Zombie Initiation: OSHA Violation

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Zombie Initiation: OSHA Violation
Status Threat Level: Medium (Initiation)
Factions Involved
Zombie Character1


Zombie keeps the real estate prices down in their neighborhood, earning the approval of Chaos in the process.


Zombie is currently broke, after their last payday went up in a techpriest-induced explosion, and is running on fumes financially.

The Meet

On their way home from Stuffer Shack, Zombie noticed a fenced-off construction site advertising a new series of high-rise apartments in their neighborhood. Realizing this would lead to rent going up, Zombie decided that the project had to die, one way or another.

The Plan

Zombie's initial plan was to scope out the site, infiltrate disguised as a worker, and improvise from there.

The Run

Zombie's infiltration was almost flawless, though some drones logged some unusual behavior they were out before anyone had time to act on that info. They disguised themself as a construction worker, went in with the cover story of being transferred there from another site, and decided that the best option was to sabotage the building's foundation. They initially planned to do this through good old fashioned industrial espionage, but Chaos got bored and they chose another approach. Enlisting Mack and Hack to find a corpse, Zombie plotted to leave the body buried in the concrete foundation the day before inspection. On the night before the inspection, they got the now hacked-up corpse into a backpack, disguised the rotting flesh aroma with coyote piss, disguised themself as a worker with a hunting hobby, and stole away to the dig site. They bluffed their way past the KE patrol car guarding the site with a story about looking for something they left behind, and made their way into the dig site to set the corpse parts into the wet concrete of the foundation. Unfortunately for everyone involved, one of the KE officers followed her down into the foundation. Zombie got the officer's attention away from them with one spell, and after artfully arranging the body parts inside the cement in a macabre art piece, used a second spell to wreath the area in shadow before the pawn got back, letting the unsuspecting officer discover the gruesome display for herself. After spooking the cop into silence, Zombie left, their work done.


While a shitty foundation might have been paved over with some bribes on the company's end, an active crime scene investigation that involves digging up the entire foundation more or less killed the project for the foreseeable future. Zombie's rent is safe, for now...


May initiate with ordeal cost reduction 4k lifestyle cost reduction for the month, as Zombie's shenanigans tanked property values across the neighborhood. 4 CDP 6 karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Hahahahaha that was classic. I'm never gonna forget the look on that stupid pig's face when he saw my little art project. Literally, cause I recorded it! Property values are dropping again and I'm sitting pretty. Couldn't ask for a better day."