On Angel's Wings

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On Angel's Wings
Part of Call of the Shadows
Status Threat Level: Spicy High
Factions Involved
Frederik Kowalski
Dr. Jekyll and The Mr. Hydes
Frank Davis
Katherine Tyler
A handful of spirits, Daz, Hyde #7.
Casualties and losses
Hyde #7, Daz.


Saeder-Krupp needs the runners to investigate the Zenmarsh Chemical disposal plant that Newt passed away at.


Artemisia, Catharsis, Frank Davis, Katherine Tyler, Screech all receive calls from their fixers, with an offer they can't refuse. They're to meet at a building, and go from there.

The Meet

Collecting at the downtown SK building, the runners are stripped of their gear and weapons, and put into black panel vans. Driven to somewhere in Bellevue onto SK extra territoriality, they're led to the third floor and into a large office where they meet their Johnson--Herr Brackhaus. Brackhaus distributes photos of the runners already involved in Call of the Shadows--Images of them investigating, interacting with relevant contacts, and in the case of Catharsis, her SINner self. Brackhaus explains he wants them to investigate who is funding the Russian Lupin Artillery, and to start looking around at the Zenmarsh Chemical plant where things all went down hill.

The Plan

Escaping from the terrifying meeting with Herr Brackhaus, they regroup in a no-tell motel, to discuss what to do. Hyde #5 is called, and a feminine voice answers, explaining that she's quite busy in the middle of murdering the poor man. As Frank Davis drags on the call, Catharsis traces it back to the streetcar platform underground Everett that the Hydes regularly use. Screech projects to go check on Hyde #5, and finds him near death, but still alive. Hyde #5 attempts to warn Screech about Brackhaus, but is ultimately able to be saved by the gang. At this point, after watching Hyde #5 be loaded into the van, they realized that it was probably a distraction from Zenmarsh Chemical, and after acquiring the means for some radiation protection, head inside to survey the area.

The Run

Finding only King Korb inside the building, and the trail of 'Doom' aspected energy, the group looks around before agreeing that Screech should tail the doom trail, while the rest of the runners meet back up with Herr Brackhaus. Screech comes across a doom aspected toxic spirit presenting as a three eyed raven near a warehouse in the hills of Snohomish. After a tense interaction, Screech is able to dissuade the Raven from attacking and killing her, before escaping back to her body. While Screech is out and about astrally, those in the meat are stuck with the horrific reality of coming back to an SK building filled with presumably dead people. The two guards posted outside are headless, and there seems to be no signs of life inside, except for one person.

Whomever they are, they choose to DNI Catharsis, and via DNI a Hyde #7 begins to explain to them how they just killed Herr Brackhaus, showing off his heartless body, and had just called KE, before showing off 3 different times. Irritated at the lack of information on where this Hyde was, Catharsis dipped deep into herself, and tracked the signal from the drone, showing two places--One off the coast under the Pacific, the other in Snohomish. Understandably, the runners panic at the dead important SK member and begin to bail. Frank chooses to purposefully stay behind, hoping that he could maybe explain what all was happening to his KE buddies by the time they arrived. With some help from Teldragon the group was able to escape, leaving Frank behind as KE, MCT, and SK police forces arrived. At this point, Arti willingly overdosed on drugs, and channeled her forbidden fourth world in order to draw together the energy of Doom and the fourth world. SK took Frank captive, in which he met with Frederik Kowalski, and was given a new job: find the Jabberwock in the Snohomish hills and kill it.

Calling his team with the good news, Kate explained they were already on their way, and Catharsis called Black Samurai upon Screech expressing concerns about the ability for her to actually do anything to the spirit. Once regrouping, they headed up the hill on foot towards the warehouse, but were attacked by Daz, the jabberwock they're looking for, and the three eyed raven. Screech made a deal with the raven in order to have it leave the fight, and Daz was slain. Finally taking a breath to relax, everything seems fine, until a sniper shot rings out, Kate diving onto Catharsis to protect her, while Black Sam ran up the hill, and Screech began to bully Hyde #7 on the astral. Rather than be taken alive, Hyde #7 chose to go out in the same fashion Newt had, exploding herself and covering Black Sam in ichor. It was at this point, a key fob inside of Daz was noticed, and the group gave a quick check of the warehouse. Seeing nothing of import, they went their separate ways home.


Screech is lead into a field, and given a silver coin weapon focus. Catharsis takes the key fob and find it leads to Herr Brackhaus' car, which contains a letter from Dr. Moriarty and a letter on SK troop movements in Seattle.


For Frank - 20k (10 RVP), 2 Karma (2 RVP), Frederick Kowalski C5/L4 (8 RVP), Closer (4 RVP), Records on File-SK, +5 SK Rep, 2 CDP

For Catharsis - Reverberant (5 RVP), 15 Karma (15 RVP), 8 CDP (4 RVP), 2 CDP

For Kate - 20 K (10 RVP), 4 Karma (4 RVP), Prototype Materials (10 RVP), +5 SK Rep, 2 CDP

For Screech - 20k  Nuyen (10 RVP), R5 Weapon Focus Dagger that is def not cursed by a demon (9 Karma), 1 Karma (1 RVP), Closer (4 RVP), +5 SK Rep, 2 CDP

For Arti - GMC Phoenix (9 RVP), 14 Karma (14 RVP), 2 CDP (1 RVP), +5 SK Rep, Someone knows what you know, Buy up Forbidden Knowledge, 2 CDP

Optional Contacts

King Korb C4/L3 (6 RVP)

For Kate - Teldragon C5/L2 (6 RVP)

For Screech - Foclar C4/L3 (6 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Now SK is muddled into this and I don't sleep easy knowing that MCT is involved either--However, it's much bigger than a corpo war. What have I gotten myself into?

Katherine Tyler

Well. What I thought was just a spooky sounding job turned out to be way more interesting than I thought. Seeing the S-K SPECOPS wasn't too crazy. Seeing who they were there for was. In the Navy, we learn about Lofwyr, and we learn he has drake underlings. Not much more than that. But meeting one, It just confirms things we were told. The job was going OK until it wasn't. I kind of thought I would have to move back to South Carolina and stay with dad for a while, but everything worked out. Never seen a Jabberwock before, but it was pretty much the most terrifying thing I've ever seen. I may owe Alice my soul, but everything worked out. I'm no stranger to killing, but this serial killer business is bad. Maybe I could help them deal with it. We'll see.


Oh dear. Oh no. It's writhing in my skull. I can see them when I close my eyes. The jagged, gnawing infinity that gathers in the beyond. I've seen it. There would be nothing left ...

I need to use this knowledge for good. I must use it for good. What else can I do?

What else can I do.