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FLR Street Samurai
(Kill the Samurai)
Street Cred1
Public Awareness1
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


Foreign warrior with a strong moral code and hate for Renraku and Red Samurai. With FLR, Weapons skills, and some B&E skills.


Short Term

Kill a Red Samurai and claim their katana

Find wherever his brother and mother are in Seattle

Long Term

Find enlightenment

Gain more cred

Get his sister into a good college


Crane does not remember much of his childhood, or his parents for the matter. He can't even remember what his name is, only evers remember going by Crane. He named his younger sister Zelda because of a name he saw on TV, pretty weather lady. He does remember Renraku and their Red Samurai, and what they did to his family.

First, they were the cause of the entire branch of his father's family after the slaughter  in the Seattle Archology. Second, they exiled his family to the SINless and stole his mother and brother. Leaving his father, younger sister, and himself left in the slums. Third, they killed his father in front of him. They gunned him down along with a group of others when shadowrunners attempted to escape through their neighborhood. Then when he tried to avenge his father, the samurai looked at him and in a translator software says, "There is no reason to kill you. You have no honor, people like you can never have honor."

From that moment of mercy that the samurai gave on, Crane changed. Renraku had destroyed his family and Red Samurai had just come to finish the job. They had even removed his personhood, with Crane being raised to believe that everyone had honor and those without honor were not people. That moment he grew enraged and swore that he would show Renraku and Red Samurai true honor. Crane swore over his father that he would destroy Renraku, he would kill samurai.

Crane was now in charge of himself and his sister, and if he were to get back on his enemies he would need to do as much work as he can. He would start with working with local gangs as a messenger. Crane eventually met a group of Neo-Anarchist shadowrunners who taught him the lessons on how to fight the corps. With him working with the shadorwrun community of Hong Kong from a young age.

Crane during this started to read and from this adopted the Way of the Samurai. Slowly over time Crane learned everything he could about Renraku. Eventually attempting to lean their philosophy, their religion, and even their language. Crane couldn't pick up the Japanese language but he did learn English after watching enough samurai trids that were only dubbed in English.

Crane probably would have never left Hong Kong until he got a piece of info after hitting a Renraku facility, a picture of his mother in Seattle. So Crane left Hong Kong, smuggling himself and his sister in a large carrier ship.

When he first arrived in Seattle Crane began to brand himself to look for others in the fight against Renraku. He began to leave cards and flyers with his symbol, a red circle with a golden crane in the center, wherever he went with “Geek the Samurai” in English and the contact info for a metalink he picked up. Crane stopped with the flyers when the metalink blew up in his pocket and his car blew up when some thieves thought they could steal his car and found quite the explosive surprise, Crane knew who that bomb originally was for. Now he just paints the symbol wherever he goes, with the symbol still showing that it’s him without giving his matrix contact to the people he’s fighting.

Crane understands that he is fighting an impossible battle, but just because something is impossible doesn’t mean that it is improbable. Shadowrunners have fought and beat AI gods, dragons, and whatever the hell bug spirits are. So now Crane walks a path of vengeance, holding the code to show his honor with the golden crane as his flag.

Narrative Significant Qualities



Code of Honor:Way of the Samurai-"I have honor even if those I battle lack such capabilities."-In response to his fellow chummer when he spoiled a sneak attack.

Signature:Spray painted gold crane in a red circle-"I used to hand out business cards, then they blew up my car. The wall paints really give off the best designs."- In explanation to the decker to why he painted a massive mark on the bank that they stole data from without anyone noticing.

Prejudiced(Outspoken):Renraku-"I kill the samurai" In response to a Renraku suit he had just stabbed.

