Walking on Diamonds

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Walking on Diamonds
Part of Call of the Shadows
LocationLas Vegas
Status Threat Level: Spicy High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Sweetie Sinful



Mickey Coin needs book inspiration, so he reaches out to Barracuda in order to head to Vegas to find a story.

The Meet

Barracuda wakes to the fabulous gilded suited gambler cooking him breakfast in the kitchen of the iceberg, and propositions him with a job to hit up the Vegas strip in order to turn 10k into 50k. Barracuda recruits Sweetie Sinful and Catharsis, Catharsis pulling Prince in, before dialing the number Mickey offered to rope Spring in. Once the details were disseminated, he explains that he needs Barracuda to make his way to a blackjack game at The Golden Spike, and listen in to whatever Nickodemus Archleone has to say, and take whatever he has to offer.

The Plan

Get in, gamble, get out.

The Run

Collected in Mickey's cabs, the runners meet Alcatraz and Phantom O before boarding a 737. Once in the air, Sweetie and Prince also get specialty assignments. Prince is to track Amrei across the strip, and Sweetie is to meet Nickodemus in a bar, and be 'interesting'. Spring is told to protect Barracuda astrally. Digging around on the matrix, Catharsis found a few key things, mainly that Nickodemus is associated with the Order of the Silver Wings, has a shadowy spirit following him, and is a powerfully mage. Gambling, Sweetie ended up stuck in the strip club, Barracuda making friends with SK (and asking Amrei Veidt out on a date), Prince waiting for Amrei and Catharsis and Spring at the poker table. Catharsis goes to check in on Sweetie, and finds a Horizon talent agent attempting to recruit her. After exchanging his card, Catharsis agrees to get the 'Horizon Vegas experience'.

Barracuda briefly interacts with Abeja, receiving two tickets to a 10:15 showing of Othello, but declines the meeting due to it overlapping with his Amrei date. Dropping off The Monster's room key with him, Catharsis explains Othello to the ganger, and how it draws some parallels to their situation in an alarming manner. The two break, Barracuda going to tend to Amrei and his dinner. Amrei doesn't seem to believe Barracuda when he says he just wants a meal, and dodges any of the questions the runner asks, except to admit that she did plan to serve Barracuda barracuda. After finishing their meal, Barracuda invites her to Othello, to which she accepts. Guided through the MGM, they're lead to a private booth where they meet their ticket's benefactor, an Egyptian man. Amrei offers to explain her backstory in return for the Iceberg, but Barracuda refuses. After some eventual tit for tat conversation, Barracuda and the Egyptian man step outside of the booth. The man offers Barracuda a seat at the poker tournament table in exchange for future work. As they part ways, the man reveals himself to be Hadrian.

Amrei ditches Barracuda, leaving a mess of ushers behind. Meanwhile, Catharsis and Sweetie end up on a Horizon tour with Ace Powers under the guise of 'Pace Towers'. Catharsis is introduced to the tour bus as Sweetie's manager and member of the Blackmore family, largely overshadowing Sweetie. Pace Towers attempts to recruit Sweetie, whom agrees to head back to his room at the hotel. Getting off the bus, Catharsis is nearly attacked by a knife wielding elf for her supposed Blackmore ties. Sweetie Sinful successfully stun batons the attacker before heading off with Pace. Barracuda at this point returns the Monster's room key, and plays several rounds of poker with him, doing some novacoke and stealing several room keys along with some chips before heading out.



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