Shutup and Drive

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Shutup and Drive
Part of Adversaries
Runners Gone Wild
LocationRedmond Barrens
Factions Involved


This week, on Runners Gone Wild: Two rival shadowrunner organizations go Head. To. Head. In a no-holds-barred battle, they face off. The winner receives TWENTY THOUSAND NUYEN and the coveted glass Runners Gone Wild Trophy. But, perhaps more importantly, bragging rights. Guns! Explosions! Drama! Rivalry! This week has it all! Tune in.


It's a race. It's televised. Also, Neo-Haven is there.

The Meet

The runners arrive in the Horizon Tower Soybucks, where the deal is struck. After some intense negotiations, they total prize value is arrived at: 20,000 nuyen if they win. (And, off-camera, 10,000 nuyen as an appearance fee if they lose).

The Plan

Win the race.

The Episode

The runners take off! Crone immediately jumps into a lead, but is soon overtaken by the opposing QuickSilver and Jund (neo-havenites). Twitch, Burn0ut and Flyboy catch up. Vanguard fires at Twitch, who skillfully avoids the damage. The Shin-hyung (Twitch) suddenly pulls up and PITs Quicksilver, who is unable to recover and crashes (thanks to a handy Accident Power from Crone's spirit). The others try to fight, but the true danger occurs when Vanguard, who has not even bothered moving from the starting line, fires a grenade, right on Twitch's car! The car survives, but it affects a number of other cars around him, including 2 of his own teammates! None of them are down, but they are struggling. The cars exchange fire for an excessively long time and spend much time accelerating and revving engines (thanks to amazing editing, but really, there was not much revving of engines, this all happened in like 2 seconds). Crone opens fire on Vanguard in revenge for the damage to Twitch's vehicle and the others around her. Flyboy and Blue Flame try to accelerate ahead. Vanguard finally moves, and goes to ram Crone! Crone narrowly dodges (actually, it was a wide dodge, but... again, editing). Crone uses the proximity to unload fire on Vanguard, disabling the vehicle. Blue Flame does not try to resist the other runners, and the race continues. The Neo-Haven team literally cannot win anymore, as it is the group points that determine the winner, and 3/4 of the Neo-Haven team are completely disabled. But they race for bragging rights. It's neck and neck! (Actually, it was not. But.... EDITING IS MAGIC!) and Twitch barely pulls ahead at the last second (or like, way ahead from long before that), followed by the Burn0ut, Crone, Blue Flame, and Flyboy.


Immediately after winning, the team sets about to rescuing the Neo-Haven members that had crashed. Hopefully this casts ShadowHaven in a better light for them.


20,000 Nuyen 6 karma +2 Rep with Horizon +1 Public Awareness +2 CDP

Twitch: The coveted glass Runners Gone Wild Trophy

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Yes! I took first place! Yeeeeeeessss! Oh, this trophy goes straight on my mantle!

I know people think I hate Neo-Haven. And I do. But it's not the Numbers fault. So, I'm happy to help them. Hopefully they have a better impression of the ShadowHaven after this. But don't get me wrong. Their leaders will probably get a different treatment.


I hope those Neo-Haven runners ended up ok. I know we're hostile right now, but if we fight everyone then... Well, I don't want to think about that.


Best! Run! Ever! Those Neo-Haven shitheads nearly fragged up my ride with a 'nade but they had no chance of winnin. I hope Twitch doesn't mind me challenging him real soon~.


This went pretty much exactly how I expected. Glad to get the opportunity to work alongside more of my fellow Riggers, although it does highlight that I need a faster car....Ohwell, the HE Grenade doing frag all was nice. Hope the Neo-Haven lot do okay.