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Gun Witch
"The Goddess Blesses This Lead Rain"
"She's The Witch of the Waste and she's got bad taste"
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


A tall, gangly vampire woman with pale skin and dark hair. A Mystic Adept and Manipulation Hedge Witch with a perpetual look of disdain and disgust on her face. She uses her hedge magic as well as her adept abilities to bring death and pain to the heretics who disavow the goddess. Or at least she did. After doing some learning and making some friends, she has abandoned that road. While she can still be found dressed in her habit and veil, she is no longer faithful to the Goddess. She has paradigm shifted to Chaos Tradition. The Witch of the Waste will make a name for herself on her own terms.

Old Goals

Find Josephine Demirah Salvitora

Restore the children of the Goddess to glory

Make everyone involved the cult's destruction BURN

Kill Juniper Riveras

New Goals

Find a way to pay back her friends who have guided her from a bloody path

Stop the coming of the Horned God and deal with Teldragon. For good.

Do some good in the world

Learn to be happy. For once.

Uncover Hyde's Plot.


Artemisia Vladislava was born to a wealthy family whos wealth quickly diminshed and diminshed until they were a destitute estate. As her parents and siblings wasted away on the streets, Artmisia found herself a new home and new family in the form of an up-and-coming cult. The Children of the Goddess.

Common Wicca holds the belief of two deities. One is the Horned God and the other is the Great Mother goddess. The Children of the goddess held a different belief. They believed that when the time when magic came to the world was the time when the Horned God fell. There is only one deity now, the Goddess. She is earth and nature, she is magic, she is humanity.

The Children of the Goddess subscribed to this new view of Wicca and quickly gained new devotees. The cult was lead by a charismatic vampiress named Josephine Demirah Salvitora. Artemisia was smitten, both by Salvitora and the cult in general. She gladly pledged her life in service to the one Goddess and to Salvitora. The cult's power grew, with Artemisia spending more time learning her vampiric manipulation magic. She acted as an enforcer and assassin, silencing those who would rise against the children of the Goddess. One day, she took a clip of bullets to the gut before collapsing. Salvatora turned her, saving her from the cold beyond bringing her back so she may serve the goddess even longer.

The years pressed on and the Children of the Goddess's power grew. They remained in the Shadows, only 50 true devotees and Salvatora but with wealth and money and power. And enemies. One day, when Artemisia was returning from an out of Seattle "Correction" mission, she reutrned to the cult's head quarters to find it destroyed. 48 corpses. Traces of ash outside but that couldn't be Salvitora. No, she would never die like that. The attack seemed to originate from one of the secret entrances, sealing the members in and catching them un-prepared. A clean sweep except for one. They had been sold out. The only ones whos corpse was not present were Salvitora (Right??) and a member named Juniper Riveras. She was the one who sold them out. She would die.

Penniless and with only a filthy, heretical krime shotgun she found on the street (loaded with power ammo, disgusting) Artemisia would hunt down the ones who destroyed her home and put an end to them. If that means she has to put up with an obnoxious and heretical suit named "Ace Powers" then she will do what the Goddess wills.

Run Events and Paradigm Shift

After some time in shadows, gaining health and power as a mage, Artemisia was approached Teldragon, a guidance spirit who offered her the location of Juniper Riveras. During the events of Bodies Down the Riveras, she tracked down Juniper Riveras and killed her, before returning Teldragon a spirit formula of great power. Riveras's last weird's were that she served 'The One Who Is Horned'. Dead Gods Stir.

After more time in the shadows, Artemisia was contacted by Teldragon again. Another piece of spirit formula and an offer she could not refuse. The location of Josephine Demirah Salvitorah. The job was done (Finding the Author) and although they hid the formula from Teldragon after realizing it was the formula to the dead Horned God, Artemisia was still given the location of Josephine. New Orleans.

