Light the Shadows

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Date: 5/18/2082 By: Carly Reeves

"Carly Reeves standing here outside Metroplex Hall in Downtown, where District Attorney Mark Donaghy earlier today announced a new campaign to limit the actions of Shadowrunner's across Seattle".

Cut Scene to:

A podium upon the steps of Metroplex Hall, behind which stands District Attorney Mark Donaghy, flanked by his wife Alice, and son Korran. Behind the trio, a VR display of a civilian airliner *almost* crashing into Government island plays for several seconds. When Mark begins to speak, the display changes to reveal chaotic scenes, captured by commlink, of a marauding Minotaur tearing apart city property and battling with Knight Errant police. Mark begins to speak.

"For too long, we have allowed scenes like these to shape the image of our Great City. A City of lawlessness. A city of murder. A city of mayhem. A city of the Shadows. Well, to that, I say no more! "Enough!" "Not in our city". No more should be bury the fine officers who police our streets, and those of our neighbours. No more dead officers like Sherriff Anton Booth of Ashford, or Patrolman Fiona Willis of KE Seattle, or Corporal Robin Janus of Wolverine Security. No more stewardesses thrown from airplanes. No more firefighters burned to death in their own station house. Or vehicles threatening to plough through crowds or buildings full of innocents."

The Camera pans back, revealing a selection of notable individuals and talking heads from the Seattle business, cultural, and entertainment communities as well as civil servants and utility company personnel. The Distract Attorney continues.

"Since traditional methods of counter-shadow running activities have consistently failed, we shall no longer attempt to reign in these ruthless hoodlooms by conventional law enforcement measures. Instead, we inconvenience them in every way possible. We will condemn buildings used as safehouses. We will install street lamps to lighten dark places. Volunteers will monitor locations frequently used for clandestine meetings by drone and by comm-link. We will cut supplies of utilities and other essentials to locations known to harbour fugitive shadow-runners. We will install SIN scanners in random, hidden locations throughout the city. We will increase the quality and sensitivity of those SIN scanners already deployed. We will attack their bank accounts. Their support networks. We will revoke licenses from bars, nightclubs, talismongers, vehicle dealerships, garages and gun-stores linked to shadowrunning and organised crime."

The camera zooms in. DA Mark Donaghy looks directly into the camera. His gaze intense.

"In short, we are going to hit you in the one place you soulless, evil criminals place any value. We are going to hit your bottom line. Again, and again, and again, until the red of the credstick ratings is as deep as the blood you leave on the streets every day with your ruthless actions."

Cut back to:

Carly Reeves.

"Changed days ahead for Seattle. This is Carly Reeves, signing off."