A Snovie

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A Snovie
Factions Involved
Random Runner Team
Ramen Shamen
Random Sam, Random Mage, Random Decker
Casualties and losses
Random Sam, Random Mage


Ace Powers wants a new specialty trid, and he knows just the snake, and just the shop to do it.


Ace needs a new trid that appeals to the 'poor' and has decided that Samurai Noodle in Tacoma is the perfect place for it.

The Meet

Hiring Chef, Swerve, Tombstone and Ramen Shamen to pose as his trid stars, Ace powers reveals the twist--The shop is to be assaulted, while full of dining customers, by another runner team. In four hours. Swerve elects to walk upon hearing that blurring and other identity protection will be difficult at best. Ace refuses to engage the team beyond what he had previously stated.

The Plan


The Run

Horizon begins to bus in 'extras' to eat the food, and with some *poor* runner banter, Chef begins to cook. Slammed with the masses of hungry SINless, a vehicle pulls up outside, entering in with an explosion of magic and glass the enemy team entered and was promptly, and swiftly dispatched in a flurry of spirit flames and lightning


The trid was sent off to be edited, and now they all own live sized plushes of themselves.


20k nuyen - 10 RVP (Tombstone was paid up-front) 3 karma - 3 RVP 2 CDP +1 PA for Ramen Shamen and Chef Each of you gets a life-size plushie of yourself, made by Horizon

Optionals: Everyone: Ace Powers (Connection 6) at Loyalty 3 for -8 RVP Chef: Practice Practice Practice for Artisan for -2 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Ramen Shamen

Well, not a lot of nooj, and a 10m long custom plush of myself. Weird but alright.


This Ace Powers dude is clearly insane. Got a nice plushie out of it though.