The Slushie Machine

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The Slushie Machine
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Ares Macrotechnology
Ramen Shamen
6 Drones
2 Spirits
2 Deckers/Riggers


In which four Shadowrunners are hired to steal a slushie machine.


Ash Dyer accidentally lost their Force 6 power focus in the slushie machine while drunk. This bigender disaster only barely remembers the incident, but knows power foci of that force are hard to come by. They use their family wealth to hire some Shadowrunners to get it back, as doing it themselves would lead to... awkward questions with the law.

The Meet

The runners make it to a Shadowrunner-poser bar in Bellevue, where they meet Ash. It's a bar where rich kids play at being Shadowrunners. It becomes apparent that SOMETHING is in the slushie machine, but Ash doesn't want to answer what it is. They agree to take the slushie machine from the Maximus Tactical Family Outlet to a storage facility in Renton. While trying to assense the J, Skimmer realizes there is an angry wasp on the back of his neck. Samsara catches it off the back of his neck. However, by the time they make it outside, there is a swarm of wasps outside. They decide to go out the side entrance.

The Plan

Skimmer enters the store and gets two slushies (one purple and one red/purple), while looking around for security. The slushie machine is in the back-right corner of the store. The rest of the team also requests slushies. C0FF1N enters the host, then the interior host, looking for the slushie machine. She discovers that there is an internal part error with the slushie machine and that the machine is scheduled to be serviced the next morning. She then hacks into the interior host and scans the security system. She uses GIGO to swap the call to KE with a burner commlink number when the security system activates.

Meanwhile, Skimmer calls St. Nick to borrow a truck. He says ok, but he wants more of Saul Goodman's pastries for it. When they get to The Underground Bakery, there is a line around the block. Two hours later, Ramen Shamen, Samsara, and Skimmer get into the shop and Ramen Shamen becomes addicted to pastries. St. Nick does allow them to borrow the truck, however. After getting some straps, a big tarp, and furniture dollies (all from the store they're robbing) the team decides to wait for nightfall for Ramen Shamen to summon a fire spirit, and then it's go time!

The Run

When it's time, Skimmer and Samsara sneak up to the building, evading a Task Spirit. They sneak through the employee area, then into the public area, and make it to the wall with the slushie machine. Queue a fight with 6 drones, two spirits, and a rigger. After the fight, Samsara unbolts the slushie machine from the floor via punching, and then she and Skimmer move the slushie machine into the truck.

Ares decides to take the L on this one.

The team looks inside the machine and discovers the power focus, but decides to put it back. None of their business.

Ash Dyer, once the machine is delivered, looks through the machine frantically to find the ring, and is elated to find it. They give hugs to everyone who wants one, and then everyone goes out for drinks.


Ash Dyer remains a wonderful trash fire.


  • 20k nuyen - 10 RVP
  • 6 karma - 6 RVP
  • 2 CDP


  • Ares Lancer MP Laser for -4 RVP


  • 5x Ascension Rewards for -5 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"And the Lord said to me, 'That is a HUGE snake.' And Skimmer saw it and was like, 'You know Lord, I think you may be right."


Best. Run. Ever. FREE SLUSHYS!!! (Also met some really nice people!)

Ramen Shamen

Save for the snake attention at the beginning, a fun and easy run. We got way overpaid, but it was a corpo kid so no sweat for me.


Well that was easy enough - just had to smash a hole in the building and carry away a slushie machine. The J probably could have saved us some time if they just told us they wanted a ring that was inside it, but eh, it worked out - plus I met a big snake and got a free laser out of it.