Bayou Bill

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Bayou Bill
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Kickin, Explodin Cybersamurai
"Them gator's ain't gonna punch emselves!"
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PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - A

Character Information

See you Swamp Cowboy

As of 4:30PM EST, on 9/7/2082, Bayou Bill is MIA.


The former freedom fighter nicknamed "Bloody Gator Davis", once thought dead, has appeared in Seattle, going under the moniker "Bayou Bill".


Beat the drek out of the corps, all of 'em

Beat the drek out of any rich lookin people

Bring the Davis Farm back to glory

Raise 'em gators up, big and strong

Find Dollmaster and kick 'im too


This character has the quality, Leeeeeeroy Jenkiiiiiiins


Lookin at Bayou Bill, you'd probably think him an ordinary bayou-boy with a regular upbringin. And you'd be right! Mostly.

You see, Tommy Davis was born in a tube on an MCT research facility out on the bayou. One of them prototype transhumans. You see, MCT put down a big investment on growin folks strong enough to handle their critter security systems. Unfortunately for them and a whole lot of gators, that investment didn't pay off. One day on the smoggy bayou, things went to hell. The earth shook. The critters on security turned tail and ran. That was the day the behemoth came through. The creature ripped though the facility with speed, reflexes, strength and precision far beyond what should be possible. Almost as if the damn thing were magic. And it were. Little Bill didn't know it but the behemoth was being led by a powerful gator-mentor-gator-shifter-gator-mage and his army of gators. After the big bastard and his magic pal leveled the facility, sinkin it into the swamp, the gators came to clean up the mess. While the rest of the scientists and gene-baby pods got ate or ran, when Bayou Bill's pod was shattered by a particularly hungry gator, he came out swinging. That was were the Davis family found him, in the wreckage of that experimental site, just a few years old and already wrasslin gators. They instantly recognized him as one of their one, if not by blood, and took him in as a member of the Davis family.

Tommy Davis lived out his childhood out on his families gator farm on the Bayou, wrassling gators and raising em up to proper size. It was a fine life. A cozy life. A proper life. Until it weren't.

Some suits from some corp or another showed up to his farm, talkin bout "Land Buyouts" and other gator-crap like that. The Davis family, being God and Gator-fearin folks, grabbed their weapon supplies, Grenades and alligators and fought the suits, kickin em out of the Bayou. All was well for a while until the suits returned with a strike team, bombing the Family Ranch from a plain and then sweeping in with spec operatives to wipe out the rest of the family. Tommy was helpless against the assault, being launched out of the Ranch. He made his escape, bringing an alligator with him as he did, promising to carry on the Davis name until the day he died.

What followed was a one-man and many-alligator war on any suit-lookin types across all of Louisiana. He would raid the towns, alligators in tow and just fuckin annihilate any vaguely rich lookin person in sight, before escaping back into the swamp. It was a great couple years but all good things had to come to an end. One raid went sour, with some of the suit types havin bodyguards an' weapons. They shot ol' Tommy to hell and back and killed most of the gators. Tommy Davis and his one remaining gator escaped, bleeding out, missing several limbs before collapsing on the road.

That was where the cyberdoc/fixer on vacation, Clint Wilder found him. He took him back to his workshop in Seattle and got the barely livin 'Bloody Gator Davis' kitted out with new limbs and some new ware. The two of 'em made a partnership as two brother would, an agreement that would shake Seattle to its core. Davis took the name Bayou Bill, after his favorite gator that didn't make it and went out to show Seattle how they do it out on the Bayou.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Biocompatibility (cyberware) - Getting ur limbs blown off and being left with a taste for revenge will have ya ready to take any sort of modifications.

Prototype Transhuman - Born as the ultimate gator wrangler by MCT

Redliner - You know damn well Bayou Bill is turnin off them safety procedures and makin' his limbs are pumping the strikin.


Hobo with a Shotgun - Growin up in the Bayou and with his distaste of suits, he isn't comfy anywhere that's not as gritty and wild as he is. Plus most high class livin' places don't allow gators.

Illiterate - He never learned to read, too busy wrasslin' gators

Leeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins - He can take em all on! What in the hell is a 'plan' anyway?

Uneducated - Didja' here about them gators? Far more important than that 'school' nonsense.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Kill BillAurora7 September 2082
Finda KillerPatGriffinCall of the Shadows22 July 2082
KRIMINAL PastriesAuroraBaker Wars5 July 2082
Pickup and DeliveryArchtmagBy Royal Decree27 June 2082
Suburban JungleWarr24 June 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Clint Wilder 4 2 Fixer(G,K,A,N) Barn Boy Cyberdoc and Fixer in the Off-hours You best buy somethin', You a city slicker or somethin?, 'I'll stick somethin good in ya!, 'Cuttin Edge, I tell ya. Cuttin EDGE!, 'Legality? What in the SAM HELL is that?, Texas Proud, 'An Arm and a Leg', 'Organs n' Genes are the Future, son', Chrome Zone Even



Clint Wilder



Anyone in a suit


In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 A Themed Restaurant Called "Bayou Billy's Bayside Bonanza"
3 Some articles about a string of gator related terrorist attacks in Louisiana. The name "Bloody Gator Davis" comes up a few times.
6 An MCT PTT facility in Louisiana was wiped off the grid a while back. There's some records for MCT land acquisition of the Davis farm that was 'met with resistance'. It seems our bayou boy is a prototype gator wranglin' machine.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 The gator guy??
3 A Full-Limb Replacement Street Sam, brings gators and grenades to jobs and can't keep a plan goin' straight. He just rushes in. Can take bullets like no problem.
5 Some cybered up monster from Louisiana. Former ... terrorist, I guess? MCT seems to be lookin' for him


Big Tommy (r4, armor, augmentations, bounty hunter, driving)


A short, lanky man with sun and work mottled skin, a bizarre sense of style and a thick Louisiana drawl. Matted hair and ragged clothes but with very fine, alligator skin boots and a crocodile dundee style hat. He's got a scraggly black beard that looks like it grew more out of not shaving for a very long time, rather than any form of grooming. He's got a series of scars running up from his neck and across his chest. All of his limbs are metallic in coloration but bear the average size and proportions of normal limbs.

Matrix Persona

what in the hell?

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