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The Project Presage, the Treason of Vincennes, the Neo-Revolution. France Politics of the recent years have been a turmoil and like in 1789 it seems that the years following the revolution are the most violent one in perspective. The nobility has been purged by the AI Angeus and many of those who survived are in exile or hiding, the introduction of Marianne split the Section 89 into two current the Mariannist who support the new Sixth Republic and the Ultra who think that something is wrong with it.

Resistance cell emerged, the military who has been used for the dirty deeds of each faction and who see that they are getting replace by the corps due to the last deal between France and the Corporate Court, are getting grumpy (really need a better word). While most of the population is fine with the situation, the elite and the politics really are not.

Corporation themselves would like a better place in France society, while they already took advantage of the situation, why stop so early when they could just try to take everything that make France the local exception to corporate rules. Aztechnology is especially eager to get someone more aligned to them in power using the famed Dassaut Company to do so.

The French Government led by Yohann de Kervelec has strong public support, it’s the only thing that saved him in those recent years and he is doing anything he could to secure that support. And there is the Monarchist, split between the Legitimist supporter of the old Bourbon, Orleanist who lost their pretender to an attack from Angeus and the Bonapartist holding the legacy of Napoleon.

While France may be at peace and out of the trouble from the outside look, those forces already started to get their pawns in place and the political game begin yet again. For better or for worse.


The Government

Led by Yohaan de Kervelec, the Government is actually in a good spot for now, the many ennemies looming in the Shadow may be prove to be a threat sooner than expected. But for now they mostly enjoy the public support and the somehow calm situation of the last year.

The Government can also count from the support of part of Section 89, as about half their members support the new government they are labelled as "Mariannist"

Important Members

Colonel Berger : An Officer of the DGSE investigating the whereabout of a Rogue Task Force for now, he is also running after nobles in Exile.


-Stay in power with the help of Marianne.

The Wild Card

Those who has their own goals in the midst of the political change that could happen.

Important Members

Angeus is a AI, made from fragments of Deus, Cerbereus and part of Angélique Psyche, the true motive of the IA are very much unknown. The act of the AI during the Neo-Revolution seems to induce that she supported the whole endeavor but who know with AI.


-No true motive known for now, one could extrapolate in all the way of conspiracy theory it might be not far from the reality.

The Nobility

Purged, hunted down, the nobility had an hard time since the Project Presage revelation and the Neo-Revolution where most of them had been killed or arrested after the Treason of Vincennes. Those who survived are either in exile or deemed inoffensive on the politics level.

The grudge they have against the Government and those who helped them access the power is legitimate, though they sometimes bear questionable legacy. Though they don't have enough political force while dispersed, united they would form a strong front and could also have a bit of corporate support here and there.

Important Members

Marie-Claire d'Orléans : A Fashionista and a true socialite more than anything one would think of the cliché of a French Noblewoman, she still is the actual heir of the House of Orléans, the Orleanist Monarchist are kinda worried about the fact she is in that position actually, nevertheless she would have their support if she ever had the idea to claim her birthright.

Edouard Napoléon Bonaparte : An heir of the man, Edouard Napoléon Bonaparte is the actual heirs of the French Empire. He is a young man in his mid-twenty remarkably, his face clearly show feature of the Emperor. He is living in the UCAS for now under a false identity as this life is endangered.

Louis XXII de Bourbon : Heir of the Bourbon family (the one that were in charge during the first revolution.) This prestigious family is actually very much into the old dealing and would probably reintroduce a monarchy of divine right with the help of the Vatican.


-Form an united front of Legitimist to have a chance to secure support to maybe take back the power, one way or another.

Section 89/La Résistance

The apparition of Marianne is not very well lived by some, and it's a matter of time before those issue start to become a concern for the citizens themselves. Already in the Shadow network are getting form on the remnants of the Section 89 (the branch labelled as the "Ultra").

They also count the "Réseau des Faussaires" who provide Fake SIN tailored for France and who seems to idealise figure of the Résistance of WW2. Politicians are not very well represented in those sphere for now, but they know that at some point if they want to overthrow the government they are going to need some.

Important Members

La Résistance and Section 89 used a wide array of codename and a very secret. Runners will have a really hard time getting their trust, as such little is known of them for now.


-Form a coherent network of Résistance against Marianne in prevision of further more partisan action.


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