Halluncination Nation 4: Newt Fucking Dies (This Time For Real)

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Halluncination Nation 4: Newt Fucking Dies (This Time For Real)
Part of Call of the Shadows
RIP Newt
Factions Involved
Dr. Jekyll and The Mr. Hydes
Russian Grunts, King Korb, Boz, Mr. Four Eyes
Casualties and losses
Newt Boz
This is the run where Newt was killed in combat. RIP Frogge.


Artemisia wakes to several uninvited guests, walks into multiple ambushes, and comes out the other side with a lot less sanity than before.


Artemisia is relaxing in her home below the Hellraisers' Iceberg, when being alerted by Repo Man that there were people outside. Enlisting Cricket, the two discover that a man by the name of Gravebed is outside the hotel with a proposition for Artemisia. After some internal debate, the vampire heads outside into the obvious ambush, and a tense standoff begins. Even with some analysis, it's ruled that it's perhaps for the best to not pick this fight, and the two groups split ways after exchanging an address for where to meet later that night. Bilbo, a Kiwi talismonger is left behind, and with an act of kindness from Artemisia, is driven out of the Z zone in Cricket's car. On the way back, Cricket is harassed by Teldragon, who attempts to warn them of impending danger. Cricket, still recovering from the events of Full Fathom Five, soon returned to passing out in order to recover.

Now with her on hand matrix specialist out of commission, Artemisia begins to browse her long list of contacts before settling on calling Catharsis. After some grumbling from the elf for being woken so early on a work day, they're able to discern some information -- Mainly that this is a former MCT processing plant, and that the area is filled with toxic waste, making it a popular destination for any in the toxic tradition. Further analysis shows that the meet location itself is riddled with nooks and crannies that could be an ambush. Before Artemisia can set off, Catharsis refuses to let her go alone, fearing toxic spirits she calls both Babylon and Newt, asking them for their help and explaining the situation. Thankfully, they agree to help and to meet up outside of the area the J has requested Artemisia.

The Meet

Artemisia, Babylon, Catharsis and Newt meet outside of the requested location, and assess the situation as a group. They encounter a radiation spirit who asks the group to not harm the man in the suit, to which they agree. No one having any new information, it was decided that Artemisia and Newt would enter the lions den.

The Plan

Find out what's going on, and perhaps, more importantly, survive.

The Run

As expected, Artemisia and Newt walk into a trap--Mr. Four Eyes, Boz, King Korb and russian henchmen are waiting for them. The offer is simple; they are to begin working for Dr. Jekyll and steal silver coins from under a cathedral in NYC or die. Babylon is observing on the astral, and Catharsis is able to successfully encourage the opposition technomancer to vacate the premises before the blood begins to be shed. As they discuss the terms of their employment under Jekyll, with importance given to dental and health insurance, Artemisia and Newt agree to one thing--To blight Mr. Four Eyes. In an attempt to bait the spirit out of the astral, Newt palms a blight grenade, then attempts to negotiate the spirit to shake. After a flubbed attempt to cover it in a lie, the grenade falls from it's hiding place, and all hell breaks loose.

Per their agreement, King Korb is left unharmed and sits out of the fight, with Artemisia and Newt begin to flee from Boz, a toxic adept of Dr. Jekyll's creation. Artemisia is able to clear the thermal smoke and make it outside relatively easy, but the slower SURGE is forced to get creative, and throws a grenade of Ultra Glide Lube, attempting to slip'n'slide to safety. Unfortunately, Boz is able to skate over the industrial lubricant and begins to brutally club Newt. Even with attacks from the astral, and Newt's best attempts to down the beast, it is clear that she is unable to escape. In order to take down the beastly Boz with her, Newt blasts the toxic attempt sky high with herself in the form of numerous HE grenades.

Artemisia and Babylon begin to flee, turning King Korb into a bird and grabbing him.


Newt ascends to party with Boar in the afterlife. Artemisia, Babylon and Catharsis regroup in a no-tell motel, and interrogate King Korb for information related to Dr. Jekyll. Dr. Jekyll is attempting to assemble all that is evil in the sixth world, even reaching out to the likes of Juliette Burns in an attempt to recruit her under the guise of "Apocalypse is a Mindset". Mercifully, it seems to have limited success, as Burns has been giving him the run around, and Dr. Jekyll suffers from serious moral issues. King Korb explains that he was hired to attack a reactor in the Pacfic, to have it melt down then summon a great form radiation spirit from it's remains, and that Dr. Jekyll was looking for something 'deep underground'. In addition, they find out that Jekyll has images of Artemisia, Catharsis, Cricket, Clyde Murphy, Cold Hands, Newt, and Prince. Oddly, he also has many images of himself.


  • For Catharsis and Babylon
    • 8 Karma (8 RVP)
    • 10k Nuyen in Newt's Stuff (5 RVP)
    • 8 CDP (4 RVP)
    • 2 CDP
  • Rewards for Disco
    • 8 GMP
    • Eternal Glory
  • For Babylon
  • For Arti
    • Mutator Quality
    • Newt's Journal
    • Newt's Pistol 4k in gear rewards for pistol+ammo (1 RVP)
  • Optional Contacts

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This... Went spectacularly south. I got Newt killed, and I really hope she does haunt me. I have a lot of evaluation to do, a funeral to plan, a serial killer to find... But first, I have to clock in.


Newt is dead. I am embroiled this whole ... plot she worked to uncover. Jekyll and his killers, toxic mages, it is VILE. But worst of all is her writings. I have only just started uncovering them, translating them but I cannot sleep. The things within ... I can't translate them here. I can barely comprehend it. I need to dive deeper. I need to know more.


Goddamnit. God fucking damnit. I've never lots a teammate on the job before. Of course it would be that fucking frog seer who seemed all to eager to get herself killed. I knew no good would come of it when she went in there strapped with grenades. Shit. I'm supposed to be able to stop drek like this from happening. I was just... that business with the spirit, I was so distracted and unfocused... goddamnit. Sorry Newt, you deserved better.