White And Red And No Blue

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White And Red And No Blue
LocationSeattle Docks
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Ramen Shamen
An augmented fighter, a matrix specialist, two spirits, an explorer expert in astral combat
Casualties and losses
The spirits, less-then-lethal weaponry was used


The White Lotus triad isn't a great fan of the Red Dragon Initiates moving cargo in their turf, and tries to fix that.


The White Lotus, a big and influential triad in Seattle, has gained knowledge of opposing groups using Wuxing convoys to transfer their merchandise through the docks and the city itself

The Meet

In a club owned by the triad itself, with many majong tables and other such chinese gambling games. The J was an high ranking member of the White Lotus triad, and had no troubles answering all questions, and the payment was deemed appropriate, so no bargaining was necessary

The Plan

After the meet, the team went to Chef's house, where, after an hearthy meal, they decided that an host dive was necessary, and as such the team technomancer provided, risking his life against a way better matrix security then the one expected, only to be saved by a true Deus Ex Machina, and meeting face to face with Delphi, the Oracle Paragon, and attuning with it. The information gained confiirmed the dock's security to be near impossible to bypass, and as such a point in the convoy's planned route was picked to set up an ambush

The Run

The three armored trucks arrived on time, in the place chosen, an hidden one way street in a nice neutral background count for the two awakened runners of the team, with some low buildings surrounding the road itself to provide good lines of sight. |Koschei| used mass astral disruption preps and stunballs to weaken the spirits and take out the streetsam and the driver of one of the trucks, |Ramen Shaman|'s spirits dealt with the opfor spirits and explorer, |Chef| dealt with the one of the trucks and their on site matrix security, and |Hound| took out the rest of the trucks and personel with his sniper rifle. A fast and fierce battle that resulted in a decisive victory, if an hard fought one


After making sure that no shenanigans were in place, the cargo was destroyed with a fireball as requested, and the team made a clean getawy.


For everyone but Chef: 22k nuyen - 11 RVP 5 karma - 5 RVP 2 CDP

Chef: Paragon (Delphi) Bonesaw (Connection 4) at Loyalty 2 with -1 Chip - 5 RVP 11 karma - 11 RVP 2 CDP

Hound was a premade, so 8 GMP to KunaKuso

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Koschei: "Heh, hurting the triads income never gets old, I must say. That astrally projected dude with a chainsaw was fragging scary tho"

Ramen Shamen: "Certainly an interesting first run on the Haven--I look forward to working with Koschei and Chef again. Don't wanna deal with the astral projected chainsaw again though."

Hound: "Triads, shipments, it's all just typical fighting between groups. Almost didn't go to plan though."