Cenozoic Smash and Grab

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Cenozoic Smash and Grab
Part of The Cretaceous Clash
LocationSeattle Barrens
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Dr. Velo Clementine Raptor
Cutter Goons
Cutter Decker
Cutter Mage
Casualties and losses
Catharsis received a fatal dataspike and had to burn edge Cutter Goons, Cutter Pride


A certain velociraptor hires runners to jack a shipment of cutters cyberware on route to MCT. Pisses of MCT, lets the Cutters take the fall for it and gets him some nice cyberware. Win win? Right? Not if a security decker shows up with murder on the mind.


Dr. Velo has been cybering up his Critter Army for a while now and that ware has gotta come from somewhere. With a bit of digging, he found a bit of a lead. A potential splinter faction within the cutters that's been stockpiling repo'd ware under the radar and planning to sell a nice pile of it to some MCT folks. His dinosaur brain cells connected the dots.

The Meet

After pre-run shenanigans, the runs find themselves outside of a warehouse. The big sliding door cracks open, revealing a warehouse filled with crates of guns and ware and drone bits, a few drones and several suited 'people' walking around. The runners spot a table with chairs on one side and an anthrodrone who opens a call with Dr. Velo.

The Dinosaur forks over some very basic information. There's a lightly guarded cutters warehouse with very light matrix security in the barrens. He wants the runners to head in, get all the ware and head out before MCT shows up to buy the ware in about 5 days. Easy money. After some negotiating for hazard pay and fighting for information, the runners leave mostly satisfied. Though Crane did piss off the dinosaur J. a little.

The Plan

(An important note is that just generally throughout the legwork phase, Crane was huffing spray paint and quoting Sun Tzu. This was not helpful to the planning phase but I felt it was important to note)

First things first was getting eyes on the physical security with a bit of flyspy scouting from Strobe. They discovered it was not as lightly guarded as once thought, with many mooks and a cybered up troll standing guard, as well as a suited up wage-mage inside. With physical recon done, Catharsis jumped into hotsim and infiltrated the host, her persona slinky-jumping over the virtual chainlink fence and into the host, where an enormous cyberborg crocodile with a cape and a battleaxe stood, waiting. He spotted her within seconds, barely missing her with a brute force axe swing. She left the host very fast after that, with a handful of truck schedules in hand.

The team discussed their options. They had info on delivery times and they knew the cutters hated the Ancients. They developed hints of a plan to masquerade as Ancients members and draw some of OpFor off site but decided to send Catharsis back in for more info.

After a brief discussion and a few days to recuperate, Catharsis went back into the host, geared out for war. She slinkied back over the fence and got ready for a matrix brawl, marking the Cutter Decker right off the bat. Unfortunately, the enemy decker was sick and tired off marks and playing games. He went for a single dataspike and in one fell swoop, cleaved Catharsis's persona in half. The poor decker's brain almost melted and her deck was toast.

With a fried decker, the team looked over their options and just decided to go in. They subcontracted SetBack and got the team ready to move.

The Run

The new plan was much simpler. The team would send in Crane to geek the decker and then they would just kill everyone. Sometimes simplicity is golden. The fight was simple. The enemies weren't extremely lucky and their most powerful combatant, a powerful troll burnout adept named Benjamin, was just generally having an off-day. After exploding the inside of the decker room (the decker did survive), SetBack drew enemy fire, Crane used the power of anime and numerous grenades and Strobe dealt with the roof sniper via drone. Part way through, SetBack swapped to APDS rounds and flat out told the burnout adept so. Benjamin, after getting horrible luck and missing one final strike, just started walking the fuck away until one of them mooks decided to become a red paste with a sense of duty to his gang and shoot him, prompting Benjamin to rejoin the essentially finished fight on the side of the runners. With the goons dispatched, the runners convinced the survivors to load up a truck and got the hell out of dodge with their new friend Benjamin.


As the truck pulled up, Dr. Velo's static-y connection asked if the runners had checked for tags. They had not. SetBack and Strobe with some quick thinking managed to convince Dr. Velo that Benjamin was another hired runner and get him a slice of the pay (now reduced since they essentially led the Cutters right to the J.'s secret base.)

With cyberware upgrades on the horizon and a new friend, the runners walked off into the sunrise.


20k Nuyen OR up to 40k in cyberlimbs, cyberwares or drone stuff (branded explicitly as a Dr. Velo Drone) up to 19 avail (10 RVP)

6 Karma (6 RVP)

8 CDP (3 RVP Time Multiplier)

For Catharsis: Vendetta (That One Fucking Decker)

For Crane: One cyberlimb will have Cybergentalia installed as just the tiniest fucking dick. Room will have to be made with bulk mods or losing a point somewhere

Optional Contacts: Benjamin (1/3) 3 RVP Dr. Velo (4/1) 4 RVP -10 MCT rep -20 Cutters Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I got fried this run, no if ands or buts about it, I was paying more attention to Crane huffing paint in the back of Strobe's car than the Cutter's decker. Rookie mistake, and I ate drek for it. I'm going to get that decker.