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Banshee MysAd
She summons, she slings spells, and she uses a blade.
MetatypeElf (Banshee)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.October 16, 2043
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


Gallant is looking for her place in the world. Struck down from the high class society she was used to, she has to find and make her own way, not to mention survive as an infected. She's looking to become more powerful and find the information that Raven has sent her to find... whatever it is. She respects spirits and actively tries to avoid hurting them as much as she can, and always tries to treat them with respect and dignity when she can.


1) Get rid of her 'Wanted' status

2) Gain and maintain a High Lifestyle. Preferably high up, but specifically one with a large yard and a view.

2a) Construct a Sacred Circle in said large yard.

3) Get a vehicle.

4) Increase magical power and ability.

5) Increase social standing and influence with both the Physical and Astral realms.

6) Acquire foci and magical artifacts to further increase her power.

7) Initiate to further increase her power.


A daughter of one of the more influential family clans within Tir na nOg, Saraid was set for a life of luxury and not wanting for anything. Her parents political station gave her access to clubs, drugs, cars, clothes, and anything else she could possibly wish for. She got away with just about everything she did with little to no repercussions, and always had a very stuck up attitude about it. She enjoyed sneaking out at night to go to the clubs with her girlfriends, returning home just before sunrise to keep her parents from finding out.

This behavior would eventually catch up to her when she encountered a beautiful young woman one night when she was out. without all of the details, Saraid was drugged and the creature took her into an outside alleyway to feed. That night Saraid began her transformation into a Banshee. Hiding out in the alley once she painfully discovered her new sensitivity to sunlight, Saraid was able to make her way home the next evening. Not having fulfilled her first thirst for blood, she immediately turned on her entire family and the staff of her home, draining them all dry and killing them. Once she came to her senses and realized what she had done, she quickly packed a bag, grabbed her fathers old sword, and gathered up all of the money she could find in her house. Several months later she was walking around a small village looking for next meal, and she caught a trid broadcast. She was now wanted by the governement, claiming that the privledged socialite had finally snapped after not getting her way and there was a bounty on her head for the murder of her entire household. Using some of the money she had (and she still had a bit as she didn't need food), she booked no questions asked passage to Seattle, where she intended to start a new life. She was able to scrape by for many years, but she has finally stepped out of her hole to achieve something better for herself.

She awoke as a mage when she was young and was able to summon simple weak spirits very shortly after. She never progressed into a formal magical education because of her infection and th fact that her Father wanted her to go into politics. After moving to Seattle, she found a small apartment on the edge of the Redmond barrens and began doing her own research, intent on teaching herself what she could. Soon after arriving, Saraid was forced out of her apartment very close to sunrise by gang violence. She ran into an alleyway, but she knew that she had only delayed the inevitable... she was going to be burned to death by the stinging rays of the sun. With only a few minutes to spare, a voice rang out to her, letting her know it would be okay. The voice claimed it was a spirit of the winds by the name of Raven. The voice told Saraid that it would impart a spell into her mind if she accepted Raven as her mentor, which she gladly did. As soon as the pact was made, a Raven appeared before her and taught her a spell to alleviate her susceptability to sunlight, allowing her to survive and return to her home. Over the years Raven taught her a few more spells and helped her discover her adept abilities, whihc she used to defend her home from the gangers on several occasions, giving her a reputation with them to not be messed with. Through Raven, she learned that she was a druid, and Raven taught her many things about the astral world and spirits in particular. over the years, she developed a respect for all spirits and even began bargaining with them when she called on them for their services.

Recently Saraid has been tasked by Raven to go out and learn more about the spirit realms and her own magic... and she is also running out of money, so she has entered the shadows. Raven won't explain its reasoning behind the sudden push, but Saraid believes that the urgency stems from something Raven is not ready to talk about and possibly afraid of.

Narrative Significant Qualities


-Bilingual: Raised in Tir na nOg, Gallant can fluently speak Sperethiel and English.

-Infected: Gallant is a Banshee.

-Mentor Spirit: Gallant has been instructed in magic by Raven.

-Mystic Adept: Best of both worlds, eh?


-Code of Honor: Gallant treats all spirits with respect, and feels like she has to bargain with them for their services.

-Wanted: The Tir doesn't take lightly to the murder of part of one of its prominent families.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
A Sound of ThunderSarcarian21 August 2082
Where Are My Triple A'sPatGriffin14 August 2082
Night of the MoonbornDraknic27 May 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Elijah Warrington 3 4 Custom (G, A, K, N) Druidic Talismonger/Healer Druid, Healer, Talismonger, Awakened Even
Amelie and Jean-Baptiste 5 2 Fixer(A,N,K,G) Infected Cabal Leaders Ghoul Royalty, Vampire, SK Kid, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Corporate Kid Even
G-Old 5 2 Fixer Ex-Knight Errant Captain Heart of G-Old, Some of Those That Work Forces, Backdoor Armory, Wanted: Alive, To The Lowest Bidder, When You Were Still In Diapers, When You're This Connected, More than Just Experience Even
Informer 2 4 Legwork Private Investigator Truthseeker, Magical Expert, Trid Aficionado Even
Carl_the_Medic_Fox 1 3 Service Medic on Call Example Negative Aspect, Street Vet, Doctor's Oath Even




In Character Information

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Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


- Sara Kennedy [UCAS] (Rating 4, w/ Mage, Adept, and Weapon Licenses)



- Gallant normally wears simple clothes including jeans and t-shirts with a hoodie.

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