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Infected Explorer and Face
Just a rat in a cage
Discord@disco goblin#9660
MetatypeDwarf (Gnawer)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.December 15th, 2059
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


A former university student who got infected and slapped with a criminal SIN. Faced with a complete lack of prospects and an appearance that makes most people retch, she's turned to using her newfound powers for crime to make ends meet. She may not be able to cast spells or harness Qi, but she can talk to rats and punch spirits really hard. Honestly, what more do you need?


  • Pay her rent
  • Stay out of prison
  • Meet more infected and come to terms with her identity


Joan Angelo was born the middle child of a military family in Ft. Lewis. Assigned masculine at birth, she spent most of her adolescence stewing in closeted resentment over her family and community. When she got accepted into Seattle University's art program it was like a dream come true, a chance to discover herself outside of the stifling environment where she grew up. She quickly ingratiated herself in the campus, taking a new name and building up a circle of friends that saw her for who she was. She also did a lot of drugs.

About two years into her education Joan contracted HMHVV at a rave. She's still not entirely sure how (memories from that night are more than a little hazy), but by the time morning came around her transformation had begun. At first it just seemed like a bad fever; ashy skin, chills, and an absurdly high temperature that kept her bedridden for several days. Then came the changes. Her skin turned a deathly grey pallor and her hair began falling out in clumps; horrible growing pains wracked her body as her fingers and teeth extended into razor sharp points. Her vision went black as cataracts grew over her eyes, but as she lost one sight she gained another. The virus forced her to awaken, and for the first time in her life she experienced the sensations of the astral. They scared the hell out of her. All in all it took four days for her to regain lucidity, and with it awareness of how hungry she was.

Normal food didn't cut it. Joan tried everything she could find in the dorm room fridge but it all just made her vomit. Her roommate though... she could smell them through the wall. They smelled delicious. Intrusive thoughts flooded into Joan's mind; the feeling of her claws ripping through meat, the crunching of bone beneath her teeth, suddenly it was all she could think about. She was disgusted with herself, but she needed to eat. She threw on a hoodie and fled from the crowded building, using every ounce of will to avoid pouncing on the other students passing her by. The medical school would have corpses. Food. She just had to get there. Relying on her new astral sight she made her way across campus, hoping to break into cadaver storage to sate her hunger pangs. She didn't even make it to the door.

When the cops arrived they found her slumped against the ward outside of the building, desperately trying to claw her way through. Even as a monster she just looked pitiful, so the officers restrained her with a mage jacket and tossed her in the back of the car. It's a wonder she didn't starve to death during the multi-week processing; Lone Star gave her nothing but protein gruel, and if it weren't for the animal bones provided by the prison's rats Joan would've gone completely feral. Her time in the clink left her with three things: a criminal SIN, a pitifully small portion of bone, and a notice that she'd be shot on sight if she didn't show up for her trial. Her parents had posted bail but they wanted nothing more to do with her, and all of her supposed friends turned their backs on the newly formed "monster". The first thing in her email inbox was an eviction notice from her university, and before long she ended up squatting in a Barrens no-tell she rented with her remaining savings. At least she had the rats.

Joan's trial came and went, sticking her with a parole officer and a starvation ration of her fellow criminals' bones. In the last few months she's set about trying to rebuild her life, surviving off art commissions and an extremely niche OnlyFans page. It's barely enough to keep her head above water; employment opportunities for a criminal gnawer are nonexistent, and just because her college kicked her out doesn't mean those loans are going away. Lucky for her she's got Fiendest, a fellow infected that she hit it off with while astrally projecting to a ghoul rave. Sympathizing with Joan's plight, Fiendest hooked her up with an in to the ShadowHaven, where Joan can hopefully find some work that will actually pay her bills. Or get arrested again. It's a coin flip really.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Talks to Rats (Mentor Spirit: Rat Alt): Rat appeared to Joan while she was starving in that Lone Star jail, teaching her self-reliance during the most difficult time of her life. Such self reliance is as much of a hinderance as a help; Joan's been burned one too many times, and as such is incredibly slow to trust.

Fast Learner (School of Hard Knocks): The past couple months have been a valuable lesson for how the world really works. Joan may not be adjusted to her new situation yet, but she's getting there quick.


Rat in a Cage: (Ex-Con, Criminal SIN, Moderate Phobia: Incarceration): As a registered Gnawer, Joan is kept on a tight leash by the state. She has an uptight parole officer, Beatrice, who she has to meet with twice a week. She's subject to random stops and home inspections at all times of the day, and is often stalked by cops just itching for an excuse toss her back in jail.

Choul as a Ghoul (Ugly and Doesn't Care, Favored: Ghouls): There're a million pithy ways to describe Joan's appearance. Beef jerky, a rotting corpse, a walking anti-smoking advert; she's heard them all and she's sick of it. If she has to be a monster, then she's at least gonna own it.

Disaster Goth (Distinctive Style): Joan is, deep down, an extra bitch. Although she typically covers up her infected features in public, the clothes she does it with are often just as memorable.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
What I do for a PaycheckPatGriffin21 September 2082
On Angel's WingsPatGriffinCall of the Shadows17 September 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Fiendest 2 5 Fixer HMHVV Fanatic Wanted, Infected Organizer, Lavawalker, Terrordome, Darkdweller Even
Zigzag 1 4 Service Driver/Organlegger Ghoul Organlegger, Actually a Good Driver, Dead Drop, Infected Networker Even




  • Beatrice Ingles, Joan's parole officer. While not exceptionally unpleasant (by cop standards) Ingles makes little effort to hide her resentment at being assigned to an infected. The relationship between the two is strained at best, especially since Ingles walked in on Joan making one of her "Pork Roast" shirts.

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Joan's astral form is a slightly bulkier version of herself wearing full corpse paint and armored goth leathers. Various parts of her body split open into mouths when she attacks.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 A few results for some aging punk vocalist from the 2040's. Apparently they go by the same name.
3 A bit of digging comes up with a small P2.0 account and an associated online store. She's selling handmade clothes, art commissions, and a couple of tasteful videos for the discerning ghoul. A girl's gotta eat.
6 A search through the global SIN registry brings up a face match for one "Joan Angelo", a college dropout and known Gnawer currently in a rehabilitation program.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Nothing notable to speak of. They're probably new to the scene.
3 A small time runner operating around Redmond. They're infected, but don't seem to have an exceptional talent for magic. They've got a criminal SIN, so be careful about associating.
5 A gnawer and explorer who can face when the situation allows. Known to associate with members of the 162's. Not only do they have a criminal SIN, but they're also actively on parole.


  • Joan Angelo (Real, UCAS Criminal. Known Gnawer)
  • Juliet Reynolds (R4 fake, UCAS)
    • Service animal license
    • Private Investigator license
    • Mage license


A rail thin, taller than average gnawer with a number of facial piercings. Her head is bald, and her flaky grey skin looks almost like its rotting. She's got long claws and a mouth of razor sharp teeth. Her original eyes have been replaced with black and yellow cybereyes, which light up when she feels like making a fashion statement.


All black. All the time.

Matrix Persona

A black robed Mary Lwyd with a rat skull instead of a horse.

Media Mentions

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