Clint Wilder

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Clint Wilder
Clint Wilder.jpg
Barn Boy Cyberdoc and Fixer in the Off-hours
Contact OwnerIamwalrustastic
Public Contact?Yes
LocationRedmond Outskirts, Outskirts
Preferred Payment MethodNuyen or Ware of any kind
Hobbies/ViceMakin his own ware
Personal LifeNone of your goddamn business
AspectsYou best buy somethin'
You a city slicker or somethin?
'I'll stick somethin good in ya!
'Cuttin Edge
I tell ya. Cuttin EDGE!

'Legality? What in the SAM HELL is that?
Texas Proud
'An Arm and a Leg'
'Organs n' Genes are the Future

Chrome Zone


Life ain't easy out on the Texas prairie. Work is hard. Nuyen comes slow. And buying the pieces to make your own ware? That's even pricier.

Clint Wilder was a normal Texan boy on the prairie. Normal save for his lil' obsession with ware. He loved the stuff. Loved the idea of being stronger and faster. Loved the idea of cutting people open and havin em come out better'n before. In between hard days on the prairie, he'd take classes on the human body, scan info on various type of ware, bio AND cyber, and practice the old fashioned way on dead critters.

When he was old enough, he travelled to Seattle to make his livin'in the big city. First time steppin in, he hated the place. Hated the smell and the people. He took his lil' cyber shop to the very tippy tip outskirts of Redmond. Problem was, not a lot of customers come to that part of town. Fewer with enough Nuyen. And Clint had dreams, dreams of inovatin and makin his own types of ware. Dreams that need nuyen to run.

He did a bit of research and managed to stumble onto the Shadowhaven fixers network. Seeing an easy source of nuyen, he plunged right in. The people were damn insufferable but the business let him get enough funds on the side to get his barn/ware clinic up and runnin. Bein a fixer weren't his first plan but if it can let him work his dream and fund his ware experiments he'll do it with a smile.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
You best buy somethin' Clint don't trust folks who ain't bought the bullet (or robotic arm) at his shop. He takes a -4 to any networking, active or knowledge check with any runner that has not bought ware from him.
You a city slicker or somethin? Clint is the judgmental sort. To him, everyone in Seattle is a no good City Slicker until proven otherwise. As such, it costs double to raise his loyalty until loyalty 5, where the runner has earned his trust. This may by subverted with DM fiat during a run, if the loyalty raise is part of the run reward and then the runner proves the aren't a city slicker or a damn fool.
'I'll stick somethin good in ya! Clint loves nothing more than installing augmentation. +2 to any checks involving augmentations.
'Cuttin Edge, I tell ya. Cuttin EDGE! Clint's augmentation, while furnished with a country ... charm, have great skill behind them and he puts more effort in his more advanced and experimental augmentation. As a counterpoint, he's also willing to stuff a rusted pile of nails unto your arm if you pay him. +2 dice any gear acquisition check with ware that is NOT standard grade.
'Legality? What in the SAM HELL is that? Clint gains +2 dice with any check involving ware of 18 or higher, or forbidden ware.
Texas Proud As a Texas boy himself, Clint gains a +2 on any knowledge related to Texas or Lone Star, as well as the greater Texas CAS area.
'An Arm and a Leg' +2 to any check involing cyberlimbs.
'Organs n' Genes are the Future, son' +2 to any check involving bioware or geneware.
Chrome Zone +2 to any check involving cyberware. Welcome to the Chrome Zone.


Knowledge Checks 8 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 4 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 12 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 2 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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