Cleaner Cleaner

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Cleaner Cleaner
Cleaner Cleaner.png
Burnout Adept Gun Muscle
White Vory Bojevik
Professional Cleaner, Both Kinds
Discord@Suit Guy#9831
Street Cred5
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.December 11th, 2059
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - C

Character Information


White Vory soldier trying to carve a niche for herself and kill the next biggest target, whatever it may be.


  • Discern Uncle Gabriil's fate
  • Bring strength to her family (that being the White Vory)
  • Keep adding kills to The List
  • Figure out why it never feels like she's good enough

The List

  • A Shardik, hunted down in the frigid north of Canada and put down in seconds
  • A pack of Fenrir Wolves, totaling 11 plus a supernaturally huge (and extremely magical) pack leader; 4 of which went down to CC personally


Child of Russian expat business magnates that died in the Crash 2.0. Adopted by her estranged uncle Gabriil as the only living blood relative - a former White Vory associate who had since moved to a cabin in the Rockies. Emilia learnt how to hunt up there, and Awakened as a physical adept - also lost an eye to a Greater Wolverine, paracritters be nasty. Soon enough, Gabriil reveals this whole "hunting paracritters in the woods with suspiciously high power rifles" thing is training for being a professional assassin to carry on the family legacy or something. She takes this astonishingly well. A few years later, Gabriil goes missing, and Emilia gets in contact with one of his old coworkers, Akilina Mikhailov, to try to figure out what's happened. She agrees, but only if Emilia joins the White Vory and in particular join Akilina's little "project" of slowly reinstating White Vory control over Seattle. Picks up the alias "Cleaner Cleaner" and the armored maid costume aesthetic from one of her new Vory friends who made a joke about her being the perfect maid, capable of cleaning anything.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Made Man (White Vory Bojevik), Mentor Spirit (Eagle)


Prejudiced (Specific, Outspoken) (Red Vory), SINner (National, SSC) "Emilia Sokolov"

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
RevolutionsFangblade_Amatsu Kaze19 November 2084
OmenbearersAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking27 October 2084
Eye of the FirestormLHOG16 September 2084
Cake is so Vanillalov.euphoria8 September 2084
Werewolves & CIcadasAsmodeusSwarming Season21 August 2084
Metallican InterviewAsmodeus4 June 2084
Let the Hunt Begin!BulldogcTrophäenjagd28 January 2084
Remnants of an OmenZerreContre-Révolution22 January 2084
Bearly ToxicEdward8 January 2084
Crusading on ToxicsEdward22 December 2083
Non-Hostile CommandeeringAsmodeus19 November 2083
Just a Peaceful TalkZerreThe Burning Star of Redmond24 October 2083
Fertilizer 2.0Syphilen22 October 2083
This Is Halloween, Part 2AsmodeusHail to the Pumpking17 October 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Akilina Mikhailov 4 2 Fixer Chrome Enthusiast Fixer Eccentric Equipment Enthusiast, Cyber-Fashionista, Kovert Ops, The Drug Trade, Tattoo Artist Even
Chuck Person 3 1 Gear Weapon merchant Welcome to Gun Show!, Ammo Nation, More Dakka, BFG Even
Pump King Jack 5 1 Legwork Halloween Spirit Herald of Halloween, Extraplanar, Spirit Savvy, Hella Halloweeners, Goodnatured Guide, Formula One, Ritualist Even
Lord Emberrage 5 2 Service Force 12 Fire Spirit BY FIRE BE PURGED !, THE INFIDELS !, DIE INSECTS !, Old Spirit, FEAR MY WRATH !, FACE MY MINIONS !, The Smith Even
Edouard Napoléon Bonaparte 6 1 Generalist Heir of the French Empire French Nobility Rivalry, Imperial Education, L'Aiglon, The Great Army, La Garde Impériale, Military Connection, Patron of Schooling and Law, Seer Even
Klaus Wolfgang von Hatzfield 6 1 Custom(A,N,K,G) Big Game Hunter Safari adventure, Blue Blood, Long arms expert, Paracritters knowledge, Plenty of room in the hull., Government connections., The most dangerous game Even
Officer Raven 3 1 Custom(K,N,A,G)
UCAS Intelligence Officer
Hard To Reach, Most Wanted, UCAS Centric, Military Network, Toxic Tuneup, Terrorist Tracker Even
Butlerusk 2 1 Networking Head Butler of Le Chateau Gateau Appropriately dressed and Passionately Connected, A Butler is the right-hand man for a reason., I answer the door, clean up the estate, and I take out the trash. Even


Contact Position Connection Faction Rep Archetype Health Location
White Vory Bojevik 3 15 Organized Crime Syndicate Maintaining see Major Location


Akilina Mikhailov, an old associate of her uncle and Cleaner Cleaner's current fixer.


Nobody in particular, but she won't operate well with Red Vory on the basis of simultaneously buying into them all being traitorous shits and also trying to not blow her cover - White Vory aren't supposed to be in Seattle at all. Has some... strong opinions, on toxic magic.

In Character Information

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Emilia Sokolov - Real, Salish-Shidhe Council issue. 25 years of age. Orphaned by Crash 2.0, custody taken by uncle Gabriil Sokolov (who is missing for multiple years now). Recently moved to Puyallup on a (forged) work visa.

Jessica Jean - R4, UCAS issue. Supposedly grew up on a farm, lifelong Puyallup resident. Nowadays makes a living getting paid to hunt and kill eccentric wildlife for rich benefactors.



Most often found wearing an armored maid outfit (Berwick Dress) as part of a greater bit, assuming you see her on the job. Off work, it's usually a t-shirt, winter jacket, and overworked jeans.

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