District Attorney Mark Donaghy

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District Attorney Mark Donaghy
District Attorney
Straight Arrow
Community Activist
Loving Father
Contact OwnerMursey
Public Contact?Yes
LocationSeattle, Renton
Awakened/EmergedBurn Out
Preferred Payment MethodEvidence
Personal LifeStable Marriage
FactionLight the Shadows
AspectsKnows the Law
Grass Roots Campaigner
Ear to the Ground
Magic Fearing Man
Knows His Enemy
Fundraising Machine
Frequent Target
He is the Man.


Status: Dead

Mark Donaghy is a Seattle DA, who resides and works in Renton. Despite a recent scandal involving an item not in his possession being put up for auction in his name (See Night Shopping) Mark retains a reputation for honesty and incorruptibility. His wife perished several years ago after undergoing SURGE trigged by a mana-storm, and he has since re-married. He has three grown children, the eldest of whom, Korran, is a Knight Errant citizen and patrolman. Mark is widely considered a decent and fair man, and one who follows the law to the letter, even when it places him at a severe legal disadvantage. An idealist, he is highly regarded by some and considered a fool by others.

He gave his life to warn Cassandra Withers about a Wasp Hive that had taken over the Renton District Government. They hoped to use his body to make a Wasp Scout first Governor of Seattle, then President of the UCAS. After a team of Runners assaulted the hive, killed the summoner, and banished the Queen, the Wasp using his body died. Publically, he died in the tragic collapse of the Renton District Tower.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
He is the Man. DA Mark Donaghy is as straight an arrow as they come and vitually uncorruptable. Each time you call on this contact, make an Edge + Loyalty test vs the number of calls since you first gained this contact or last lost a point of loyalty with this contact. If you fail, decrease loyalty by 1. Once the first point of loyalty is lost in this manner, loyalty cannot be purchased with karma, rvp, gmp or cdp. It can only be increased by providing evidence of a crime which occurred during a run in which your character participated or as reward issued by the GM during a run in which Mark made an appearance. If Mark's loyalty ever reaches zero, Mark realises you are a runner, cuts you off, and begins an investigation into your background. Increase your character's notoriety and public awareness by one and burn this contact. Mark will not perform an illegal act for a runner under any circumstances. Any attempt to make him do so immediately reduces his loyalty to zero and triggers the consequences outlined above.
Knows the Law Mark is an expert in all matters of criminal law and criminal and forensic psychology. +2 to rolls involving legal advice or psychological profiling.
Grass Roots Campaigner Mark has allies in all sorts of Grass Roots Movements that are considered benign or which have a positive influence. This includes groups such as Mothers of Mutahumans, Medecins Sans Frontier and Solace. +2 to establish contact and obtain useful information from such groups.
Ear to the Ground Mark will not break confidentiality laws under any circumstances, nor give up his sources. But he is absolutely willing to assist in the capture of known criminals. +2 on legwork checks to learn facts about known criminals, including their habits and known associates.
Magic Fearing Man Mark is very suspicious of magic and those who use it, and has made understanding how magic can be used to criminal ends a speciality of his. He provides a +2 bonus to any attempts to gain information or insights concerning the use of magic in the perpetuation of a crime.
Knows His Enemy Mark makes it a point to know what is going on in the underbelly or organised crime. Whatever Knight Errant and the DA's office know about organised crime, there's a good chance he knows it too. +2 to Knowledge (Organised Crime) skill checks.
Fundraising Machine Mark attends at least one fundraiser a week, but always leaves early and *hates* formal dinners. If you frame taking his place as doing him a favour, he just might send you as a guest in his stead. +2 to attempts to gain access to charity fundraising events.
Frequent Target As an honest DA, Mark has been subjected to several attempts at blackmail, extortion and even assassination. Although he refuses to turn his home into a fortress, he is very clued up on personal security measures and can provide a +2 bonus to acquire protective security items such as alarms, wards, security camera's on so on.

Evidence Held

Format: (Insert Evidence) "Evidence provided by (Character) during (Run)".

King Beef (deceased): During the events of Samurai Time, Sanjuro informed the DA's office that King Beef was hiding out in the Olive Garden. King Beef was arrested thereafter, but broke out of prison soon after and was eventually slain by fellow runners within the week.

What Mark Knows

Babylon: Due to the events of Soirée, Mark is aware that Babylon is a criminal involved in the events of The Dodo's Had It's Day. He will recognise her on sight, and knows she is an associate of Juliette Burns but has no further information on her at present.

Delphi: Mark has Delphi's business card and is aware she is a PI. He is unaware that she is a Shadowrunner at this time.

Fidem: Mark's wife Alice is a fan. Neither of them are aware she is a runner, but both believe she knows Juliette Burns.


Knowledge Checks 9 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 3 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 5 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 13 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


Player Characters with this Contact

No active characters with this contact have been found.

NPC who know this contact

Name Relationship
Asahiro Kunitoshi Met at a party hosted by Juliette Burns
Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III Knows his father.
Amrei Veidt Keeps popping up at social events he attends.
Cecelia Cross Respects her very much for her support of Crash 2.0 victims and for her business acumen. Keeps trying to introduce her to his son.
Chloe Green Daughter of a family friend. Oblivious to her Ecoterrorist links.
Eveline Powers Shared interest in magical countermeasures.
Juliette Burns She's a friend of Mark's father and he doesn't trust her one bit.
King Midas On Mark's shit list.
Lt.Cmdr Yennefer Kerrigan Long term family friend
Robert Caldwell Close Supporter and a sponsor of the "Light the Shadows" initiative
Sarah Snow She and Mark's wife Alice share membership in several progressive lobby groups.

Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Ancient IdiomsAsmodeusLight the Shadows
Temple in the Shadows
30 June 2082
Stand Your GroundAurora29 May 2082
SoiréeMursey2 May 2082
Another Night In HellMursey14 April 2082
Night ShoppingMursey5 April 2082