After acquiring transportation (Smuggler's Strife), Artemisa, Cricket, Koschei, and Sweetie Sinful found their way to New Orleans, with Artemisia telling them it was crucial to the Dead God's Stir plot. Over the course of Bayou Bonanza, the fellow runners saw through Artemisia lies and questioned her about her true quest, which she divulged. They helped her track down a hospital in the Bayou that had been converted into spirit possession-experimentation-sight/Cult base. It was there, for the first time, Artemisia found herself face to face with Josephine. The cult leader offered her a place in the children of the Goddess. A home. Safety. A greater purpose. Artemisia though to what her friends had told her. She was not a weapon of the Goddess. She would not be bound. So she shot Josephine with a rocket launcher.

After returning to Seattle, she was under great amounts of mental stress. The sight of her completely platonic cult leader dying at her hands had rattled her to the core. Then she was offered a job. One Mikey Coin wanted her assistance helping his friend acquire ritual components. She assisted after her mentor spirit, Boudica, egged her on. She enlisted Cricket's help and the two acquired the components save for one, the heart of a great beast. As the two sat in a cafe, going over possible next steps, a troll was launched through the window as basilisks scrambled across the street. After the lizard were taken down, Riley (the troll) was just beginning to thank the two of them when he was hit by a truck. More basilisks swarmed out, as well as some sort of possessed goat-man and a woman that looked uncannily like Josephine stepped out. With a rocket launcher.

In the ensuring chaos, a great deal of lizards were slain, a goat man was exploded, Cricket almost died, a truck was hacked and at the end of it, Artemisia pumped 22 rounds of ammunition into the body of the Josephine look alike and fell to her knees sobbing. Seeking a change of scenery, she asked Cricket to let her stay at the Iceberg hotel. The oni hacker agreed.

After staying at the Iceberg for a few days and bonding with the leader of the Hellraisers (Barracuda) during the events of The Harker Gambit (almost dying will do that to you), she received yet another call. A basket of fruit and blood jam with a mysterious letter. After enlisting Barracuda's help, the two set off to the location listed within the letter, fully expecting an ambush. They found a path covered in riddles, the astral echo of King Beef and eventually came face to face with the Goddess herself (or at least a third of her) The two talked and the Goddess seemed to be making sense, even telling her that Josephine was still alive. Until she made a crucial mistake. She said that Artemisia's magic was her gift.

Barracuda called to her from the sidelines, telling her that her magic was not a gift. That little push of support was all she needed. She was sick and tired of others laying claim to her. So she told the Goddess. She told the Goddess that her hold on Artemisia had come to an end. That she didn't get to claim ownership of Artemisia's magic, of her blood. That through her own force of will, she made that power her own. That Goddess turned to a burlap scarecrow as her garden vanished and the 2 adepts escaped. As they made their way back, Barracuda offered her a place in the Hellraisers, which Artemisia politely declined. She would not be beholden to any organization any more. When they returned, the exhausted Artemisia began the process of a paradigm shift. The Witch of the Waste would live as she pleased.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Mentor Spirit (Fire-Bringer): Artemisia's mentor spirit is not a conventional one. As she began to dive further into her own magic, the mentor appeared and simply ... shadowed her. To her, it takes the form of Boudica, clad in armor and carrying a spear but with a lethal wound in her neck. Boudica does not speak, simply shadows her, always watching, always present in the corner of her vision. Silently judging. Despite Arti's denouncement of the dead warrior queen, her presence is no doubt a good influence that pushes her to not only make the world a better place but to free herself from her own shackles as well.

Hedge Witch + Dedicated Spellslinger + Taboo Transformer: She learned a bizarre offshoot of pagan magic, focused on manipulation. She used to use blood and bone and entrails in her spells. Nowadays she likes lavender and shards of onyx or smoothed down broken glass.

Strive for Perfection + Sharpshooter: A former cult assassin, she learned to make every shot count.

