Jessie DeVux

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Jessie DeVux
Decker / Scout
Albino giant with a lot of personality
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and AwardsDr.
D.O.B.Character's Date of Birth
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - A
Resources - A

Character Information


Dr. Jessie DeVux is a Decker who lost her chance at an honest life after a bombing happened at her college. She graduated, but with a new fire under her she turned to some old bad habits to start on a path for her revenge.


-Find the organization behind the bombing.

-Help her friend Vega become recognized for his achievements as a doctor -She also wants to find him a girlfriend

-Help Isaac get back at the group that took his wife from him.


Jessie is a girl who always had too much to say. For the amount of fights she got in when she was younger you would think that she would be stronger, and that was the case before the incident at her college happened. But this is skipping a bit ahead, lets start from somewhere that matters.

Childhood: Jessie can't remember her childhood, and that is because it is the soul reason for her ability to perfectly repress memories. But that doesn't mean it didn't happen. When she was young she was born from two people who both had some kind of genetic alteration, which made her come out with a small birth defect; Albinism. This lead to a mix of early childhood bullying and some friends that she thought that she had. But overall her childhood was uneventful up until she turned 12. As with most Runners, crime and criminals have been apart of her life for a long time, and she had been given a radio-shack deck for her birthday. And like anybody with the means, motive, and aptitude she began to steal things online. Starting at piracy and moving to real money. Due to her lack of experience she was caught, and her house was attacked by a few criminals who were tipped off that somebody in their home had been stealing from them and wanted revenge. The men broke in, and her parents were killed when the criminals were caught by them late at night. One of the men died on the way out as her father shot one, but the others ended up putting him down in return. She hid through the whole experience, but was still scared by it. She kept stealing, and this time got a deck that would keep her safe. She began to run with a gang in the area, but this wouldn't last long. She eventually tried to steal from a couple in town, which would go down in history as the worst attempt at thievery she would ever do in her entire life. The man she had tried to steal from was Isaac Daniels, and after seeing the potential that she had decided to take her in. And in exchange she would keep doing what she did as long as she did her best to keep her friends away from them. This arrangement never really came to an end either. (tldr: Grew up normally. Got into hacking but was sloppy at first and got parents killed. Honed her skills for revenge.)

College Life: Her college life began when she hacked a community college to spoof a transfer record and went off to a prestigious school. Thinking that if she went to college like her father always had wanted her to that she would be able to do better for herself. This went exceptionally well, but only due to the fact that she never had to study. She would sit down and read the textbooks cover to cover and spend the rest of her time using her deck to get enough money to stay in attendance. This is when she met Vega. He provided a bit of normalcy, and in exchange for her helping him study he helped her get enough money to eat. And this all went perfectly until the attack on the college happened. Neither of them know what happened, but she was furious to find out that somebody was paid to do this. Tracked him down and killed him. This took place over a painfully long time of information gathering, school work, and near vigilante dedication. And after she tracked him to a bar down town she proceeded to walk into his home and shoot him on her graduation day. He died silently in his sleep, but she felt the best she had ever been and knew that it was time for a change of pace. (tldr: went to college, was bombed, ended up getting revenge and turning to running)

Life Before becoming a full time runner: She turned to hiding with Isaac while getting herself a fake SIN and started to get herself known. But this wasn't all smooth sailing, and she ended up spending a long time as a server admin to make ends meet. She knew where she needed to be at this point, and with next to nothing left in her pockets and a burning hole where her savings used to be she moved to do what she had set out to do. Make Isaac proud, and find the people who hired the bomber.

Narrative Significant Qualities


- College Education - Memory Palace - Mnemonic Vault - Photographic Memory - Speed Reading (all perks lend themselves to her extensive ability to remember and hide things)


- Albinism 1 - Discombobulated - Deaf (discombobulated and deaf are a result of the bombing she was in, scars are visible on her from this)

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Business PendingL3 July 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Isaac Daniels 4 4 Fixer Kind Heart, Tough Times, Tougher History, Keen Ear, Trustworthy and Pitying, Guy Who Knows a Guy, Angry Swordsman, Spirit Not Yet Sundered Even
Vega Edwards 1 6 Service On Call Doctor PTSD, Heat Weary, Hidden Anger, Shy Personality, Familiar Face, Friendlier Prices, Do your worst, I've seen hell already, Professional, Expensive Cyberware Even



Vega Edwards


(open ended) -People who killed her parents and don't want any loose ends. They don't know she is alive right now, but would act if they found out. -Group behind the bombing of the college -People behind the murder of Isaac Daniels' wife (possible the mafia or a street gang)

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Name up in an article about the bombing of a medical college in downtown Denver. Article talks about cyberware implements given to students to help them continue their education.
3 Comes up as mundane, but old police records show that she used to be suspected to have been a skilled hacker.
6 Shows that she was a key suspect in the murder of the man on trial for the bombing, but was released on account of no evidence. But shows her aptitude for skilled breaking and entering.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


Dr. Jannis Cunningham (Rating 4) Fake Licenses: Practicing Doctor's License (Rating 4) Concealed Carry Permit (Rating 4) Cyberdeck (Rating 4) Pistol (Rating 4) Weapon License (Rating 4)


Height: 4ft 5in Hair Color: White Skin Color: Pale White Eye Color: Pale Red Identifying Features: Huge scar along the left side of her head. Cybered out left side of body. Seemingly permeant bags under her eyes. Description: Jessie DeVux is a short woman with skin like porcelain. While she has the resting face of a glare, this is due to her albinism and not her demeanor. Her hair seems to shine with an unnatural reflectiveness, and is silky to the touch. Her short demeanor and features would indicate that she is a lot younger than she actually is.


Baggy and comfortable looking by default.

Matrix Persona

Cartoonish marionette doll which is always just a bit short. Uses Sewing tools and the like for her Matrix Actions.

Media Mentions

Mentioned in news of a bombing of a college in Denver.

ShadowGrid Profile Comments

Careful, she's a bit feisty. Broke my finger when I tried to hit on her.