Reaching beyond the Vile

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Reaching beyond the Vile
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Insane Fault Sprite
Normal Guy
Shark Adept


Two opposing elder God factions have started their little war in the shadows and now it appears that it's starting to rise and become a problem. well the runners give into greed and help the rightful one or will they succumb and not aid, and down many more souls in the end?


Two opposing forces among the elder gods faction appeared to have created a stigma and have began a war between each other. one rather keep the knowledge hidden and protected away from those prying eyes and the other once to bring the end, for everything to be wiped clean and for another age to begin. Dana Jessica Boatman who is a elder god mage, who seeks to keep the knowledge hidden from the world so it don't end the world...not just yet and while her rival Father Bright, who is aiming to bring the end of all things for he seek to call upon his dark masters to claim their prize early.

The Meet

Each of the runners would get called by the respectable fixer to meet the young woman Diana and have a conversation with her about the job each were contact in some of the more unusual way. crane was contacted by a little fox who is one of his fixers he has on his list that left him a tablet  with all the necessary information on it before he threw it over the side into the water which it then exploded .Queen being a technomancer who is becoming lost to the enemy have only requested basic of info. Halilton was just working on his car, when he was called and answer it, talking with the barkeep fixer before heading out. to the Awaking Horror, a little magic shop that sells all matters of random stuff, both magical and not. they would meet Dana who was having a fight with her family, when the runners showed up and using tech and magic to allow only those in the main shop to talk shadowwork. she would request their aid with dealing with a problem, getting anything the rival cultist has and deal with them...which she put too much faith into the runners and this overly trusting had lead to the death of a few people due to the actions of the runners.

The Plan

There were multiple methods of gathering information they needed to hunt down this cult and acquire the information that was requested by the Johnson. first, they thought about checking out a library that was funded by humanist and instead of going the simple route of walking in and asking a few questions they immediately resort to violence, you know by drawing out knives and threatening to kill the librarian inside of the place. which led to everyone surprise that the librarian turned out to be a shark adept who has gotten tired of everyone bossing them around and so they decided to take an umbrage towards this so-called kidnapping. And fight the runners, which lead to the runner having to flee, due to the adept using nerve strike and them knowing that the cops are coming….this won’t start any problems in the future .

Lucky queen found some old recording which lead to them to follow the lead to this ex-con who is just trying to live a normal life and like a crap of jerks, they were ready to ruined his life to get what they want. but did learn not much from someone who had barely anything to know about what's going on

Next they check out the church and were already about to just use violence, before the Guards walks off and lead to Crane and queen going into a building that has paint that block out matrix singles. when inside they found the place was like it said have not be use and after going into the basement they would learn about that it's a temple to the elder gods and a fault sprite trap on the inside. they free the sprite and use it to hunt down the cultist.

The Run

Heading to the warehouse the cultist have move to, they would gas the place and then quickly rolled in, downing the cultist and saving the people who were about to be use to fuel a the end the runners pick to not give the books of knowledge to the J, due to personal reasons.Overall they got the job done what cost?


Indian whatever the runners did hopefully did some good in the long run and prevented a much further disaster, without  the information that would have allowed the Johnson to understand the motives of the rival cult, could not stop another  sacrifice later on in the week. And everything moves on, people die and not care for…this is the sixth world. After all, in the end noting matters.

Director's cut(What if)

If Queen got one more 1 on the forth world knowledge. she would raise that the threat of this becoming public knowledge and sadly they would become a threat to two the end the runner team would be killed and their bodies hidden...but lucky this was not this timeline but another.


12k (6 RVP) 4 Karma (4 RVP)

Optional Contact Dana Jessica Boatman 2/2 (Hamillton and Crane) (3 RVP) for Queen 2/4 (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This run needs to come up in the dictionary under wild goose chase. First we hit the library, get in a dust-up with a punchy adept. Queen pulls up some info and I drive the group around Seattle and then we get to an underground church finally. The bad horror trid kind where guys who look like me don't immediately run for their lives. I was not to be one of them as I parked with my foot over the gas and the ride in reverse, and then the matrix signal went out and I sat there for 15 minutes wondering if they'd died, because I was not going after them.

We did end up finding where the cultists were after that, and gassing them in their building. All's well that ends well I suppose.