Ramen Shamen

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Ramen Shamen
Ramen shamen full body.jpg
MysAdept Conjurer
Discord (Preferred contact method)@Twinnie#9492
RedditShort Scorpio
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - D
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


A naga with a love of noodles, but an acknowledgement that food is not the way to financial stability.


Short Term

  • Run enough to afford better and more stable housing
  • Work on their Seattle understanding

Long Term

  • Find a way to rebuild the family restaurant--In Seattle or at home.
  • Home? Maybe?


Grew up in Aztlan in Techichtitlan, ostracized into the city by the rural native peoples who had originally raised them after a tribal elder declared them a bad omen, cause for the drought they were suffering. Picked up by a nahuitil affiliated with the David Cartel. Raised by humans akin to one of their own children, they were taught how to help run the family ramen restaurant, and soon developed a reputation as a charismatic and well rounded, if not quirky member of the family. Instead of diving tea leaves like their adoptive mother, they practiced and perfected their divination in the dregs left behind by clients.

One day they foresaw a terrible future, the restaurant destroyed and their life radically changed. The money laundering had finally been noticed and the restaurant destroyed in an internal slapfight. Wanting to repair the damage, they reached out to some of their Cartel friends and began to use their magic for a life of more obvious crime. Interacting with runners meant their world expanded, and it wasn't long before they met a Horizon operative who after several dozens of runs, and near death experiences confessed their true identity after a disastrously bad run. Vraska, lying wounded and at the whims of someone who they thought they could trust, was offered a choice. They could die there, or come to Seattle.

They chose Seattle. The naga was set up with Ace Powers in order to start a 'day in the life' vlog style show, to follow the entertainment trends. Eventually it fell apart as Vraska's talents were found to be less than entertaining to a pilot audience. Released onto the streets of Seattle, they slithered into the orc underground, uncertain of how to get home, but knowing the only way home was to run the Seattle metroplex like it was home.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Latin American Diva (Bilingual (English, Aztlander Spanish) , Too Pretty to Hit, Mystic Adept, Spirit Affinity: Spirit of Fire) - Don't be fooled by the 30ft (10 m) of coils, this snake is beauty, a little brains and a lot magical brawn.

More than a Giant Snake (Mentor Spirit (Snake), Natural Weapon: Bite (Naga)) - Aside from the obvious, Ramen is a powerful conjurer and thirsts for more knowledge.


Particular Tastes (Albinism 1, Allergy (Uncommon, Mild): Gelatin, Cold-Blooded) - This naga is particular about their environment, both externally and internally.

A Snovie Star (Poor Self Control (Vindictive), Records On File (Horizon), Weak Immune System) - Snatched up to Seattle to make trids, Ramen has had... Issues with adjusting to life up north.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
What I do for a PaycheckPatGriffin21 September 2082
The Slushie MachineAurora11 September 2082
A SnovieAurora6 September 2082
Lost CoyoteDejapesFlight of the White Owl28 August 2082
In The Plastic JunglesAurora23 August 2082
Cutproof?Scranton18 August 2082
Where Are My Triple A'sPatGriffin14 August 2082
This is how you Really camp!Doc Mcguffys12 August 2082
White And Red And No BlueAurora11 August 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Ace Powers 6 3 Fixer Horizon Talent Agent Musical Talent, Corporate Deals, Keep it Classy, Fake SINs, Insider Knowledge, Horizon Agent, Hired Muscle Even
Legal Eagle 4 3 Custom(N,K,A,G) Lawyer Lawyer, Ex-UCAS Air Force, For the People, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, Hard Knocks Even
Kensei-Sensei 4 2 Fixer (N,K,G,A) Yakuza Patriarch (Retired) Measure Twice, Cut Once, Burgeoning Artiste, Family First, Sword Saint, Checkered Past, Equal-Opportunity Employer, Honor-Bound Even
Astrid Novak 3 3 Custom (A,G,K,N) Talismonger/Alchemist Talismans, Healer, Alchemist, Magician Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Images of ramen
3 Images of a large naga that seems to frequent ramen shops
6 A short trideo about a 'Noodle Snake' and their shadowrunning friends protecting Samurai Noodle, a ramen shop in Tacoma.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 "A giant fragging snake."
3 A naga mage whom often tempts spirits with spirits.
5 A naga mysad who hangs around Samurai Noodle.

Assensing Table

Hits Information Gained
1 Generally healthy, calm, Awakened.
2 No Cyberware. Aura is swirls of reds and pinks.
3 No Alphaware-grade cyberware, no maladies. Essence is (probably) equal to the casters.
4 No Betaware-grade cyberware or bioware is present. Essence 6.00, Magic 6.
5+ No Deltaware-grade implants no gene treatments, no nano-tech. Absolutely not a technomancer.


Name Sin Rating Issuer Licenses
Itazali Cipac 4 Horizon R4 Adept’s License, R4 Driver’s License, R4 Mage License
Xinen Ozomazomoc 6 Aztechnology R6 Adept’s License, R6 Driver’s License, R6 Mage License



Matrix Persona

A kimono wearing Japanese woman, with snakes for hair like a medusa--The snakes share a similar patterning to Ramen.

Media Mentions

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