Perfect Time + Shoot First: Perhaps due to her vampiric speed and reflexes or her years spent killing, time seems to slow down when the bloodshed begins.


Vendetta: The Horned God and His followers must die

Dependant (cat): She has a spoiled little cat named King

Prejudiced: Those who stray from the path of the goddess are filthy, though the mother loves her creation equally these ones never fail to disgust her

Simsense Vertigo: Technology strays from the path of the goddess.

Creature of Comfort: I'm used to a life of comfort in a powerful cult. I am now destitute.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Infrastructure TheoremAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking11 October 2082
On Angel's WingsPatGriffinCall of the Shadows17 September 2082
Halluncination Nation 4: Newt Fucking Dies (This Time For Real)PatGriffinCall of the Shadows13 September 2082
Breaking Up The NestPatGriffin15 August 2082
Shut up and take his Money!Syphilen2 August 2082
The Harker GambitSarcarian17 July 2082
Bayou BonanzaPatGriffinDead Gods Stir2 July 2082
Smuggler's StrifeNiven2 July 2082
Ancient IdiomsAsmodeusLight the Shadows
Temple in the Shadows
30 June 2082
Finding the AuthorPatGriffinDead Gods Stir17 June 2082
Spitting in the Eye of ProgressArchtmag13 June 2082
Velociraptor Equals Disraptor Over TimeraptorCutier Than ThouThe Cretaceous Clash11 June 2082
Tales From the Grease VatPatGriffin8 June 2082
House Of PainAsmodeusTemple in the Shadows8 June 2082
Bodies Down the RiverasPatGriffin5 June 2082
Parent-Teacher ConferencePatGriffin26 May 2082
Where's the escape vanZerre de Seattle25 May 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Ace Powers 6 1 Fixer Horizon Talent Agent Musical Talent, Corporate Deals, Keep it Classy, Fake SINs, Insider Knowledge, Horizon Agent, Hired Muscle Even
Teldragon 6 -5 Custom(K,N,A,G) Guiding Spirit Diviner, Infobroker, Personal Domain, Spirit Lord, Great Form Guidance, Frogs in all the Right Places, I Know a Camera When I See One -6
Commander 2 1 Custom(N,G,A,K) Black Ops Veteran Old school Operative, JURY Protocol, Nascent Spy Network, ANVIL Protocol, Shady Dealing 1
Esteban González 5 1 Gear Materiel Smuggler and Acquisitions Expert Mil-Spec Materiel, Combat Gear, Just Point and Click, Lead Spitters, Rigging Amateur, Smuggler Even
Chet Hughs 2 2 Generalist Lonestar Officer Evidence Locker, Lonestar Tatics, Knows the system Even
Sanguine Lupe 2 1 Custom(G,K,A,N) Boss of the Direnetics Cybernetics Expert, Bootleg Surgeon, Seamless Integration Even
Pelican 2 2 Service Smuggler Master of the Skies, Signature Drone, Smug Smuggler, Vehicular Vendetta, Close Air Support Even
Cornelius Morton 5 2 Generalist Cartel Head No Chains, Only Contracts, NoLa Life, Drug Cartel, I've Got Friends on the Otherside, Big Family, Drugs aren't my only games, Hungry Ghouls, Infected Community, Undertaking as a Passion, Glancing into the otherside Even
Esteban González 5 3 Gear Materiel Smuggler and Acquisitions Expert Mil-Spec Materiel, Combat Gear, Just Point and Click, Lead Spitters, Rigging Amateur, Smuggler -1
Repo Man 1 4 Custom(A,K,N,G) Lonely Phantom Underground Guide, Scythe Mentor, Chained Haunt, Psychometrist Even
Bernie the Spider Boi 3 3 Generalist Bug Hunter Wounded in the line of duty, Drones, Drones, and More Drones, Bugs Spirits Expert, Cyberdecks and Commlinks, Foci Even
Gord "Twitch" Rodney 1 1 Custom(A,G,K,N) DIY Survivalist and Obnoxious Attic Gremlin Abrasive Doesn't Begin To Cover It, Cruel And Unusual, One Errant Twitch, The Closest Thing To A Civil Engineer That Lives In Hell's Kitchen Even
Sidewalk 2 2 Custom(A,K,N,G) Free Spirit Earth Spirits, Breaks stuff, Roads Even


