What I do for a Paycheck

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What I do for a Paycheck
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
The spirits
Ramen Shamen
Gav Jacinto
Spirts of all sorts
Casualties and losses


MCT needs an office building cleared out of spirits.


Ito Paper Company, an MCT subsidiary, has a building downtown that has been overrun with spirits, specifically the fifth floor.

The Meet

The J presents the team with a meaty contract, and after some conversation, they come to the conclusion that they are to head to the fifth floor, and ghost bust any manifested or unmanifested spirits. After some negotiation, Ramen Shamen is able to convince the J to up their pay and offer gear rewards.

The Plan

To have Screech scout ahead astrally to get an idea of what sort of chaos lies ahead. The office floor is overrun with six F6 materialized beast spirits, and two F8 spirits of man inside of statues. The building itself is a manaflux, compelling the wage slaves to stay even though their lives are in danger. After consulting with Foclar, it is revealed MCT are not only tampering with a ley line but that another one of the other coin foci is around. It's explained to Screech that MCT is risking a manastorm. Once in contact with the spirits, ask them to leave politely, and if they refuse, ask them less politely. Then, investigate the manipulations of the manaflux.

The Run

Upon entering the building, the team notices the secretary by the front desk is being fed on by a baby bug spirit. In exchange for Foclar helping the woman, Ramen agreed to take a foci coin from him. With some help from Screech, the beast spirits are sent to the District Attorney Mark Donaghy's office. Enraged that their minions were sent away, the two spirits of man attacked. After absolutely wrecking the two statues, the runners decided to retreat to the J. After arguing with the J, since they had technically broken their contract, and some negotiating, receive some payment after damages.


The J revealed themselves to be a fan of A Snovie, and Ramen Shamen signed his plush version of themselves. Tombstone, Screech and Ramen go to hang out afterwards, and Ramen Shamen promised Foclar that she would return to dive into the twenty floors below and seek out the other coin to uphold their end of the bargin.


10k Nuyen (5 RVP)

8 Karma for saving the receptionist (8 RVP)

For Screech

Cynic (6 RVP)

For Tombstone

Toughness (9 RVP)

Optional Contacts

The Movers C2/L1 (2 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Ramen Shamen

"It was interesting to meet a fan, I was honestly surprised my recent trid appearance came up at all, but I do not look forward to the twenty floors below.


Really weird spirits. And place in general. I don't think the floors below will be any better.