Dr. Velo Clementine Raptor

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Dr. Velo Clementine Raptor
Velo C. Raptor.jpg
Velociraptor Mad Scientist
Contact Owner: Sleevey
Public Contact?Yes
LocationTunnels Under Seattle
MetatypeSurged Alligator
Preferred Payment MethodServices
Hobbies/ViceCONQUERING THE WORLD (also old dinosaur trids)
AspectsDweller Dwelling
SURGEd Critter Scientist
Critter Translation
The March of Science!
"As a genius
I know what that does!"
Zoo to Army Pipeline
"With my superior raptor intelligence
I can craft anything!'


A time raptor, created by Doctors Malcolm & Ian Crichton, Dr. Velo Clementine Raptor is a SURGEd alligator with a laundry list of cyber, bio and genetic enhancements. The result? A walking, talking, intelligent and sentient velociraptor. Given the countless invasive surgeries and the untimely deaths of his fellow time raptors at the hands of a runner team, he has vowed to take bloody revenge on the Crichtons who experimented on him and then the corps who run similar experiments next.

He is incredibly adept with technology, able to duplicate the Crichton process that gave him sentience on other animals, at a much cheaper and more efficient rate. He is comfortable with the matrix and generally likes to level a playing field with allies (some in animal controlled mech suits) and traps. He himself is not a fighter, preferring to run from a fight rather than engage in it.

Currently he is guarded by the The Dweller of the Tunnels under Seattle and is unable to enact his evil(?) deeds, after a team of runners imprisoned him.

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
Dweller Dwelling Dr. Velo C. Raptor is currently trapped in the tunnels under Seattle, under the protection (read: jail) of The Dweller of the Tunnels. As such, he cannot make ANY active checks, except those expressly within the Dwellers domain. Contacting him in meatspace is functionally impossible without running into the Dweller.
The March of Science! Dr. Velo is, fundamentally, a mad scientist. As such, he gains a +2 to all rolls that would involve science-y things (ask your DM)
SURGEd Critter Scientist Having undergone not only the surge but numerous experiments related to the nature of SURGE, Velo gains a +2 dice on knowledge rolls related to SURGE, Critters and SURGEd critter (they don't stack)
Critter Translation Dr. Velo Clementine Raptor has devised a custom device for translating his voice to that of several animals. He is able to communicate with almost all mundane critters (and some awakened). However, his ultimate goal in talking to critters will be having them join his army. Remember, just because he and the critter can understand each other, doesn't mean the critter has to like him.
"As a genius, I know what that does!" Dr. Velo gains a +2 dicepool in knowledge related to identifying or interpreting the use of cyber and bioware EVEN IF the ware is untested or in a prototype phase. He's full of prototype ware, he knows how the stuff works.
"With my superior raptor intelligence, I can craft anything!' Dr. Velo is a genius capable of making anything! Or so he says. Dr. Velo gains a +2 to gear acquisition rolls on Automatic weapons, Heavy Weapons and Drones. Items procured this way are 'home-made', with any branding or defining features replaced by Dr. Velo's own unique ones. They may also have other quirks or faults at a DM's discretion. Genius is in the marketing, after all
Zoo to Army Pipeline To conquer corporations, one needs an army and what better place to find an army than the local zoo! Dr. Velo gains +2 dice for supplying or tracking the supply of animals, rare or otherwise.


Knowledge Checks 12 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 2 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 8 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 4 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Cenozoic Smash and GrabSleeveyThe Cretaceous Clash5 August 2082
Mega Low-DownSleevey12 July 2082
Velociraptor Equals Distraptor Over Timeraptor 2: The Lost WorldSleeveyThe Cretaceous Clash23 June 2082