Shut up and take his Money!

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Shut up and take his Money!
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven The Rangers
Officer Howler
4 other Gangers
Casualties and losses
4 Gangers and the Rank of an Officer


In which the Runners steal money from a gang.


Howler is an officer of the Ragers who can soon be expected to move up in the ranks. His competitor for the lieutenant position Brute wants to eliminate him at all costs. The Ork knows that the troll will get the payments from the Tempo business soon and has seen his chance. He wants to hire runners to steal this money from him, so he can be blamed for losing or stealing it.

The Meet

Brute meets the two hired runners in a currently closed bar in northeast Tacoma at 7 am. The time between the meet and the messages from the fixers is only 30 minutes, which causes Artimisa, who lives in Puyallup, to be 30 minutes late. But she isn't the only one who arrives late. The J, a two-and-a-half-meter troll, comes 20 minutes after time. Enough time for Zombie, who was the only one on time, to almost finish their beer. The troll tries to intimidate the tiny dwarf but woefully fails as the dwarf establishes who asks the questions here. After a bit of questioning, they get the job. They have to steal a bag of money from Howler while ruining his rep in the process. The bag contains 24K which the two runners can split as their payment.

The Plan

Zombie first asks Kyoko "Wholesale" Nakajima for more info on Howler, which she delivered for 1K nuyen. He is known to be on the softer and business-oriented side of the Rangers and does a lot of the Tempo dealing finances for the gang. After that the two scouts out the location in the meet. Artemisia turns herself into a fly to do some recon that way, while Zombie tries to do a bit of social infiltration. But he quickly gets told off with "they will call him later". Thanks to Artemisia recon they know that the bag is on the upper floor so they decide to go for the full-on aggression mode with Arti as the "distraction" and Zombie grabbing the money.

The Run

The Plan goes very smoothly. The Vampire victorian nurse enters the lower floor with her guns blazing and turns the 4 gangers to red splatter on the floor. Zombie causes confusion between the gangers as he disguises himself as one of them before going up to Howler. There he convinces him to just flee but the Troll wants to take the money with him so Zombie decides to be a bit more clear with his request and pulls his gun at the troll. Nearly shitting his pants the troll just does as told and runs away. Artemisia and Zombie got the bag and Howler looks like the idiot of the story.


Howler gets deranked as an Officer, not cause he couldn't protect his men and money, but because he ran away. This makes Brute a new Lieutenant of the Rangers.


12K Nuyen

1 Karma


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Artemisia - I killed those people. I mean, I kill and have killed an enormous amount of people but those ones could barely even fight back. I ripped out the aware's throat while the others ran in terror. I gunned them down as they fled. There's more things than my affliction that make me a monster, it seems.