Where Are My Triple A's

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Where Are My Triple A's
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Blue Lotus Mafia
Ramen Shamen
Ty Vallynn
Red Devil
Casualties and losses


Runners are sent to steal back a battery that was stolen from a corp. A kill a bunch of a mafia's guards.


The Blue Lotus Mafia hijack a truck carrying a very expensive battery along with the crew. The plant are now sending in shadowrunners to steal the battery back a very reduced rate.

The Meet

The runners meet downtown at a basement bar with an old Mr.Johnson wearing a golden dragon jacket and mirrorshades explaining that his employers had a very expensive battery for a power plant stolen from them and that they would like it back. The Johnson explains that it was stolen coming into Snohomish and that it was the last place it was picked up on the matrix. The J shows a picture of a blue lotus to the team and none of them of the teams knows anything about it. After some haggling the team gets more nuyen along with a bonus for any of the surviving crew they are able to bring back. The J leaves and the team moves to Pell's house to decide on what to do next.

The Plan

Arriving at Pell's house, Pell does a matrix search on the Blue Lotus picture and Gallant summons a raven spirit to scout out the area. Pell finds that the Blue Lotus Mafia are a group of pirates, smugglers, and killers that are now expanding into Seattle. One of the mafia's more brutal enforcers, Red Dragon, has also appeared in Seattle. Gallant's raven spirit returns and explains the general location of the truck and battery. The runners break into two teams of Pell and Gallant who are going to go to investigate a bar assocaited with the Blue Lotus and Ty and Ramen Shamen who are going to investigate the location of the truck.

The Run

The team of Ramen Shamen and Ty arrive at the location in Snohomish and begin to investigate. After a short pokemon battle with Ty and their spirit against an enemy spirit, the team discover the location of the truck.

Pell and Galant arrive at the bar UpNDown and after small bit of flirting and bribing with the bartender he calls a higher up of the Blue Lotus Mafia. When the higher up arrives and reveals to the team that the battery and ransom are worth more than 300k nuyen. As negotiations break down, Gallant shoots him with a lightning bolt and Pell casts another spell that knocks him out. The team moves to take the higher up hostage, but then see the Docwagon bracelet on his wristlet and leave him at the bar.

The teams reunite at the mountain and summon up some spirits and make Ramen Shamen invisible before assaulting the base. After a quick engagement the team are able to kill most of the guards along with Red Dragon. After The Red Dragon is killed the sniper of the group calls out for a ceasefire between them and the shadowrunners.


After negotiating with the runners, the remaining gangers allow them to leave with the battery and truck. The runners contact the J and leave it with him at his drop off point.


18k in nuyen (9 RVP) 6 Karma (6 RVP) 2 CDP for the run

Optional Contact Frederik Kowalski C5/L1 (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Wha'... th' actual... fuck. Shit was wild.


Well, that was absolutely wild. Unfortunate that we couldn't rescue the staff. Loads of new runners nowadays.

Ramen Shamen

Honestly, so many snacists in and around Seattle, my interactions with the guards left a bad taste in my mouth, but we thankfully had Pell around to stop any gaps.

Ty Vallynn

That was a trip. It got kinda crazy for a while, but we managed to pull it off. Bad deal with the drivers, but it's a dangerous job.