Running a Mark

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Running a Mark
LocationSeattle, Downtown
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
White Vory
Poor Scientists
Casualties and losses
Goons and poor scientists


Marionette wakes up to more than just his paranoia. A shade has visited. Later the White Vory sends us on the quest to acquire an experimental suit. We plan, bicker, execute, and succeed.


Marion's been paranoid about Russian elements tracking him down for a long while. Not one but two of his contacts warn him that EVO and the Red Vory are on the move to track him down again. This makes him uneasy and he tries to take actions to ensure his contacts' loyalty.

The Meet

The meet is at a Vory safe house, which we thoroughly scout and prepare for a betrayal. Things, surprisingly go well.

The Plan

Enter through a vent or a maintenance entrance on an upper floor, make our way to the secure location, capture some important scientists, grab the suit, exit via window, win.

The Run

We start legwork and it goes well, barring a point where Marionette wants to go home with his new Shade friend named Mark. Godai puts a stop to that by crashing the car and giving a pep talk. Marionette decides to use Mark's depression ability to our advantage. We then grapple into a vent, crawl stealthily, get to the secure room, Mark causes a distraction, we take out some guards, investigate some suits, grab a couple of scientists, get the suit, run into the cafeteria, get shot a bunch, jump out a window, grapple a ledge and descend carefully. Mark is waiting by the not crashed car. Mark eats the dude, conceals the car, and we make our way to Redmond. Success.


The White Vory gain themselves a suit and Mark moves in with Marionette.


10,000 Nuyen for retrieving the prototype (5 RVP)

25 Karma because you experienced a lot of crazy shit together as friends (and there was Mark too) (25 RVP)

4 CDP (1 RVP)

Initiation Ordeal Discounts

Negative Lifestyle Quality for Marionette: Haunted

Optional Quality for Godai: Tough as Nails 1, 2 and/or 3 (5 Karma per rank)

Optional Quality for Marionette: Golden Screwdriver (8 Karma)
(x1.75 for going long)

Game Quotes

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