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Ork Diner Cook
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.June 16, 2037
PriorityMetatype - B
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


Friendly Ork who enjoys his hacking almost as much as he enjoys cooking.


Ork Techno returning to the shadows after being clean for 18 years to try and save his boss's family business.


Born in the Barrens, Billy Young and his family always struggled to get by and eventually only he struggled to get by after his parents were killed by a runaway grenade during a gang turf war. Now just your average Barrens Rat he was able to scrape by with the rest of the kids running around, scavenging, and stealing in the Matrix. That all changed when he got into his early teens and managed to find an old, used Datajack and the nuyen to get it implanted by a Street Doc. He found out very quickly he had an innate connection with the Matrix that noone else he knew did. And as all "special" individuals are he was eventually attracted to a group of people with similar talents. They used it to commit plenty of Matrix crime and lift a lot of paydata, enough that they would never go hungry again. The group kept this up until Billy had hit the age of 20 at which point the group got too deep into an S-K facility where they were captured, imprisoned, and studied. Some of them died through the years due to either negligence or the studies themselves while few too stubborn to die survived everyday. Eventually following the crash of Matrix 2.0 many of them had already faded or were in the process of, with their only distinct feature now gone the last survivors of the group were handed criminal SINs and thrown out into a changed world. He was lucky enough to find work with his criminal SIN at a generations old diner in Renton where he has been for the last 21 years. Having reintegrated into life he's found that he has a genuine love for cooking and thanks to the support and friendship of the Diner's owner he has since shed his hardened demeanor thanks to his early years and time in S-K custody and come to care for people. Now however his friend's diner is finally going under after once again turning down an offer to buyout the place by Aztechnology to turn it into another Stuffer Shack, Billy is returning to the shadows to get the nuyen necessary to save the diner.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Otaku to Techno

Candle in the Darkness



Allergy (Common, Moderate): Soy

SINner (Criminal): Saeder Krupp (Addendum that he has life parole, less severe than the Ex-Con quality but he does have an S-K parole officer check in with him on occasion. They've been doing this for 18 years.)

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
A SnovieAurora6 September 2082
White And Red And No BlueAurora11 August 2082
Worming Into Malleable MindsAurora14 June 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Pitcher 2 5 Fixer Up and Coming Musician, Aware, Streetwise, Horsing Around, Band Together Even
Dylan Montgomery 1 5 Service Rehabilitation not Co-Conspiration, Damn Good Food, Sourcing for Meat, Country Fried Cookin' Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Employee at Rosie's Diner
3 Employee at Rosie's Diner for 18 years and attached a Criminal SIN from Saeder Krupp
6 Same as the above with the addition that they were in S-K custody from age 20-26 due to matrix crimes as an Otaku, they faded following Crash 2.0 and were given life parole.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Chef appears to have just gotten into the shadowrunning scene.
3 Carries himself and acts like he has experience before but still seems like he's new to the scene.
5 He used to run as a different handle back during the times of the Otaku in Seattle. Seems that he has just gotten back into the scene.


Criminal SIN (S-K)


Average height but pretty slim built ork with slicked back Gray hair, Gray skin, and vibrantly green eyes, comes equipped with a Datajack in his palm and two cyberhands.


Matrix Persona

A floating chef's hat and eyes with large floating gloved hands

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