Goldhammer Circus

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Goldhammer Circus
Fun for the Whole Family
Location CreatorSilasBane
IC OwnerTicket Agent
NeighborhoodJust outside Touristville
Background Count2


The Goldhammer Circus is a field of set of old, ratty circus tents and trailers owned by a now (mostly) defunct Russian Circus Troupe. While the sounds and lights of the circus can be seen each weekend, you'll rarely meet a person in Seattle who has gone to--or wants to go to a show. How they stay in business is a mystery.

IC Information

Patrons enter through a main gate, where paper tickets are sold.

A looming red-and-gold tent rises in the center of the field, while small campers encircle the outside. In those campers, (normally low or squatter conditions,) most of the circus's performers and staff eat, sleep, and relax.

The main tent houses a series of nets and an open space in the center. The stands, cracked and peeling metal frames with aging lumber for seats, are less hospitable than the open dirt across the way. Audience members who bring blankets or lawn chairs to the show rarely regret their choice. A small cluster of sideshow tents line the path to the main tent, and the few remaining vendors shout about popcorn, cotton candy, and lollipops in thick Russian accents.

Notable Player Characters

Character Circus Job Runner Role Player Notes
Bear Balancing Act (Ball) Combat / Sam Silas Bear is an actual bear. He does not accept money, as he doesn't understand it and it has no value to him.

Additionally, he will only take jobs where other Circus runners are present.

Notable NPCs

Contact Circus Job Contact Type Owner
Ticket Agent Sells Tickets Fixer Silas

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 2.1 presence with ticket prices and showtimes, almost always out of date.

Area Knowledge:Seattle Table

Threshold Result
1 No information.
3 Aging circus outside Touristville.
5 Russian in origin. Most showtimes are devoid of customers.

Runs Featuring This Location

No runs yet. This list will auto-populate when this location is tagged in a run AAR.

OoC Information

Why Does This Exist?

I love having characters who know other runners; they feel more immersed in the world, and they're easier to pick up and play or apply to runs with because you feel like you have built-in backup. Problematically, though, I found myself talking to the same few people when I get character ideas, which meant I wasn't being as inclusive as I'd have liked, and I was making it more difficult to play with other amazing players on the Haven. This is my IC solution!

Making a Circus PC

When you make a character for the Goldhammer Circus, you do NOT need to ask for permission. You're welcome here! There are only a few basic rules to follow to make this make sense:

  1. The Ticket Agent is your first fixer.
  2. You should speak Russian as a primary language.
  3. Make your character ALSO fulfill a role in the circus, (at least at a very surface level.) This can be as an entertainer OR as a staff member such as popcorn vendors.
  4. No grudges between circus folk. We're all friends and we've got each other's backs!
  5. The Circus has operated in secret for several years now. Your PC should not revel in murder and violence, nor should it intentionally bring heat down on the Goldhammer Circus or Shadowhaven.