The Sad Facts of Chet Hughs

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The Sad Facts of Chet Hughs
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Lonestar
Number 6
Sweetie Sinful
Casualties and losses
None Chet's pride


A group of very persuasive and manipulated runners decided to take advantage of a single Lone Star officer and get a young troll delinquent free of any long lasting criminal punishments.


A young troll recently got arrested and his mother has decided to hire A group of shadowrunners to help make sure he does not end up in the long term prison sentence. a Lone Star Officer Chet Hughsr who is currently in charge of the case has recently dealt with a bunch of runner nonsense and is kind of a worthless excuse of a man

The Meet

Each of the runners would be contacted by the respectable fixers and were told about the job that they would be able to be helping the community and trying to do a bit of good instead of the bad. an like the almost the customer ceremony majority of all of them did drugs before the start of the run. So they  meet with the trolls mother and have a conversation about how they're going to help the young troll, by changing the file to be in favor. Number 6 kept a eye out for any dangerous. While Zombie, Sweetie and Oathbane all talk with the troll mother and gladly taken 4k as it was means to help someone in need.

The Plan

Of course the writers talked about the plan which ranged from different amounts of violence an other means of hopefully of intimidating this pathetic excuse of the officer into changing into a more favorable case. So Zombie, Number 6 and Sweetie would break into the house of Chet, while Oathbane would catfish him on a dating sight. Using her elven charm. Once inside she would take down the system and the team would rush in use threats and force to get the case change.

The Run

The team that were going to break in decided to dress up as delivery man so they could easily get past the security guard and technomancer does her thing and manage is to con her way inside of the Lone Star officers apartment. once the security system was down she pretended just be a normal girl while they rushed in and held the place hostage quickly demanding what they wanted in return instead of violence and luckily due to his almost pathetic nature he would agree and the runners would leave as they gotten their mission completed


Majority of the team headed back to the bar of course to indulge in other horrible vices. Such as Zombie sleeping with a succubus and Sweetie shaking her head at the idea of it. Oathbane stayed at Chet’s place keeping up the charade… in the end. A young troll didn’t go to jail.


For Sweetie and Oathbane

4k Nuyen (2 RVP)

6 Karma (6 RVP)


For Zackdrop


For Zombie

4k Nuyen (2 RVP)

3 Karma (3 RVP)

Nerlithotep the Succubus C1/L3 (3 RVP)

1 fun night

Optional Contact

Nerlithotep the Succubus 1/1 (1 RVP)

For Oathbane

Chet Hughs C2/L2 (3 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Oathbane: I didn't think I could run into a man who would fit as a worm...but i feel a sort of pity due to what's happening in his life and at the same time. it felt rather enjoyable to pull on his strings making him dance like a good puppet... The night I had better. For the rest of the team. i do have to say having 6 was good incase we gotten into a fight. while for Sweetie, remember that the matrix is hard to hide stuff on there. Zombie very helpful, even if they are rather settle with bit more force.