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Ex-Halloweener Face
The Pumpking's #1 Fan
Discord@disco goblin#9660
GenderSpooky (They/Them)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.October 30th, 2057
PriorityMetatype - A
Attributes - D
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - A
Resources - E

Character Information


A face and illusionist hedge witch, Zombie's spent most of their life as a member of the Halloweeners' rank-and-file. Unlike most of their peers they saw the gang as more than an excuse for hedonistic violence; they treat the idea of Halloween with an almost religious fascination, and believe that capturing its essence is their defining purpose in life. They saw Pumpking Jack's arrival as a horror trid brought to life, and betrayed their gang to join up as a member of the Starscreamers.

Now the Pumpking is gone, and Zombie's been left high and dry. With nowhere to go and their name at the top of the remaining 'Weener's shit list, they've turned to running as a way to make ends meet. They have no money, an awful rep, and a body covered in tattoos from the most hated gang in the city. On top of all that, Jack's disappearance has given them a crisis of faith. If the messiah of fear couldn't bring about true Halloween, will it ever really come? And if it doesn't, did all of the things that Zombie's done mean anything at all?


  • Scare the ever loving drek out of people
  • Learn the true meaning of Halloween
  • Get an explanation for Jack's disappearance, and find themselves a new muse
  • Don't get burned alive


Tanya "T" Chen was born deep in the Halloweener's Redmond territory, and got exposed to the gang from a very young age. Growing up in poverty, T spent much of their early teens working the streets pushing the Weener's trademark BTLs. Although less handy in a fight than their fellow gangers, T's aura reading and knack for telling people what they wanted to hear got them jumped in as a full member at 17. Their reasons for joining were originally pragmatic (better to light the fires than to be the one getting lit), but the life of hard drugs, concussions, and jailbroken slasher BTLs eventually sent their psyche careening off the deep end.

T became obsessed with the concept of horror. While most of her gang mates treated Halloween as an excuse for cheap thrills, T viewed it as a sacrament. Horror movies became the lens through which they viewed the world, a method of coping with the harsh realities of Halloweener life. All of the senseless violence that they'd grown up around, that they were now participating in, the idea of Halloween made it mean something. It wasn't just arbitrary, it was art. Everything that T did in the gang was justified by the pursuit of true Halloween, although what that even is only they seem to know.

Pumpking Jack's arrival in Seattle changed everything. The shadow spirit's aura was intoxicating, and their appearance was straight out of one of T's horror trids. Even more than that, Jack treated Halloween with the reverence it deserved. He was a muse that T could latch onto, and they threw with the Starscreamers without a second thought. The crew was everything they'd hoped for: a group who saw Halloween as more than an excuse to light people on fire. Jack was generous with his subordinates, and through his gifts T's spark grew into full fledged magical powers. For a few short months it seemed like true Halloween was just around the corner. Then, Jack vanished.

The fine details of Jack's plots weren't shared with his rank and file, not even those as fanatical as T. As far as they know the spirit just up and vanished, leaving a fractured and leaderless gang behind. The remaining Starscreamers lacked Jack's his inspiration, and as Nightmare's Halloweeners began to enact their retribution T decided to flee. They're currently hiding out in Tacoma, taking shadowruns to make ends meet while they sort out their crisis of faith. Jack had been Halloween personified, and yet even he couldn't bring it about. All of the things that T's done... if Halloween never comes, then what did any of it even mean?

Narrative Significant Qualities


Shockingly Well Spoken (Alibi, Closer, Honest Face, School of Hard Knocks): Being a face in the Halloweeners isn't an easy gig. Zombie's ran cons with the knowledge that a single slip up could lead to a starring role in the gang's next snuff film. The pressure's terrifying and addicting in equal measure.

Walking Haunted House (Hedge Witch: Illusion): Zombie's magic is, above all, a form of self expression. Jack gave them the power to bring their visions to life, and for that they're eternally grateful. They can't really do anything but illusions, though.

Friend of Chaos (Mentor Spirit: Chaos): Chaos has been guiding Zombie ever since they were a spark, egging them on to wreak havoc and horror. They typically appear in the form of the villains and monsters from Zombie's horror trids


Pissed off all the Wrong People (Bad Rep): Being an ex-Halloweener is bad enough. Being a traitor ex-Halloweener who joined up with a world ending shadow spirit? Yeah, that rep's gonna stick.