Dependent:Little Sister -"I am all that she has to take care of her. My vengeance is not her's but it is my responsibility to treat her right."-In response to his friend when asked why Crane lives with his sister. Chan-Juan "Zelda": 18 years old. Enrolled in public high school and is near the top of her class. Thinks that Crane's job is as a bodyguard and has no idea that he is a shadowrunner. She does not have a very high opinion of her brother or his intelligence. Sees him as her idiot older brother. After the events of Humanis Lacks Humanity is now babysitting for a Troll family in Everett.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Cenozoic Smash and GrabSleeveyThe Cretaceous Clash5 August 2082
Reaching beyond the VileDraknic9 July 2082
Smuggler's StrifeNiven2 July 2082
Return to SenderDraknic8 June 2082
Three Packs a DayOrionsRequiem2 June 2082
Samurai TimeAurora1 June 2082
Night of the MoonbornDraknic27 May 2082
Lookin' for a soul to stealDraknic21 May 2082
FAB CheeseAuroraBaker Wars14 May 2082
Humanis Lacks HumanityAurora13 May 2082
Stuffer Shack 3AMDraknic30 April 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Astrid Novak 3 1 Custom (A,G,K,N) Talismonger/Alchemist Talismans, Healer, Alchemist, Magician Even
Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III 4 2 Networking CorpKid Party all Night... What time is it?, Everybody's Friend., Did Someone say Drugs?, Brodie J IN THE HOUSE!, Ride Wrecked? Brodie J's got it!, Oh yeah! I have a job!, Good looks, Money, and a savant-level understanding of rocket physics Even
Colten Wight 2 2 Fixer Stuffer Shack Owner. The Boss This is totally not Illegal, Been around the block, Ears to the public Even
Argent 1 3 Fixer Street-level Fixer Silver Tongue, Elven Blood Even
Chainsaw Caterpillar 5 2 Fixer(G,N,K,A) Fixer Armored Activist, Save Our Soils, Big "Game" Hunter, Upgrade Complete, HUMINT Management, Cyber-Seeker Even
Inari Ōkami 5 3 Fixer Emotional Support Fox Japanese imports Hotline, Nihonjin, Paracritter Expect, Kitsune no joō, Hatred for Renraku, Ofuda Collector, Kyūbinokitsune, Overworked Even
Pelican 2 2 Service Smuggler Master of the Skies, Signature Drone, Smug Smuggler, Vehicular Vendetta, Close Air Support +1
Carl the Medic Fox 1 3 Service Medic on Call Example Negative Aspect, Street Vet, Doctor's Oath Even
Guillermo Rodríguez 4 2 Networking Aztechnology Asset Recovery Team Leader/HTR Aztechnology Loyalist, Counter-Security Protocols, Aztec Mystic adept, Friends in the Emerged Division, Criminal Database, Not a Blood Mage, Veteran Even
Juliette Burns 4 3 Generalist Socialite Black Magician Black Magic Theory, High Society, Manipulation Magic, Sorcery Foci, Blackmail Even


Blue Crabs Gang +2 Rep

Ancients +2 Rep

Humanis -5 Rep. Know who he is after leaving his signature and screaming his name at several of their members.



In Character Information

First language is Cantonese. English is his 2nd language.

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


John Mark-Rating 4 Weapons Firearms Concealed Carry Restricted Armor Projectile Bodyguard Restricted Augmentation

Adam Sen-Rating 2 Firearms Weapons


Lanky with his body being mostly metal. His eyes are a deep green/gold color. His hair is long and colored a messly dyed with neon red and blonde highlight. His skin is lightly tanned. heavily tattooed all over his body. His cyberlimbs are all painted gold.


Matrix Persona

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Cranes are a family, the Gruidae, of large, long-legged, and long-necked birds in the group Gruiformes.
3 News stories in Cantonese of a string of robberies in Hong Kong.
6 Pictures of a young boy with a father, mother, little girl, and baby from an old Renraku family day.

Media Mentions

Threshold Result
1 A recent robbery of a university's cheese with a golden crane emblem left behind where the cheese was.

ShadowGrid Profile Comments

Threshold Result
1 A newer runner from Hong Kong. Seems to have a bone to pick with Renraku.
3 Guy leaves behind a note whenever he does a job, a golden crane in a red circle. No matter what the job he leaves it there.
6 Former Renraku corp kid, looking for some of his family that is still with them.