White Vory

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White Vory
TypeOrganized Crime Syndicate
Player May JoinYes
Area of Operationsee Major Location

Faction Information


The White Vory are the Vory syndicates who are in opposition to the state of Russia.


Major Locations

The White Vory have established themselves in several nations. In Europe they have established criminal empires in the Scandinavian Union, the Allied German States, France, the United Kingdom, the United Netherlands, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. The underworld in the state of Israel is dominated by them. In North America they've established themselves in the UCAS and CalFree, with outposts in the Athabaskan Council and in the PCC due to the city of Los Angeles. Recently they lost Seattle to the Red Vory.


Major White Vory Syndicates
Syndicate Name Location Leader
Lobatchevski Syndicate Scandinavian Union (+Hamburg, +Britain) Victor and Vasili Lobatchevski (Hamburg)
Tremaine-Gullyev Organizatsi United Netherlands Michael Tremaine (age 76) and Maksim Gullyev (age 69)
Paris Organizatsi city of Paris Alexis Batukhtina
Cherkezov Organizati Central Europe Tariel Cherkezov
Gargari Organizatsi city of Berlin no leader atm
Marseille Organizatsi city of Marseille (nearly completely expelled) ?
Krasnaya Mafiya city of Boston ?
Maagen David Amon Israel ?


The origins of the White Vory are in the late 2020s. After Boris Kropunin took power in 2026, he offered the Vory a choice. Submit to his regime and they would be permitted to remain in Russia and continue to do business. If they refused his offer and chose defiance then they faced extermination.

He then unleashed the power of the state on those Vory who defied his ultimatum. Those Vory who had pledged allegiance to the state assisted the security forces in their assault on the defiant Vory. The latter were either slaughtered or forced to leave Russia, relocating to Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

The defiant Vory came to be known as the White Vory and the ones who aligned themselves with Boris Kropunin became the Red Vory. The latter are part of the power structure in Russia and are hated by the White Vory. Syndicates which are from the two factions will often go to war over new territory where they both operate and will provide assistance to those groups that oppose the other side. Despite this they will cooperate with each other when it comes to smuggling operations.



Red Vory

Current Status

Health Summary



Akilina Mikhailov4FixerChrome Enthusiast Fixer
Vlad4FixerFormer Sovetnik


NamePositionFaction Rep
Cleaner CleanerBojevik5

Narrative Significant Runs

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Running a MarkAsmodeus27 August 2083