Gord "Twitch" Rodney

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Gord "Twitch" Rodney
DIY Survivalist and Obnoxious Attic Gremlin
Good at fixing things, bad at people
Like, really bad
Contact OwnerMSmithVoices
Public Contact?Yes
LocationSeattle, Puyallup - Iceberg Hotel
Preferred Payment MethodDrek Jobs
Hobbies/ViceOverengineering Traps
Personal LifeNone Of Your Fraggin' Business
AspectsAbrasive Doesn't Begin To Cover It
Cruel And Unusual
One Errant Twitch
The Closest Thing To A Civil Engineer That Lives In Hell's Kitchen


Gord has never been particularly pleasant. That's not to say that he's incapable of speaking with people - unfortunately, all his creativity and any charisma he might have is funneled solely into coming up with the most heinous invectives known to man. Whether it's something to do with being a hobgoblin, or he's just a mean slot (and it's probably both), he has the fantastical superpower of getting people to dislike him in record time. This is not a good ability to have when one is concerned with stuff like "getting money", or "not being chased down by a troll that wants to punt you into the stratosphere". In short, he no longer lives in Carbonado.

Luckily, though, he found that he had another talent: Being able to survive out in the ashen wilderness of Puyallup. He doesn't have any formal engineering experience, and he certainly hasn't received any military training in setting up traps, but nonetheless he's been able to learn these skills out of necessity. For the past five years or so, he's been holing up in whatever remote squat he can get his grubby little hands on, fortifying the place until looking at it funny could kill you. When jury-rigging and salvaging have failed him in providing his survival needs, he's been known to bother whatever drekhead crosses his path with demands to spot him some supplies, trading off whatever improvised flashbangs and landmines he's stored up from his hobby of fooling around with explosives.

More recently, he was invited to live at the Iceberg Hotel, a mostly-intact squat bordering the scenic landscape of Hell's Kitchen by some ganger dumbass looking for help to fix the place up. Given that the offer was made after said ganger stepped on one of the landmines outside of Gord's lair, he figured that sitting pretty under a tough bastard like that would probably be a little bit safer than going it on his own.

It didn't hurt that he was given permission to arm the third floor with whatever traps he saw fit while he made his inner sanctum up there.


Gord is prone to peppering his dialogue with insults on everything from his victim's appearance, to their perceived intelligence, to their metatype and beyond. If someone actually manages to get past the excessive amount of traps he's laid on the approach to whatever "control room" he's holed up in, however, he tends to get a lot more pleasant - at least, until he thinks he's in the clear again after re-arming his defenses, in which case he'll go right back to being an unpleasant jackass.

As far as appearance, Gord is a hobgoblin with light green skin, black hair styled into a greasy fauxhawk, pinkish cybereyes, and a number of tattoos. In the flesh, he almost never wears actual armor, tending more towards a wifebeater and whatever comfortable, light clothes he can find to beat the heat. On the Matrix (the medium he most often uses for communication), he appears as a burly, particularly vicious looking troll - though, he managed to piss off a decker one time, and still hasn't managed to remove the "Kick Me" sign written on the back of his persona's jacket.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
Abrasive Doesn't Begin To Cover It Gord is a mean slitch at the best of times, even to those he considers his friends. If he doesn't consider you his friend, you can expect him to be that much more obnoxious. He's even more sensitive to any slights than a normal hobgoblin. Unless the character in question has at least Loyalty 5, whenever this contact is called upon, the runner tapping him for help needs to be as conciliatory and pleasant as possible, no matter how acerbic his insults become. If they return the venom in any respect, Gord will be more than happy to come up with a suitable way of getting even - whether it's "accidentally" leaving one of his traps armed when someone comes to visit, or forcing them to go handle someone else on his shitlist to get off of it themselves. The GM is encouraged to make the revenge obnoxious, unpleasant, or demeaning, but never quite dangerous enough to get the runner killed.
Cruel And Unusual Gord might be annoying as hell, but the fact that he has a "To Get Revenge On" list a mile long can be surprisingly useful when you're trying to get him to do something - Especially since said list contains such varied personalities as the UCAS Government, the entire town of Carbonado, and the Catholic Church. At the GM's discretion, if a player can successfully get Gord to believe that whatever he's helping with will end with someone on The List ending up disadvantaged or dead, the associated roll will receive a +2 bonus.
One Errant Twitch Gord is a gifted trap-maker and amateur demolitionist after honing the art for years in the Puyallup Barrens. Rolls made to set up, acquire, or defuse traps and explosives gain a +2 bonus.
The Closest Thing To A Civil Engineer That Lives In Hell's Kitchen Face it: He ain't perfect, but you're not exactly flush for options. While he's a far cry from an actual handyman, Gord's DIY knowledge is about the best you can hope for when no sane electrician or contractor will come within five miles of you. Rolls involving jury-rigging, fortifying a position, or repairing a structure gain a +2 bonus.


Knowledge Checks 1 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 9 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 5 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks -1 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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