohnson.img> If he hires you, do not eat or drink anything they provide.

Unless, of course, you enjoy... what is phrase? "Tripping balls."

Trash Panda

I am looking to buy any information you can find on this Johnson, <HorizonJohnson.img>, especially where they got those drugs and how I can get more. Seriously, that was some of the most amazing drek I've ever had. If I knew at the meet what I know now I'd have agreed to work for more of that stuff.