Kill Bill

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Kill Bill
LocationFlorida, CAS
Status Threat Level: Semi-Prime
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Horizon
Bayou Bill Clone Of Ace Powers
Alligator Allison
Casualties and losses
Bayou Bill Clone Of Ace Powers, Alligator Allison, 6 Guards/Camerapeople, Everything Except Gator in 100m radius
This run was intended to kill Bayou Bill due to the player's request


In which Bill is Killed


Bayou Bill has the Leeeeeroooooooy Jeeeeeeeenkiiiiiiins quality, and HATES suits. Ace Powers is a suit, and just the sound of him was enough to cause Bayou Bill to kick the commlink out of another runner's hand. This caused a Horizon HTR team to be sent, and Bill killed several HTR members, including a mage, and downed a helicopter. Later, Ace Powers set Bayou Bill up to be killed on live Trideo in a cage match, though he in fact killed several Horizon-affiliated adepts instead. After escaping, he vowed his vengeance on the Horizon suit.

The Meet

While heading back into Seattle, Bayou Bill sees an ad for The Amazing Adventures of Alligator Allison - The Best Gator-Wrangler Ever, and becomes ENRAGED. He calls his fixer, Clint Wilder who puts him in touch with Marcus Bison to get a ride to Florida in the CAS. While waiting for his call back, Bayou Bill goes Bear-hunting. He kills a mother bear in a single hit. :| He then tries to sell the bear cubs to the first person he sees, and then goes to the Goldhammer Circus to sell them. There, Ticket Agent buys the bears.

When the time for the call comes and goes, Bayou Bill calls Marcus Bison on a new burner commlink and finds out he didn't get the call back because he'd crushed his former commlink. He has a ride on a shipping vessel, stuffed into a crate with Gator.

The Plan

Bayou Bill ends up in a warehouse after the ship, and kicks his way out of the container. There, he sees a MASSIVE fire spirit that looks... hangry. Bill fights the spirit, who attempts to engulf him... And BILL DECIDES TO COUNTERSTRIKE THE SPIRIT. 23/26 hits, and the spirit is gone.

As Bill runs out of the warehouse, he gets shot at with 2 Ex-Ex loaded Ares Alphas, but this doesn't deter him from running into the swamp. He finds some alligators and sleeps with them for an hour to recover some stun. After Bill wakes up he heads towards some voices he hears. He attempts to sneak up, then... he hears Alligator Allison exclaim "who the FRAG are you?!?! And WHY are you RUINING this take!?!?" There's an argument for a moment about who is the real copycat, and then fighting begins. Around are several Horizon security guards and camera people, all armed, and someone who looks like Ace Powers.

The Run

Bayou Bill and Alligator Allison begin to fight! During the fight, Alligator Allison Bull's Eye Bursts Bill repeatedly, and he takes it like a champ. Bill smacks down two attacks, one with a KRIME Escalation and one with an assault cannon, but doesn't take her down. Meanwhile, "Ace Powers" is eaten by Gator, and Alligator Allison gets a 20-hit attack on Bayou Bill, with 7 net. Bayou Bill's biomonitor goes off, and all the explosives on his vest go off, killing him, Alligator Allison, and all the guards (though Gator is fine).


The Spec-modded Barret is lodged in Gator's shoulder, and now is a swamp legend in Florida. There's a mana void in the area in Florida now.


17 GMP for sleevey (approved by Thematics head)

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