Contact Position Connection Faction Rep Archetype Health Location
Hellraisers On-Site Magical Contractor 1 2 Street Gang Maintaining Hell's Kitchen, Puyallup, Seattle

Cricket - The two were tossed into mess of dead gods beginning to rise. As such, they've worked together many times. Cricket has seen the darker parts of Artemisia and uh ... offered her zen? The bug-eyed oni hacker might not view Artemisia as anything other than "That Crazy Fraggin' Nun?" but Artemisia considers her one of her closest allies and friends.

Crane - As much as Crane would like to consider Crane a heretical tin man (yes, even after abandoning the Goddess) she does admit he his rather wise. While she hates his guts, she has often come to him for advice and has even offered him a dose of the Immortal Flower to assist his raid on Renraku.

Koschei - When Artemisia started in the shadows, she was essentially a religious nut and a bitch. Despite this, Koschei made an effort to befriend the obvious vampire, offering her guidance and telling her to stop thinking of herself as a weapon. She accompanied Artemisia on her fateful trip to the Bayou and supported her throughout. They are truly sisters of the blood.

Barracuda - Despite being very clearly an unstable vampire who showed up to live in his gang's house, Barracuda was ... kind to Arti. He offered his own form of wisdom and the two swapped tales and persepctives on magic. That was before they were both almost slain by vampire hunters. With Artemisia's explosive tactics and counterspelling combined with Cuda's refusal to fucking die, each would probably have died if not for the assistance of the other. After Cuda's support during "Social Stress large woman", there is certainly trust there. He may consider her 'unstable, lost and prone to bloodlust', he also recognizes her skills.


Juniper Riveras (Eliminated) - The woman that brought down her cult. Perhaps she did not deserve to die. Perhaps she did.

The Horned God - A threat to the safety of the world. A mad god of destruction who cannot be let loose.

Josephine Demirah Salvitorah - At the moment, she does not seek out Josephine for death. If she were to return and attempt to lull her back into the fold, attempt to bind her once more, Artemisia would tear herself apart to kill her.

Rose of Sharon Howlett - After almost dying as a result of the Rose's traps, Artemisia will not suffer such an experience lightly

Dr. Jekyll - Artemisia is not a fan of serial killers that seek to bring forth the Horrors from beyond.

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Stereotypical witch stuff. Flying broomsticks. Potions. Incense.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Some online fliers mentioning a ‘Children of the Goddess’
3 Cybereye footage of what appears to be a blur but could be a black habit with some creativity, escaping a building a few seconds after gunshots. Footage of a helicopters crash.
6 The Vladislava family records, along with their slow loss of wealth into debt and destitution. All of the family member’s SINs were burnt.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 A runner by the name of Artemisia. Wears all black. Uses guns, magic and Alchemy. Fraggin' creepy
3 Has caught some heat for wiping out several squadrons of KE, including a helicopter. Has tried to get fellow runners to join some weird cult with varying success.
5 Crazy vampire lady who uses manipulation magic and guns. Former cult assassin.


Launvillia Frenfenelle Racula (R5) -Mage -Firearms + Concealed Carry -Driver’s License -Private Investigator License



While she prefers to wear fine silks befitting of one chosen by the goddess, her financial situations have led to her current outfit being tattered and frayed. Wears a classic witch hat. A veil, similar to victorian mourning garb, is worn to avoid the sun.

Even after her tradition swap, she still finds comfort in such clothes.

Matrix Persona

The default persona

Media Mentions

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