Business Pending

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Business Pending
LocationSeattle, Redmond
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Just Some Dudes
Jessie DeVux Decker 1
Decker 2
Decekr 3
Casualties and losses
Null Null


Jessie locates the base, secures and destroys the data, and leaves. None are the wiser and the J is happy.


A small-time drone parts manufacturer in Renton was recently hit by a Shadowrunner team. While the corp thought that the problem was over, the Shadowrunners left a hidden data tap. The corp caught it on a shitty camera and needed the stolen patents back, figuring a small-time runner could deal with some small-time hackers.

The Meet

The meet takes place in the host for Seattle's Space Needle. Crowded by tourists the J, a fantasy-style mage persona, Describes the situation and provides minimal details.

The Plan

Sneak in. Sneak out.

The Run

Jessie uses what little information they have to acquire a location, following leads from arrests and complaints. Eventually, they find out a small house is being used as a base. The place is clearly not in its prime. With some time they sneak over to the building, after checking for and hiding from matrix and physical security. They deftly unlock the back door, sneak to where the data chips are, crush them, and leave.


The Deckers know someone hit them but take the fact they were spared as a sign they were above their heads. They vow to stick to easier paydays for now and delete any data they may still have.
The J is happy, letting his bosses know that at least some information is safe.


6k nuyen (3 RVP) 4 Karma (4 RVP) 2 CDP (0 RVP)

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