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LocationEverett, Redmond
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Cutters
Ramen Shamen
3 regular soldiers, one troll physad, a decker spider
Casualties and losses


The Cutters are trying to move cargo through Everett, and someone want to profit off of it


The Cutters have acquired a new armored vehicle, a Dodge Goliath, and have been using it to transport cargo without trouble through Everett, knowing retaliation would be impossible given the armor of the truck and the functionally impenetrable safe inside of it

The Meet

In The Landfill, AKA his shop, Greasy Eddie met the runners to discuss business. After allowing Al-Ahmar free access to the grill and beer stock, he showed the team a plasma drill, his key to whatever riches the Cutters might keep inside the save in the Goliath. Only problem? Getting the car itself. The team was thus tasked with retrieving the van and making sure it arrived at his shop without leaving a trace behind for the gang to get to him.

The Plan

After a miraculous search from Al-Ahmar, the team discovered the main routes used and, most importantly, the garage where the Goliath was staying right now. After some rest and preparation both sprite and spirit wise, the team decided that a matrix approach could prove beneficial

The Run

With the aid of Ramen Shamen and Lucky's vehicles, the team managed to get in position, outside the gang hideout. From there, the two matrix specialists, Al-Ahmer and Argus sneaked (and battled) their way inside the industry host, with the technomancer and his sprite valiantly holding off a particularly fierce spider, while the decker made sure the cameras were down, the garage door open and the van unlocked. From that point, the meat space team rolled in, with an invisibility spell from Ramen Shamen allowing Lucky to get in unnoticed and snatch the car from the armed guard without firing a single shot.


Any mark and stealth tag was searched and removed, and the content of the save was extracted by Eddie and his team


18k nuyen (or double in drone, vehicle or mods) - 9RVP 5 karma - 5 RVP 2 CDP

Chef: Paragon (Delphi) Bonesaw (Connection 4) at Loyalty 2 with -1 Chip - 5 RVP 7 karma - 7 RVP 2 CDP Greasy Eddie at 2/2 as an optional contact for 3 RVP

Hound: Sprite affinity: machine at gen price as optional reward

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Ahhh man... no footage good enough for an epic trid... just boring "sneak in, steal car, drive out." I wasnt even allowed by the team to do soe stunts or fancy feet the slim security! BOOOOOOOORING

Ramen Shamen: Easy money for a simple run. Didn't even *need* a spirit, just a spell and getting paid. Happily would do this again with all involved.


I HATE HOST DIVES, ARGH! So fraggin' dangerous, at least I made out out, mashallah. I admit, I'm grateful that technomancer was there with me, way easier working with someone in the 'trix than trying to run it solo. You're always so fraggin' outnumbered and I'm more of a supportive specialist than some Ring of Light super sniper. I don't WANT to hurt people by frying their brains, but nobody else holds back! What'm I supposed to do?!