Hyding from Jekyll

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Hyding from Jekyll
Part of Call of the Shadows
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Knight Errant
Dr. Jekyll and The Mr. Hydes
Frank Davis Mr. Hyde
Mr. Hyde
Dr. Jekyll
Frank Davis's first ascension.


Frank Davis investigates the continued killings of the TEN2TEN Killer. Along the way, he rats out a mafia member, stabs a ShadowHaven accomplice, and decides to harbor a known serial killer across state lines to protect them.


Johnny Bright was killed in the KE raid following Finda Killer. They had previously given Frank's name to Clyde Murphy as a dependable outsider.

The Meet

Frank Davis gets a call from an unknown number. The caller, Clyde Murphy, lets him know that a mutual connection named Johnny Bright vouched for Frank. The two decide to meet for coffee downtown.

Frank gets his cup of soykaf at their crappy coffee shop, and sips it as Clyde finally enters, lugging a large white cardboard box marked "evidence". Frank Davis pours his soykaf into a to go cup, and the two get in Frank's car to circle the block and look through the files. Clyde offers a consultant license to Frank Davis, and is clearly lying when he said such things were authorized. Frank drops Clyde Murphy off, and begins to really dig through the evidence box.

Files and Fighters

Inside the box, there are files for:

  • Seven murders, occurring at a rate of approximately one per month, from the previous years.
  • Three known murder files from early last week.
  • The file for Greg Witkowski, a.k.a. Hyde, the killer arrested for the three murders last week.
  • Two murders and one missing persons file from this week.

Frank notices that the old murders are normally through blunt force trauma resulting in a cracked skull; he hypothesizes that the victim's heads were bashed against the wall. Last week's murders were axes to the back of the head. This week, the cause of the two known murders was blunt force trauma. Each of teh bodies are found without hands, feet, and with the kidneys cut out, hence the "TEN2TEN Killer" moniker. Frank decides that the most likely case is that there are at least two murderers, (the axed individual, currently in custody,) and someone who bashes skulls. He calls ahead to Clyde Murphy to request interrogation time with the suspect, and is given the coordinates of the KE facility.

After being brought into the facility to find a blind ghoul strapped to a chair with mage cuffs, Frank introduces himself, and asks the man if he can call him "Greg", his given name. The man asks to be called "TEN2TEN", per the media releases, and Frank offers to call him FIVE1FIVE instead, since he was only half the killers.

Through an intimidating round of interrogation, Frank Davis learns that Witkowski thinks of himself as Mr. Hyde, alluding to a theoretical Dr. Jekyll. As they speak, Witkowski scratches a symbol of the black lodge into the wooden handle of his chair.

Investigating Every Lead

Frank Davis calls up his friend Informer, who he asks about the Black Lodge. Informer lets Frank know that he may be in a trid of his own...an old one called Sherlock Holmes, and he should be careful that he's not staring at his arch nemesis. Informer shares what he can about the black lodge, before Frank asks him to investigate a safer lead, knowing that this will prevent him from running afoul of the Black Lodge.

Frank then visits the site of the missing persons, (Mary Catherine). The young dwarf woman was last seen at a community center. Frank circled the building, finding cigarette butts, (Catherine was a known smoker,) and tire tracks. Frank enters the community center, and speaks with a kindly-ish old lady who allows him to take a digital copy of their security cameras. She also indicates that Catherine was known to hang out with a known ganger named Zenny who was--in her words--very bad news.

