Dance among the Fading Memories

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Dance among the Fading Memories
Part of When You Reach Me
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Ares
Cold Hands
Binary Belisarius
Ares civs


Sprits are trying to uphold their master's final orders and failing badly at it and sometimes this leads to misinformation and hopefully, this can work out with saving some blanks


the background of this information is that there it was once a technomancer and who have died they have sent out their sprites on a final mission before their death to uphold his final will to help people in need and instead these sprites are not the very smart creatures. the sprites are not the smartest and send out to group of runners to help

The Meet

Each of the runners was given a message that was made personal for each, the best that a sprite could make for people to understand and use an old forgotten commlink as a means to pass on the info. what could go wrong

The Plan

So they are going to sneak into the place dress as Ares people and getting the sins to help them blend in. they were going to knock out people who would best match them, to make it easier to recover a group of blanks that they are semt into saving. And they were going to steal one of the trucks to help get the blanks to the dock to the ship waiting for them.

The Run

Belisarius showed up and shot a rocket at bleeding and then killed a lot of people


So in the aftermath of the entire ordeal, the tech-priests known as Belisarius goes on his rampage murdering as many people as possible and then a bunch of runners from Belisarius to try to fight HTR that is showing up, looking to have been hired by the same group to save the blanks. So, in the end, Belisarius gets away by the power of luck and the Neohaven runners fail in the mission, some of them died and a few are thrown into jail. THe DA is going to have a field day with showing that shadowrunners are indeed a problem for the city.


Everyone else But Belisarius 20 CDP

Belisarius only Notoriety 2 for killing Civs Public Aware 1 20 CDP

Ares Rep -10

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Cold Hands

"... not sure what to say about this one. We were contacted through unconventional means, but the job was a straightforward extract and deliver. Wires had gone through the trouble of securing some Ares uniforms and we were in the middle of reconnoitering the facility."

"Then the rocket happened."

"I was still strongly tempted to try to salvage the situation and get those people out of there, but Zombie had the right of it. The run was scuttled the moment rapid response was summoned to a high security zone. I'm thankful we weren't so deep that we couldn't just walk away."

"I have very mixed feelings about my first nixed run having failed for something I had no control over. There's a certain helpless frustration associated with having to abandon a mission I set out to do. Well. It was a learning experience, at least."


"Christ, what. a. hoot. So first we got J's who fucking hack my 'link and make me walk all the way to the barrens, and then give me some cryptic message about some vegetables we gotta rescue. Annoying. Then when i'm tryna do recon the chromed-up guy, whom I, by the way, didnt like anyways, decides that its wise to just fragging blow up the base im trying to sneak into. I was seriouly considering zeroing the freak right then and there. But haven rules and whatever, plus me, coldie and zoms needed the headstart to vacate the premises. The rest of the night was great, we went to a gay bar and took shots, coldie looked pretty uncofortable but she eventually 'warmed' up haha."