Call of the Shadows

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Dark things lurk within the shadows of Seattle and now they are beginning to emerge. Killers run through the streets of Seattle as creatures beyond mortal minds begin to stir and flow. Those that fight against the creatures fight on the hind foot. The only hope is those that are willing to fight these beast are able to scrape out a victory as true terrors emerge from the history books.


Dr. Jekyll

A mysterious figure seen in the shadows with a army of monsters and powerful forces behind him. No one knows who he is or how he has the power or authority of control them but he is the head of the organization and truly the shadowy head of those working under him.

Important Members

Mr. Four Eyes-The shadow tainted ally spirit of Dr. Jekyll and second in command.

Mr.Hyde(s)-A ghoul serial killer that is constantly being replaced after being killed by Shadowhaven runners. Is Jekyll's hatchetman.

Boz-Toxic adept Sasquatch that was being controlled by Jekyll. Was blown up in a sacrifice by Newt to save the rest of her team.


Bring forth dark powers of the Fourth World

World Domination

Kill anyone that gets in their way

Shadowhaven and Co.

A small group of shadowhaven members that are discovering the true machinations of the world and Jekyll and are now joining together to stop him. Many new members have joined after the death of Newt to the monstrous creature BOZ.

Important Members

Catharsis-One of the heads of the investigation of Jekyll and has been looking deeper and deeper into the facts of Jekyll.

Newt-Frog detective that sacrificed herself in killing Boz. Was the main researcher for the ancient facts of Jekyll.

Artemisia-Friend of Newt who was asked to join Jekyll. After watching her friend die has picked up where she left off with the dark and dangerous research to investigate further.

Baylon-Was brought in by Catharsis to help fight Jekyll. Was there when Newt died and is now interested in Mr. Four Eyes.

Frank Davis-Shadowhaven detective that found a Mr.Hyde. Has now been roped into the investigation.

Clyde Murphy-KE crisis negotiator that discovered the Hyde killings and turned to Shadowhaven when his authorities wouldn't listen to him.


Discover the identity of Jekyll

Kill Dr. Jekyll

Stop Jekyll and his minions plans for World Domination


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