Frank tracks down Zenny first, arriving at an old hotel in disrepair in Puyallup. When he arrives, he asks a ganger named Twitch where Zenny is. The ganger asks why he wants to see Zenny, and Frank suggests that it has to do with a torrid love affair he's having with Zenny's mother. Amused, Twitch shares Zenny's location. When Frank finds Zenny, the ganger is literally in the midst of self-surgery. Frank Davis lets Zenny know that he has some questions, and when Zenny says he's busy, Frank takes one of the scalpels and puts it in Zenny's shoulder. The ganger then decides to share how he only knows Catherine because she buys drugs from him, and he doesn't know where she is. With dwindling leads, Frank turns to the tape from the community center, finding the vehicle that picked up Catherine. She gives the driver a smoke, then seems scared and gets in the car. Frank records the license plate number and contacts Clyde Murphy because--as he correctly presumes--KE has already began running the license plates of the vehicle. Though the plates are fake, he manages to find the area in which they were most recently spotted and heads that way.

He finds himself in northern Everett, where he tells some mafiosos that a ghoul has stepped on their turf, and--since it benefits both parties to have the ghoul get found--one man whistles, calling many of the neighborhood kids over. He instructs the kids to look for the car, and they disperse. While the kids search, Frank sits down and has another cup of coffee, (this one actually tasty,) and talks to the men. As they talk, the youngest one brags about sending someone to the bottom of the harbor for crossing them. The kids return eventually, having found the car, and the mafiosos have the child bring Frank to where the car was located. Here, he meets War Trash, cousin to Trashcan and literal dumpster fire.

After some back and forth, the literal dumpster fire says that he can't let Frank pass, as he was summoned to guard the entrance, and Frank Davis utilizes War Trash's one weakness: having wheels. Rolling him out of the way, Frank drops into the sewer below.

The FIVE1FIVE Killer

Frank Davis tracks two pairs of footprints for some time before moving from the sewers to old subway tunnels. From there, he eventually finds a small operations room to the side of the tracks; from inside, he sees lights and voices. The other FIVE1FIVE killer seems to be speaking with Catherine, who generally seems to be okay. He walks in and does his reveal about their identities.

Frank discovers additional details through his interrogation. The current killer, a man named Ivan Dominos, is being pushed to murder against his will. He has been loaned to another organization, and is called "Hyde" by a man only known as Jekyll . A spirit appears, threatening Dominos and implying that if the job is not done soon, he'd explode. Frank Davis lunges at the spirit, but the spirit dissipates. Frank then films a full confession from Dominos using his Horizon Flying Eye before he whisks Dominos into his car to drive to see Zenny; he calls ahead to let the ganger know that he'll need to prep for surgery on a ghoul, so hopefully he has closed his open chest cavity.

Despite the limited time, Zenny manages to get the cranial bomb out of Dominos's head; Frank runs outside, chucking the bomb towards the volcano; the bomb explodes before it hits the ground. Frank then calls Doctor Disco out of San Fran to help get Dominos set up out of town. Frank Davis lies to Clyde Murphy about how Dominos made it out of the sprawl, noting that he was not allowed to arrest anyone with the consultant tag he was given.


  • Frank Davis gives the video confession to KE, and then leaks it to New Van Dan.
  • Frank gives the mafioso's video confession to KE, and then leaks it to New Van Dan.
  • Frank sends a basket of goodies to Zenny, thanking him for the help. Zenny was so borked out on drugs that he does not remember Frank.
  • Jekyll is still out there.
  • Frank lets the community center know that teenagers are smoking in their parking lot.


Regular Rewards

  • 10k Nuyen (5 RVP)
  • 2 Karma (2 RVP)
  • 2 CDP

Accension Rewards

  • Profiler (1 aRVP)
  • 20 karma towards a skill or martial arts (4 aRVP)

Optional Contacts

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Frank Davis

Ya know, the ability to just get a man out of the situation when he can't help himself feels good. I'm not sure KE's going to love me for that, but right now they're not exactly smart enough to know. If the murders stop for now, then they'll be happy enough. I don't know how far I can trust this Clyde Murphy kid...but I'm pretty impressed with Zenny in a way. Probably shouldn't have stabbed the little shit.

Eh. It happens. The kid is safe. The person fighting for their life has a chance at living...but there's someone out there who needs the absolute shit punched out of their face.