You can take the Goon out of the 'Weeners... (Uneducated, PSC: Thrill-Seeker, Lack of Focus): Zombie is a former Halloweener, which means that they've spent much of their life taking hard drugs and even harder concussions. Their common sense, while surprisingly well developed, is ignored most of the time. They have a tough time focusing on anything that isn't scaring people.

Marked for Death (Distinctive Style): Zombie's whole body, up to the base of their neck, is covered in tattoos. While some of them are your garden variety horror imagery, a good chunk are explicitly Halloweener. Although they make an effort to hide them, people who know what to look for can clock Zombie's affiliations from their hands alone. (Knowledge: Street Gangs, threshold of 3)

Touched by Fear (Impassive): Growing up in Halloweeners' turf means living in constant terror. Zombie's seen people beaten, stabbed, and burned alive for fun. At first they were a victim, but after being jumped in they had to start contributing. That sort of stuff makes a person go numb, and when combined with heavy use of horror BTLs it's hard for Zombie to feel much of anything.

Secretly a Nerd (Dependent: Inconvenience): Zombie has a massive, ever-growing collection of horror memorabilia. Not only do they funnel a good portion of their paycheck into expanding it, but when confronted with a valuable piece of merch on a run they must make a composure check of 3 to not try and acquire it by any means necessary.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Recruiting For The Skeleton WarAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking3 October 2082
Gland Theft AltoCutierThanThou30 August 2082
Zombie Initiation: OSHA ViolationNiven13 August 2082
Dance among the Fading MemoriesDraknicWhen You Reach Me11 August 2082
Shut up and take his Money!Syphilen2 August 2082
Attack Inside Attack!Aurora1 August 2082
The Sad Facts of Chet HughsPat1 August 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Haruki Uchida 5 1 Fixer Fixer Cyberware, Bioware, Fake SINs, Infobroker Contacts, Armor Accessories, Shiawase Brand Equipment Even
Mack and Hack 1 1 Custom(A,K,N,G) Halloweener Troublemakers Those Two Idiots, With The Power Of Friendship, ... And This Gun I Found, King Of The Pumpkin Patch -4
Kyoko "Wholesale" Nakajima 1 2 Custom(K,G,N,A) Totally A Professional Thief "Booooriiiing", Rooting For The Villain, Where Does She Hear All This?, Rogue's Gallery Even
John Baptise 2 1 Service Taxi Driver Reliable, Voodoo, No Questions Asked Even



Mack and Hack: Formerly two of Zombie's best friends, joining up with the Starscreamers put a serious strain on their relationship. The good times haven't been forgotten, but Zombie's gonna have to work to earn their trust back.


The Halloweeners: The 'Weeners don't exactly take kindly to traitors. Zombie doesn't know what they'll do with her if she's caught, but a life of horror trids gives her some pretty good ideas.

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Braiiinnnnssss.....
3 Reports of recent "supernatural" activity around Tacoma. Ghost sightings, apparitions, lots of urban legend type stuff. The one common thread seems to be an oddly dressed dwarf spotted lurking around the scenes.
6 You find a blog for vintage horror trids written under the user "DayOfTheDead", who all but admits to causing the Tacoma incidents with their "black magic" and "connections to horrors beyond comprehension". There's also a link to their own work, a series of amateur horror BTLs featuring various masked killers and illusory monsters. In addition to this website, you find a face match in a KE report detailing a Halloweener BTL ring. In Sophocles.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 A face and former ganger. Likes wearing special effects makeup on runs.
3 They used to be a Halloweener, and one of the gang's few true believers. Seems like they left on pretty bad terms though. They're some sort of mage, and seem to really favor illusion magic.
5 They're a black mage and a former member of the Starscreamers. Have fun working with 'em!


Wes Raimi (R4 Fake, UCAS): A college dropout and aspiring filmmaker. Works as a tattoo artist in Redmond.

  • Mage License
  • Concealed Carry Permit


Zombie is a thin, black-haired dwarf of Chinese descent. Their limbs and body are covered in crude tattoos. Some are Halloweener, some are of various cryptids and urban legends, and some are imagery from their favorite horror trids. Almost all of them look like they were done by a drunk person.


Their typical work attire consists of a blood red suit jacket for high class events, and a black armored hoodie for street level ones. They're fond of wearing special effects makeup, often incorporating contacts and fake blood into their look. When necessary, they'll also use foundation to conceal the tattoos on their neck and hands.

Matrix Persona

Zombie's matrix persona is, well, a zombie. Like many of their creations, the thing is so over the top that it veers into being cheesy.

Media Mentions

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