Harold J. Rutherford

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Harold J. Rutherford
Pathfinder Multimedia Manager
The fantasy and SF trids made by Pathfinder Multimedia, the production overseen by Harold J. Rutherford, aren't blockbusters.
His corporate job is still more than cushy enough to make ethics affordable.
Contact OwnerEnigmaticOxygen
Owner's Discord NameKeeper M#0043
Public Contact?Yes
LocationPathfinder Multimedia HQs, Bellevue, Seattle
Preferred Payment MethodCash (Corp Scrip)
Hobbies/ViceEntertainment (Trid Shows)
Personal LifeIn Relationship
AspectsRace Traitor
Working Hours
Broad Horizons
Networking in Places High and Low
Corporate Rumors
Media Grip
Entertainment Insider
Setting the Stage
Wife's Wares
Wheeling and Dealing


Harold J. Rutherford's folks have well-prospering businesses around Vancouver, SSC, but for Harold, a black sheep, Horizon or, more precisely, Pathfinder Multimedia, one of its subsidiaries, is the family he's been searching for over decades. The fantasy and SF trids made under his supervision are no blockbusters, yet the limited corporate SINner wouldn't change his job even if promised he'd succeed Gary Cline. It's not just him meeting his wife, Lois, there - he found his place to belong there. He doesn't have to fit anyone's expectations of "what befits a dwarf", can lead his life exactly how he wants to, and feels indebted to other people in similar situations who work or used to in the past.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
Race Traitor Many dwarves stick to the general set of stereotypes that is the overarching tightly-knit, tradition-bound mainstream community most maintain. Harold went against the mold of the stubborn, insular, technically-minded dwarf. He's the life of the party, doesn't discriminate based on the metatype and hasn't held a tinkering tool once in his life. After being taken into the Horizon fold, he was essentially disowned by his highly traditional father he's got Daddy Issues with, something marriage to his wife Lois, a human, only exacerbated. As a result, he's disconnected from his extensive family and the old community he grew up in. Most dwarves take offense at this kind of betrayal, resulting in him being hated in those communities.
Working Hours A healthy balance between work and private life is paramount if you don't want to burn out. Harold doesn't, so he tunes out of business matters outside of normal PST office hours (9-5, Monday through Friday). Add +5 to the threshold of his contact availability test if trying to contact him at other times (very early in the morning, late in the evening, on the weekends).
Broad Horizons While not the highest on the totem pole, Harold is very much part of the Horizon fold. Knowing the right people, picking up gossip, just trivia - it all matters to him. Not a career climber, he maintains a healthy work balance, but still looks up to Gary Cline's ethos. Because of this, he can tell you about Horizon or its subsidiaries, receiving +2 to related rolls.
Networking in Places High and Low Being a manager of the less popular fantasy and SF productions of Pathfinder Multimedia, Harold holds a comfortable, though middling, position. This, however, means he's just at the right spot to be some people's superior while being utterly unthreatening to actual bigwigs. Being able to have a good rapport in places high and low, he makes networking tests to connect you with members of Horizon or its subsidiaries at +2.
Corporate Rumors Even as a Horizon fanboy (rather, precisely because of it), Harold tries to stay aware of what happens on the corporate scene in general. He makes knowledge tests about corporations at +2.
Media Grip As a manager, especially part of Horizon, you either keep a tight grip on what the news outlets say or don't keep the job for long. Harold makes tests related to the media at +2.
Entertainment Insider Harold oversees the production of an assortment of middling fantasy and SF productions by Pathfinder Multimedia. For own sanity, over the years, he's managed to convince himself he's interested enough in such thematics. Due to this, knowledge tests pertaining to movies, fantasy ones in particular, are made at +2.
Setting the Stage Pathfinder Multimedia films in different locations - it's easy for people involved to offer trusted people an opportunity to show up to a set after hours. With loyalty three or higher, Harold can allow you to use one of the less important locales - in C-zones or worse - for a few hours when not in use by his employees to help sell the impression of legitimacy, provided the job isn't obviously illegal.
Fashionista Half of it is his job involving costumes and dressing up in general. Half of it is his love of his wife, Lois, for whom fashion is a passion. Call it however you want, but Harold can get his hands on high-fashion armor and costumes for disguises with ease. He earns +2 to obtain this specialized gear as well as to Fashion knowledge checks.
Wife's Wares Lois Rutherford works in the deltaware clinic of Horizon Seattle. If your Loyalty with Harold is 4+, he can connect you with her for discussing more off-the-books deltaware access. Even beforehand, ware acquisition checks through his wife and knowledge skills related to biotech of different kinds are at +2.
Wheeling and Dealing Not his focus, but he knows people whose hearts pump gasoline. Vehicles and drones made by Horizon, such as the Horizon CU^3 Professional or the Horizon-Doble Revolution, can be had at +2.


Knowledge Checks 10 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 4 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 6 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 14 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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